Festive Eve Information

Festive Eve 2019   

Saturday, Dec. 7th 

Doors Open 13:30 Curtain 14:00

Program:  This year, we will be presenting WICKED, the untold story of the Witches of Oz. The choir (all G2-5) will be singing selected pieces during the musical, all primary classes will be presenting class dance acts. G6-12 orchestra will be performing an overture. The cast are supported by the backstage crew who are taking all areas of responsibilities behind the scenes as stage directors, music directors, stage managers, choreographers, musicians, lighting, scenery prop design, costume/hair make-up, audio technicians. Families and friends are encouraged to join us at school on Saturday, 7th December at 13:30 for a  14:00 start. 

Costumes & Concert Attire: 


Final Dress Rehearsals will be on Thursday, Dec. 5th and Friday, Dec. 6th, but main cast members should please try to bring all costume items, including shoes, socks and accessories which students are providing from home to school for the Sun, Dec 1st cast-only rehearsal

All Primary Students: 

Please have all costume items you are providing from home at school by the appointed costume check days for each class as communicated by the costume team and class teachers. 

Hair and Make-Up   The hair and make-up team will be concentrating on main cast members who require specialised looks specific to the plot lines. All other students are responsible for their own hair and makeup. If you do not receive specific instructions before the performance, light natural make-up and a touch of lipstick are all that is required. Please consult with Leah (G11) if you have any questions. leahr@hiroshima-is.ac.jp

All Students

Students should leave all costume items at school until the performance unless they absolutely need them at home for some reason. Please put all items in a strong shopping bag with the student’s name and grade on it. 

Contact jackie@hiroshima-is.ac.jp 

G6-12 Orchestra Concert Attire : Boys: White shirt with collar and dark pants

Girls: Dark Dress OR White blouse and Dark Pants/Skirt

Dec. 7th Schedule:

Alternative school day schedule    There will be NO SCHOOL BUSES on this day.

9:30 Cast & Crew arrival 

11:30 Lunch* for Cast & Crew     *please pack your own lunch

12:30 Secondary students arrival 

13:00 G6-11 Orchestra soundcheck rehearsal

13:15 Primary students arrival. No sooner than 13:00 please

Students will go directly to their homerooms. 

13:30 DOORS OPEN Welcome Music in the gym

14:00 Curtain 

Parking:  School ground will be opened for PARKING.  

Indoor Slippers:  Please prepare indoor slippers to protect the gym floor.

Reception Procedure: We will be distributing the numbered tickets (整理券)at the reception desk from 13:00.  

Gym Doors Open @ 13:30 for audience. Ushers will be welcoming you.

UNICEF – Volunteers from UNICEF will be collecting donations and selling Christmas Cards. 

Student Seating and Program Order:

G2-5 Students will be seated on the risers until the end of the program. EC, K-G1 students will be seated with their class until the end of the program. There will be a 15 min. intermission during the performance.  The program order is as follows:


Overtures by G6 Orchestra & G7-12 Orchestra

EC Class: Prelude Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz

G4/5: Act I Scene 5 Partygoers in the number: “Ozdust Ballroom”.

KG/G1: Act I Scene 12 Citizens of the Emerald City, in the number: “One Short Day”

G2/3: Act II Scene 7 Citizens of Oz, in the number: “March of the Witch Hunters”


For all secondary students, community responsibility is an important part of their learning expectations. Orchestra members are expected to safely put away the instruments and take them home after the program. Thank you for your understanding.


HIS will be taking a video.  We will attempt to make this video accessible via an online link.  Please respect the copyright law and use the link ONLY for personal use. Sharing of the link through any open social network is strictly prohibited.