The Crane, 21 February 2020


  • Primary Literacy Week;
  • HIS Photography Exhibition
  • HIS Social Media – Instagram;
  • MYP Assessment Presentation;
  • Student teachers;
  • PTA Festival Update.

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

Congratulations to our Grade 10 students who are presenting their MYP Personal Projects tonight. The Personal Project is the culminating task of the Middle Years Program and involves the students undertaking a significant inquiry into an area of interest, using all of the skills that they have been developing through the MYP. The next step for the Grade 10s is the Diploma Program which is exciting. Congratulations to you all.

During the MYP Assessment workshop this week for parents there was some discussion of assessment in Mathematics so I thought that this TED talk may be interesting in the way Mathematics is presented in a very different perspective than how it often appears in our education systems. We hope you enjoy the long weekend and find some time to relax.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule

Crane Video

Photography Exhibition

Save the date for the HIS Memories Photography Exhibition.


Primary Literacy Week

Dear Parents,

During the last week before our spring break, March 2 ~ 6, the Primary classes will participate in Literacy Week. A variety of activities will occur with the emphasis being on the love of literacy.  Your child’s teacher will be letting you know of any special requests for their class in the near future.

Door Book Covers: We will start the week off with students decorating their classroom doors to represent a particular book.

Reading Marathon: Ms. V will organize another fundraising event to provide more school uniforms for the students of the Friendship Association for Cambodian Child Hope. Our students will remember that last year they helped to send shoes and money to these students in Cambodia. Details and forms will be distributed closer to the date.

Mystery Readers:  Classroom teachers will be sending you a signup sheet of times to come in and share a story. We are hoping that each class has a Mystery Reader every day of the week. The Mystery Readers can be parents, grandparents, relatives, etc.

Cultural Stories Carousel:  On Monday, March 2nd, at the end of the day, I am hoping to have at least 4 parents, who can read a favorite cultural story, in their Mother Tongue. Within our community, we have at least 8 languages and most likely even more. This will be a very special storytime experience for our students and an exciting way to start the week. Please contact me directly if you can participate.

Book Swap: On Tuesday, March 3rd, children will be asked to bring in 2 used, but in good condition, books to swap with a classmate. During the day we will have Reading Buddy time to share their new books with students in another class.

DEAR: Drop Everything And Read – there will be a designated time on Wednesday when all Primary students will be engaged in individual silent reading.

Authors on Writing: On Thursday there will be a focus on authors of children’s books and how they developed their writing craft.

Character Costume Parade: To end of our special week we will have a character costume parade; children will be asked to dress up as a character from a story book. They will carry their book during the parade to indicate where their character came from.

We are excited to be celebrating reading and writing with these activities and your support will make it an even more memorable for the children.

HIS Social Media

Instagram – We have just started an HIS Instagram account ( hiroshima_is ) and will start posting some images here as well as the HIS Facebook account, starting, of course, this weekend with the Young Americans.

Presentation – Assessment in the MYP

Assessment in MYP – Presentation

Thank you to all the parents who participated in the MYP Assessment Workshop.

Student Teachers from the Netherlands

This week, three student-teachers, Hannah and JuliaDominika joined HIS and will be here for nine-weeks.

PTA Festival Update

FESTIVAL UPDATES フェスティバルについてのお知らせ

Please scroll down for the Japanese version. 日本語の文章は英語の後にあります。

Festival Planning Meeting held on Monday/ Call for volunteers 

Thank you very much to those who attended the meeting on Monday. We had a good discussion and trimmed down the list of activities. We believe these activities will hit our Festival targets – have fun, community outreach, HIS PR.


Sumo, Pillow Fight, Mini Golf, Toilet Paper Toss, Soak a Teacher, Ring Toss, Korean Arrow Game 


Face painting, Paper planes, Dance Dance Revolution, Makeover/Dress up station, Wine bottle lottery, Ttakjichigi (Korean Menko), Tube bracelet


Korean food, Bake sale, Hotdog/grill, Afternoon Tea, American Cafe, Thirsty Hideout, Candy Floss


¥100 shop

We are recruiting volunteers to run the shops and stalls. Please put your name down here. You can click the tab at the bottom to find the sheet for each activity. The more people involved the more fun we have, and with good fortune we will make more money! 

Students are also welcome. A few of us met with grade 6 to 9 students this week, encouraged them to participate. If your child shows interest, please get them involved.

月曜日に行われたプランニングミーティングの報告/ ボランティアの募集

ミーティングに参加いただいた皆さん、ありがとうございました。いろいろなご意見をいただき、フェスティバルの目標である – 楽しむ、地域への働きかけ、HISのPR、の3つに繋がる活動に絞り込むことができました。


相撲、枕投げ、ミニゴルフ、トイレットペーパー投げ、soak a teacher、輪投げ、韓国矢投げ