The Crane, 18 September 2020

ITEMS: Crane Club Message; Gardening goats; PTA News.

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

Congratulations to the Crane Club for the great work at the Peace exhibition last weekend. You can hear the peace declaration made by Leah (Gr12) and Airi (Gr11) on behalf of the Crane Club and HIS Community in the Crane Video. There are some great events coming up and we are looking forward to a really positive year of action from our students and the wider school community.

Thank you very much to the HIS PTA who have had a great start to the year. You can see the PTA message below in English and Japanese so please make sure you have a look at that.

The construction has been quite amazing for us to watch. The steel framework went up in a matter of days. That is really interesting process and we are lucky enough to have front row seats.

Taking shape!

Thank you to Matt Jungblut who has been working on initial plans for a Benefactors Wall to recognise HIS donors, starting with contributions toward the building project and beyond as we enter into a new stage of our growth and development at HIS. More details to follow shortly on how you can contribute to HIS through our Benefactor’s Wall.

For this week’s TED Talk, I have one that is very relevant to us here at HIS as we consider the nature of knowledge and knowing. Of course, our Diploma Program students study the Theory of Knowledge course which is a detailed look at ways of knowing, but all the way through our educational program, we take a critical look at knowledge. This is an interesting one about memory. Enjoy your weekend.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule

Crane Video

Crane Club Message

The following is a post from the HIS Crane Club’s Instagram post:

Contrary to widespread speculation, we’re more than a club that sits around just to eat donuts and preoccupy classroom space with cranes.

Mrs Sato, an 82-year-old Hibakusha, lost her brother in the nuclear attack. In her 34 years of organizing peace activities, and even after establishing her NPO, she never once had the chance to involve an international community in her enterprises  — but she always yearned to extend her impacts beyond the local level.

Therefore, she felt that it was a dream come true when the Thousand Crane Club, who has ample connections with the rest of the world, became part of her annual event this week. Thank you to Mrs Sato, for what was unquestionably a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a couple of our members. “This is only the beginning,” she personally told us.

If you would like to follow the HIS Crane Club’s Instagram – @thethousandcraneclub

Thank you for the great work in the Hiroshima community and beyond!


This week, we welcomed Ato and Mitsuki to the HIS community. They will be visiting us for 3-months in the capacity of full-time gardeners. They have been a big hit with everyone. They are both gentle and are working hard, morning to night, eating their way through our overgrown patch of land.

We think we have found a sustainable solution to our gardening problem as they slowly eat their way through the thick undergrowth, fertilising as they go and keeping us all entertained in the process. The slope is very steep which is difficult for a human gardener, but just right for our sure-footed friends.

PTA News

Thank you to all who came to last week’s PTA meeting. You can find details of what was discussed here:


Today’s main points:

  • Halloween volunteers: decorations and event helpers
  • Halloween Candy Donations 
  • Scholastic/Baker Books order


  • ボンファイヤー・ナイト中止の決定について
  • ハロウィンのボランティアのお願い : 飾り付けとイベントの手伝い
  • ハロウィンのお菓子の寄付のお願い
  • Scholastic/Baker Books の注文

Bonfire Night Cancelled

We had hoped to find a way to hold Bonfire Night this year, but with the school ground under construction  unfortunately we have been unable to find a safe and suitable alternative venue for this event, so it is with great sadness that we will have to cancel Bonfire Night this year. 😭





            We plan to decorate the school for Halloween on Friday October 2nd at 9am . 

            Please  come along and lend a hand if you have time.


We also need a few volunteers to help with the Halloween activities.

DATE: Friday October 30th TIME: afternoon (details later)


We will be gratefully accepting donations of Halloween candy to be distributed to the kids at the Halloween event. Please hand your donations into the office, between Monday, October 5th, and before Friday 16th Oct. 

*All candy must be individually wrapped.

** NUT ALLERGY. We have students with severe nut allergies, so please avoid sweets which contain nuts.

*** We suggest donations of at least one bag of individually wrapped candy per family                                        


  • 飾り付けのボランティア


  • アクティビティのお手伝い


日程: 10月30日(金) 午後  (詳細は日を追ってお知らせします)     

  • お菓子の寄付のお願い (10月5日月曜日より受け付け開始)





Scholastic Book Club Order

We are organising the first  order of the year from Scholastic/Baker Books. 

Go to to browse the latest books and order online. For every $1 you spend on this month’s Book Club, our school will earn 20¢ in Scholastic Rewards, which can then be used to buy books for the library.

Please place your order online by October 2nd.

If the coronavirus situation is on our side, we expect the books to arrive before Halloween.

Please note: Students of up to Grade 6 will bring home a flyer with a paper order form on the back but our Book Club is only accepting online orders.

今年度初めてのScholastic/Baker Booksの注文を取りまとめます。下記のサイトより、ご購入いただける本の詳細とオンライン注文ができます。

Book clubで本の購入をされますと、Book Club 内で使えるポイントとしてご購入1ドルにつき20¢がHISに入ります。このポイントは図書室の本を充実させる為に使用されます。



G6までのお子さまがBook clubの注文表付きのチラシを家に持って帰りますが、ご注文はオンラインのみとなりますのでご了承ください。