Alexander Grant

Alexander Grant

SL: Japanese A , Biology, Math HL: Music, Global Politics, English A

Why did you decide to pursue an IB diploma?

As a graduate that has applied to colleges, I have experienced first hand how the IB diploma grants an advantage. The quality of how the IB curriculum is constructed by is valued quite highly to the world that we live in currently. Pursuing an IB diploma allows a student to grab opportunities that would not have been there for them if they hadn’t. Hence, my reason for obtaining an IB diploma.

What advice do you have for current IB students?

If done properly, while the IB diploma program is a demanding task, there is plenty of time to use for personal recreation. I highly ill-advise continuously cramming work and constantly thinking about school work; creating time for something that you enjoy will as a result give you more concentration for school work that lies ahead. Understanding how you work the most efficiently and how fast you work also will help a lot on the path through the IB program.

Did the extended essay, TOK, and CAS prepare you for university?

Many of the tasks required in the IB diploma program demanded individual research into specialised fields that were not exactly covered in school. The creative ingenuity that is required in writing these essays, as well as the individual perseverance that we have shown in the IB program, I believe is a skill that will level us IB graduates higher than those who are not.