The Crane, 11 February 2021

ITEMS: Primary Parents Reading; Festive Eve Recording; ISA Testing; and Crane Club Representatives at the Peace Park.

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

It was just a short week so we hope you all enjoy the long weekend. Many thanks to the parents who came to the Language Learners workshop and the MYP Assessment workshop during the week, both in-person and via Zoom. It was wonderful to see you all here.

Another big event that we had this week was our Open Campus. Even though we run these each month, this was the one that coincided with a public holiday so we had many families visiting us. This was the first time our students had a role in the school tours and they did, as you would expect, remarkably well. We are really proud of our students and our visitors were very impressed with their maturity and confidence presenting during the tours. They are wonderful ambassadors for us.

Our Grade 9 students had a Zoom meeting this week to talk with an urban planner in Sydney about the mathematics used in designing city spaces. It is a great way to see how mathematics is used in organizing our living spaces and a great opportunity to visit Sydney. On this theme of urban planning, Carlos Moreno raises some interesting ideas in this week’s TED Talk, none of which would be possible without the underlying mathematics. In order to solve any problem, you need to be asking the right questions and maths can help. I think the speaker is asking them. Enjoy your urban spaces over the weekend!

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule

Crane Video

Primary Parents Reading

Thank you to our Primary parents who came in to read some great stories to our students in Japanese, English and Korean. We all love stories no matter what the language and we love reading at HIS!

Festive Eve Recording

Many thanks to the Sonoda Family who very generously recorded our Festive Eve concert in December. It looks absolutely wonderful! That is much appreciated. A link has been emailed to all parents. If you did not get that, please let me know.

International Student Assessment (ISA)

The Primary students did a practice ISA this week and Grades 3-10 will do the real tests next week. We will send some information about interpreting the results and how we use the information to support both our academic program as well as the learning of individual students.

Crane Club representatives at the Peace Park Today

In the images above, you can see Crane Club representatives reading peace declarations at a ceremony to celebrate the ratification of the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in the Peace Park this morning. Thank you to Ms Sato (Atomic Bomb Survivor and Peace Activist) and also Fuyuko (HIS parent and BOD Member) for being great role models and supporting our students in this series of peace-related activities this year. Great work, Crane Club with your ongoing action!

The interview will be broadcasted today so don’t miss them.

 ●TSS TV – 8:09pm
 ●TV Shinhiroshima – 18:09pm
 ●RCC – 18:45pm
 ●Hiroshima TV – 18:15pm
 ●Home TV Go Up – 17:00pm to 19:00pm


Main Points

  • Korean & Mongolian Culture Day
  • PTA Shop Volunteers Needed
  • Valograms Success


The Korean and Mongolian Culture Day event will be held next Wednesday, February 17th from 2pm to 3:20pm, organised by our Korean and Mongolian families. If you have time to help out at one of the games stations, please come to school by 1:40pm to find out what you need to do.

Thanks in advance!

If you would like to organise something to help us learn about your country’s culture, please contact the PTA any time!


If you would be able to volunteer some of your your time at the school shop, please tell us your availability for March as far as you know it using this form:

If you would like to volunteer on the same days as specific friends, please send us an e-mail at


Thank you to everyone who ordered Valograms to send their love and appreciation. The Valograms were handed out yesterday, so please ask your kids for any that you ordered to give to non HIS friends.

We are delighted to share that this event also proved to be a great fundraiser for the PTA, raising around ¥200,000 to be used to support HIS.

💗Happy Valentines Day everyone💗, and thank you!

コリアン/モンゴリアン カルチャー デイ: 2月17日水曜日




PTA SHOP ボランティアスタッフ募集中


仲良しのお友達同士でのボランティアも歓迎ですよ。PTA ( )までメールにてお知らせくださいね。



たくさんの笑顔をお届けできただけではなく、お陰様でPTA資金もおよそ20万円増やすことができました!! 皆さま、ご協力ありがとうございました。学校のために大切に使っていきましょう!

本当にありがとうござしました。そして 💗 Happy Valentines Day 💗