The Crane, 25 January 2020


  • Crane Club Article
  • HIS Festival Coffee Morning
  • Workshop for Bilingual/Multilingual Families in Hiroshima

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

We had a wonderful koto performance on Friday afternoon and you can see the video below. I would like to thank Joseph and Rei who came all the way from Yokohama with the support of Yokohama International School and sponsorship from Toshiba to run a week-long introduction to the koto for all of our students, as well as two workshops for the school community. Also, thank you to Yumi, Yoko and Junko for supporting the program during the week. It was amazing how far the students progressed in such a short time and it was great to see students connecting to this really important facet of Japanese traditional culture. It really is a beautiful sound. We hope to continue the project in some form into the future.

This week’s TED Talk is a really important message and the speaker, Erin Sullivan, raises some really interesting questions about the way we experience moments with and without a smart-phone in hand. This would be a great one to watch with your children. I chose this talk this week as similar questions were occurring to me as I was videoing the koto performances. With a camera between you and something/someone else really does alter the experience, so being mindful of this difference and intentional in our photo taking is probably more important now than it was in the pre-smartphone era if we can believe that there ever was such a time. I hope you all enjoy the weekend.


Damian Rentoule

Crane Video

Crane Club Article

Thank you very much to Brooke Amidei and family for sharing an article related to our Crane Club, telling the origin of a set of paper cranes which arrived at HIS all the way from Nebraska. It is great to see children around the world considering peace and taking action to support the peace movement in this very personal way. Thank you, Brooke, for sharing and we all miss you and the family here at HIS.

HIS Festival Coffee Morning

Wednesday, January 29th, 9:30 am in the Pink Room
1月29日(水曜日) 午前9時半からピンクルームで
Please join us in the Pink Room for our first team conversation about this year’s Festival. Feel free to bring coffee or some baked goods to share and sweeten up the atmosphere. This is a chance for us to get to know each other better, to share your ideas of things we could do, and talk about what you can do to be a part of it.
We had to pick a time, and we understand that not everyone who wants to will be able to make it, but we want to include everyone who wants to contribute something positive to the event for the kids. To that end, if you are not able to make it, please give us a few moments of your time and fill out this simple questionnaire.
Thank you!
Jackie and Yasuko

Workshop for Bilingual/Multilingual Families in Hiroshima

Adam Beck, local writer and language expert is running a workshop in Hiroshima for bilingual and multilingual families. You can find information here: Adam Beck Workshop  Adam has spoken to students at HIS as a visiting author and has some great ideas for families raising bilingual children. That is, all HIS families.