The Crane, 17 April 2020


  • Teacher Introductions;
  • Mask Donations;
  • College Information;
  • Congratulations to Miina;
  • Graduation Update.

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

I hope you have had a successful week of distance learning. We had our Primary and Secondary Team meetings via Zoom today and all the teachers are reflecting on their experiences and making adjustments. We have appreciated the feedback from families that we have been receiving as we move forward.

With the State of Emergency being declared across Japan, we will keep looking at the situation and at the end of next week provide an update on the distance learning timeline for HIS. Please take care and stay safe.

This is a great TED Talk about curiosity and may provide some ideas of some off-track inquiries in the home. I really liked the speaker’s point about thee being a disconnect between us and the technology we use.


Damian Rentoule

 Gr4/5 Class Challenge

It is great to see that the Gr4/5 class ingenuity continues. The masters of invisibility. Great work!

Teacher Introduction (2020/2021)

Please meet, Mr. Teter (Doug), the third teacher in our series of introductions. Mr. Teter is now, like all of us, developing his skills in distance learning at his school in the Netherlands. We are all looking forward to meeting Doug in August.

Douglas Teter

American, MYP Design Teacher, Previously taught in USA (Alaska), Sweden, Switzerland, and The Netherlands
I have been teaching for twenty-one years in a variety of schools and positions. I have taught children aged preschool to high school seniors. I enjoy sharing the wonder of learning with my students and realize that they have as much to teach me as I do them. A strong sense of school community is important to me, and I strive to foster and nourish this community through my open communication and active involvement throughout the school. My hobbies include playing guitar, exploring nature, reading and writing, running, and watching and playing sports (especially baseball and basketball). I look forward to seeing as many Carp games as possible and am really looking forward to teaching and belonging to the HIS community.

Mask donations

On behalf of the whole HIS community, I would like to thank Ryoma Matsumoto, HIS Board of Directors, for a very generous donation to HIS of 5000 masks. I would also like to thank the Sato Family (Gr1) for the generous donation of almost 1000 masks as well as paper towels and hand sanitizer for us by the HIS community. These are very kind contributions that are deeply appreciated by all of us, especially considering the current difficulty of finding masks and related products at the moment.

We have prepared packs of 25 masks to distribute to all students and teachers when school resumes for use by HIS families. We will also have some remaining masks for use by our bus-monitors as well as the times such as loss of masks at school etc, which is great. If anyone is running low and would like to pick up your pack of 25 masks earlier, please let me know and we can arrange a time to come into school to collect.

Thank you to Ryoma and the Sato Family!

Congratulations to Miina

We would like to congratulate Miina, (one of our HIS alumni) who has been performing with a group that has just released an album. Mr. Yoneda kindly dropped off some copies for us as well as some boxes of masks, which we appreciate very much. Best of luck, Miina, on your adventures!

Graduation (31 May 2020)

We are currently looking at the Gr12 Graduation and will most likely need to make some adjustments to the ceremony, although we will know more in a couple of weeks. Currently, we are thinking that it is likely we will need to restrict the ceremony to family members only and live stream the event for other school community members. We normally hold a dinner after the ceremony so there is also a strong possibility that the dinner will be canceled/postponed and we will make a decision on this during Golden Week. We will be making the event as special as we can under present circumstances to celebrate the wonderful achievements of our Class of 2020!

College Information

Dear Students and Parents
We are happy to announce that HIS has joined Bridge University to streamline our college counseling, college application process, and career counseling. Many international schools have joined this organization to support students to explore and plan for their lives after graduation. We will be sending out more information and registering the students so that they can access the many online resources. However, this Thursday, we have the opportunity for students and parents to participate in some virtual university explanations.
We have attached the relevant information and hope that you will be available to attend. Please notice the registration information.
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you
Marybeth Kamibeppu and Ayako Kurokawa
College Counselors

広島インターナショナルスクールでは、この度、「Bridge University」と呼ばれる進路カウンセリング、大学申請およびキャリアカウンセリングにおける組織に加入し、そちらのシステムを導入する事となりました。多くのインターナショナルスクールがこちらの組織に加入しており、生徒の進路カウンセリングのサポートを行っております。こちらの詳細及び生徒登録、オンラインリソースにつきましては、再度ご連絡をさせて頂きます。
早速ではございますが、今週木曜日に「Bridge University」が主催するバーチャル(オンライン上)での大学説明会がございます。そちらに参加希望の生徒・保護者の皆さんは、添付資料を参考に各自登録をされ、説明会に参加をされて下さい。
Here is some information about upcoming sessions. Thanks for everyone who participated on Thursday this week: