The Crane, 6 November 2020

ITEMS: BOT Meeting; IB Graduates & Universities; PTA News.

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

I hope you have all enjoyed the week. The Peace Ride was successful with all of the riders confronting the challenge with an adventurous spirit and learning a bit more about themselves in the process. Well done to the Peace Ride team.

This week’s TED Talk is about biodiversity which is an essential part of sustainable ecosystems, a subject very close to our heart here at HIS. I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule

Crane Video

Board of Trustees Meeting – Monday

We have the Board of Trustees meeting on Monday evening so thank you to everyone in the HIS community involved in this important work.

IB Graduates and Universities

I wanted to share a few videos over the coming months that focus on the reasons universities seek Diploma Program graduates, which coincide with the reasons HIS selected the IB programs as our curriculum model.

From the PTA

  • Thanks for Halloween help


  • PTA Meeting: Friday, November 27th


  • Christmas Decorations Help: Monday, November 30th

11月30日月曜日 クリスマス飾り付けのボランティア募集

  • PTA Treasurer’s News



Thank you to everyone who helped out with Halloween last week. The kids all seemed to have a great time, the costumes were fab, and enjoyed the donations of candy from everyone. We actually had so many donations that we saved some of it for Christmas! 





The next PTA meeting will be held on Friday, November 27th from 9am. Please mark your calendars! If you have anything you would like to discuss at this meeting, please let us know is we can add it to the agenda.




We plan to put up the Christmas trees and Christmas decorations on the morning of Monday, November 30th from 9am. We would love it if you could drop by and help if you have some time. Thanks in advance!




Please see the most up to date state of the PTA finances in treasurer Sayaka-san’s report here:



As we reminded you in our last Crane message, anyone can propose a use of PTA funds at any time, and proposals will be considered using the pre-agreed PTA guidelines. Sometimes these one time proposals come from the Principal or staff members, sometimes from parents, sometimes from students, and can be for equipment, or unexpected fees for new materials that were not included in the school’s budget in advance, etc. However we just wanted to let you know the kind of things that the PTA has traditionally regularly funded at HIS.

The PTA committee is able to authorise use of PTA funds of up to ¥10,000, and everything over that will be reported on and voted on either at a meeting or by electronic means. Not all of these things happen every year, but here are examples of things the PTA usually pays for.


  • An annual donation of coffee for the staff (¥50,000)


  • Payment for PTA photocopies (but Mr Rentoule has agreed that the school will cover these negligible costs going forward)


  • Refreshments for Student Council led events (Halloween, Valentine’s Dance, Prom etc)


  • Refreshments and other necessary items for PTA coffee mornings


  • HIS commemorative gifts for G12 graduates from PTA


  • Gifts for departing staff members or those who have important life events.


  • Materials for whole school events (stationery, craft needs, plates, cups etc)


We are always open to hearing ideas from anyone in the community. If you have something to suggest, please let us know any time.

Of course, new ideas for fundraising to support these proposals are always welcome too!