The Crane, 14 February 2020


  • Young Americans Update
  • HIS Festival Update
  • Japanese Language Workshop
  • MYP Assessment Workshop for Parents

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

We have had a fun week with a continuation of the secondary intramural basketball games which have turned out to be lots of fun. See the Crane video for some images. We have also noticed many of our primary students practicing volleyball at lunchtimes, perhaps inspired by our varsity teams. This is a good reminder of the impact of our actions on the younger students. Our Secondary students are great role models.

In this week’s TED Talk, I like the idea of confidence as a must-have rather than a nice-to-have. I hope you enjoy the talk by a teacher and activist, Brittany Packnett. Enjoy the weekend.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule

 Crane Video

 Young Americans Spring Tour – Special Workshop in Hiroshima

 2020 ヤングアメリカンズ2020春, スペシャルワークショップ in 広島

 Applications for participants and host families open!(日本語は英語の下にあります)

Please don’t miss this chance to be part of this special occasion.

Workshop details:

  • Dates: Saturday, February 22nd to Monday, February 24th (national holiday) 3 days 
  • Venue: Hiroshima International School Gymnasium
  • Maximum number of participants: 200
  • More information available here: YOUNG AMERICANS SPRING TOUR HIS
Links for sign up:

HIS Festival Update

  • NEXT FESTIVAL MEETING 次のフェスティバルプランニング ミーティング
  • SUGGESTIONS DEADLINE  出店・ゲームなどアイデア募集締め切り
  • ¥100 SHOP DONATIONS  ¥100ショップ 寄付について

MEETING ミーティングのお知らせ

DATE: Monday, Feb 17th 9am, Pink Room

日時 2月17日(月)9時~


場所 ピンクルーム(HIS 2階/階段横)

AGENDA: We will look at the ideas everyone has suggested, discuss and narrow them down, then decide what we will actually do at this year’s festival.

内容 皆さんから出して頂いたアイデアから、実際にフェスティバルで行う事を決めます。

Please see this document for details: HIS Festival Information

Parent Workshop: Japanese Language Learning

(For students with Japanese as their mother tongue or the same language level)

We would like to explore with you what PYP(KG to G5) Japanese Language A learning at HIS looks like, sounds like, and feels like. The workshop will be provided in Japanese. Please be reminded that this is not the time to discuss individual students and meetings can be arranged for that purpose at a later date.
Date: Friday, February 28th
Time: 2:20 pm ~3:20 pm

ペアレントワークショップ: 日本語を母国語、または同じ言語レベルとするPYP生徒のための日本語学習
PYP (KG to G5) のJapanese Aの言語学習がどんなものなのか、保護者の方とともに探究をする機会を設けたいと思っています。ワークショップは日本語でおこなわれます。今回のワークショップはお子様個人のことや、特定のクラスについてお話する機会ではないことをご了承ください。個人的なご質問がある方は、改めて面談を設けさせて頂きますのでご連絡ください。
Best Regards,
Yumi Sensei (Yumi Kyogoku)

MYP Exhibition 2020

Dear HIS community,
We will hold the MYP Exhibition on Friday, February 21st from 4:00 at the school gymnasium. The gate to the ground will open at 3:45 pm.
There will be a video presentation at 4:10 pm and 5:10 pm.
And you will have time to talk to the Grade 10 students individually, ask them questions and celebrate their achievements: Questions to ask students.