The Crane, 28 February 2020


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Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

I hope you have all had a good week. On Wednesday, I sent out a whole-school email letting everyone know that we will be canceling the HIS Festival and postponing the HIS Idol. Many thanks to Jackie, Yasuko, Maki, Hanae, Eriko, and Sachie for all the initial preparations for the Festival and we look forward to taking up from where we left off next year. On Friday, I sent a message regarding a school closure next week. Just in case you missed it, here it is:

I would like to confirm that in line with the announcement made by Prime Minister Abe on Thursday evening, Hiroshima International School will close form Monday, 2nd March to Friday, 6th March. The following week is Spring Break which will give us a full two-weeks out of school. We will plan to restart school on Monday, 16th March
In the case of a serious deterioration in the situation related to the Coronavirus before Monday, 16th March it is possible that the school closure could be extended, however, we are currently planning to open after Spring Break and are hoping that the situation will permit schooling to continue uninterrupted from this date.  I will send some further details regarding a Distance Learning Approach that we will use for next week. Thank you for your understanding. Damian Rentoule (Principal) (HIS email communication, 29 March 2020)
During the week of the school closure, teachers will be contacting students and families to arrange some distance learning and some brief advice and guidelines are provided in this document: Distance Learning at HIS (Short Interval) 

We have a range of smaller events that take place in more controlled environments which will still go ahead. Examples are the Memories Photography Exhibition and the Diploma Program Visual Arts Exhibition, which involve small numbers of people in a controlled space.

In an IB program, we are always looking for real-life examples to apply our developing understandings of the world. The current Coronavirus situation is a great example, particularly in a world where increased levels of fear can equate to increased ratings which can drive representations of issues in the media. Today’s TED Talk looks at the reporting of risk where the sharing of relative risk or absolute risk is a clear choice an editor or producer will make for very specific reasons. As you view the barrage of statistics in the media, can you spot which ones are being presented? If so, you will be in a better position to critically evaluate the information you are being presented with. I hope you are enjoying the weekend.


Damian Rentoule

 Crane Video

1000Crane Club Video

Sara (Graduate) and Elin(G12) made a new 1000 Crane Club Video introducing their activities. The students plan to share this video with the International School of Geneva who is involved in an Orizuru project. This is a great video and a reminder of how wonderful our students are, here at HIS.

Here are three Crane Club members taking a set of Cranes received from students in France to the Peace Park yesterday, continuing the great work.

2020 HIS Secondary Visual Arts Exhibition

Similar to previous years, we will have a 2020 HIS Visual Arts Exhibition (Grade 9 to 12) during March break. Due to current health concerns and in order to avoid the spread of Coronavirus, we will have hand sanitizer bottles/disinfectant wipes at the reception of the gallery and also decided to cancel the reception part of the exhibition. You are more than welcome to drop by to see some inspiring artworks by our art students.
Who: G9-12 Visual Arts students
G12: Rumi, Elin
G11: Amy
G10: Molly, HyoSeok
G9: SuA, Yuta, EunJi, Itsuki, Noah, Kenta, Himawari
When: March 11-13, 2019 / 10am to 5pm (last day closes at 3pm for uninstallation)
Where: Hitomachi Plaza (6-36, Fukuromachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima) (
Free admission
Once again, Elin has designed 6 versions of the poster/flyers which look amazing as usual. Please congratulate them when you see them around.

Model United Nations

Congratulations to our Model United Nations (MUN) Team who visited Kobe this week. Thank you to Mr. John and Ms. Annie who chaperoned the students for the 3-day trip. A message from Ms. Annie: Our students really pushed themselves to go out of their comfort zones throughout the conference and it was great to see their progress day by day. I am also very proud of how they all helped, encouraged and supported each other during these three days. Although MUN is about personal growth more than it is about awards, I would be remiss not to congratulate Molly again for winning the award for ‘Best Research” in the Security Council. Well done Molly!

FESTIVAL NEWS フェスティバルについて実行委員会からのお知らせ

We are as sad as everyone else that the Festival will have to be cancelled this year. Thanks to all who have helped us with the preparations so far, and who had volunteered for roles with responsibilities.

We are sorry that we can’t get moving this year, but what we have learned we can hopefully put to good use next year after this all calms down. We will keep a record of all the suggestions for games and activities so we can use them next time.


Flyer Design チラシのデザインについて

I would like to share with you the great design that Sojiro and Amy came up with for the Festival this year. We plan to use this design next year if we are able to hold the Festival and the fact that we already have the design will get the ball rolling that much quicker. Huge thanks to Sojiro, Amy and Ms. K for their work and help with this.


¥100 Shop 100円ショップからのお知らせ

Thank you to all those who have donated items for the ¥100 shop already. We will now stop collecting items, so please do not bring any more into school. With respect to items that have already been donated, if you would like to pick up the items and take them back home, please let me know by the end of March.

We are still discussing whether we can keep everything at school until next year, or whether to donate the items to a recycle shop or some other alternative. We hope not to have to throw anything out, but if you cannot pick them up, then we will assume that you are leaving that decision up to us.

Thanks again. Yasuko.








     山城 康子


Advertising and Sponsorship 広告・スポンサーについて

Thank you to those who had agreed to place adverts on the flyer and donate items as prizes. We will now no longer need those contributions, and will return any that have already been collected, but watch this space next year! 😘


Outside Vendors 外部ショップ出店受け付け中止のお知らせ

Thank you to everyone who was helping us to find outside vendors for the festival. As the festival has been canceled, we will no longer be accepting applications, and if you have already asked people to run a booth at the event, we would be very grateful if you could let them know the situation, with our apologies, and ask them to consider next year as an option instead. Thanks in advance for your help. 


Let’s hope that the measures that are being taken to control the spread of this coronavirus will be effective and that we can all get through it with no-one at HIS being affected, and get back to normal as soon as possible!


Thanks again,


From the Festival Committee


Jackie, Yasuko, Maki, Hanae, Eriko, and Sachie 😍

HIS PTA Treasurer’s Report

HIS PTA Treasurer’s report – 2019-20