The Crane, 20 November 2020

ITEMS: Festive Eve tickets; Video Games (Appropriateness of content); PTA News.

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

As we move into the winter months, we have to make sure we all maintain our caution related to COVID19. We are seeing a growing number of cases across Japan. We have a set of Health Guidelines in place which we have to keep going back to and refreshing our memories. These guidelines have been working well for us and we want to stay on track.

While we are being safe in terms of our physical health, we also need to maintain an inclusive environment where we feel safe and secure in our wonderfully diverse, individual identities. Part of creating this environment is taking care of our language use, which is a mirror of our ways of thinking. Just as we look after each by respecting people’s physical selves, we also need to look after each other by respecting their unique identities. I thought that this TED Talk by Fahad Saeed who explores the idea of identity factors and finishes with a really interesting exercise for the audience was a great exploration of the importance of inclusivity.

I hope you enjoy your weekend.


Damian Rentoule

Crane Video

Festive Eve Tickets – wish list

Here is the link to submit preferences for Festive Eve tickets. Please remember that these are preferences only and we will try to accomodate as many families as possible.

This year, due to COVID19 we need to restrict the number of audience members. For this reason, the students will be doing two performances so that as many people as possible can participate.

Family groups together with limited movement: On the form linked above, please select your preference for the performance day and also your preference for the number of seats you would like as a family. We would like to look at these preferences and arrange a seating chart in family groups suitably distanced from others. Seat numbers will be allocated so these performances are strictly reserved seating only.

Limited seating: As seating is limited, we may not be able to accommodate all preferences so we ask your understanding in advance. We initially considered only making the performance available via live stream but with our decision to have a live audience, we need to be extremely careful due to the ongoing COVID19 situation.

Livestream during performance & recording available afterwards: There will be a live stream option available which I will take care of and we are also very grateful to the Sonoda Family who has very generously agreed to record the performance again this year for the school community. We very much appreciate this kind and generous offer so families can also watch from home and have access to a great recording afterwards.

There are two days, Friday (11 Dec) and Saturday (12 Dec). Saturday is likely to be more popular but may not be possible for everyone. Tickets will be available to a maximum of one performance. Apologies in advance. If you are dropping your child off at school and are not in the audience that day, you can view the live stream in the school.

Video Games (Appropriateness of Content)

Content: We are noticing in primary school that some students have been using some inappropriate language and talking about inappropriate subjects linked to video games that are not suitable for their age. Degrees of violence, nudity, sexual references, and profanity are some of the factors taken into account when ratings are decided. It is certainly useful to take a few minutes to check on the ratings of any games that your child is playing. This, of course, is important for secondary students as well.

Lifestyle routines: The other thing you may like to keep on mind is the time boundary you have in place. How late is it OK to be playing, especially as your child may be involved in a game involving other people and the excitement of the game will often override any natural inclination to sleep? You can join the millions of other parents around the world trying to tackle these same problems at home.

PTA News

  • PTA Meeting Reminder: Next Friday, Nov 27th  PTAミーティングのリマインダー
  • Christmas Decorators Wanted  クリスマスデコレーションのお手伝い募集
  • HIS Hoodie Order  HISパーカーオーダー
  • Scholastic book order  スコラスティック・ブックオーダーのリマインダー

MEETING Friday, November 27th, 9am at HIS

PTAミーティング  11月27日金曜日午前9時~ 玄関エリアにて

 Agenda  議題

  • Recently proposed uses of PTA Funds


  • Fundraising ideas brainstorming


  • Discussion: How can we as parents support learning at HIS?

 フリートーク: HISのいいところをみんなで話しませんか?

If you would like to add anything to this agenda, let us know by Wednesday.


Christmas Decoration Helpers Wanted


We will put up the Christmas decorations at school from 9am on Monday, November 30th. Please meet us in the genkan if you have to time to help.


HIS Hoodie Order


This will be the last Hoodie order of the year, and this time we are introducing a new style option: a crew neck sweatshirt (without a hood). The order deadline is next Friday, November 27th. We are hopeful that the hoodies will be delivered before the start of winter break. Please use the form at the link below to place your orders. 

*We can only fill the order if more than 10 hoodies are ordered. 


注: 皆さまから計10着以上の注文がないと、発注できません。


Scholastic Book Club Order Reminder


A reminder that the deadline for the Scholastic Book Club order is Friday November 27th. Please place your orders in good time so as not to miss out on Christmas books!