The Crane, 3 December 2021

ITEMS: Volleyball; Festive Eve Information; Appropriate Viewing for Children; PTA News.

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

We are all getting ready for Festive Eve next Friday evening. It will be live-streamed for the whole school community with a professional recording generously provided by the Sonoda family once again for which we are very grateful. We will also have a very, limited audience of cast and crew families for Annie. It is an amazing performance every year so it is definitely a show not to be missed.

Thank you to the PTA team who added some wonderfully festive decorations to our genkan which is looking very bright and cheerful to warm us all up on these cool winter mornings. It looks great. Thank you!

This week’s TED Talk by entrepreneur, James Rhee, about the value of investing in a culture of compassion at work sounds very familiar and the parallels between his talk and the message we reinforce with our students is an indication that the development of the Caring learner profile attribute in our IB programs has a very important place in the workplace, as well as in school life. Enjoy your weekend.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule

Crane Video

Volleyball Teams to Fukuoka

Our two volleyball teams traveled to Fukuoka International School last weekend to play a one-day friendly tournament. Many thanks to our hosts, Fukuoka International School, for the warm hospitality. Also, thank you once again to our Volleyball coach, Masayo, who continues to inspire the teams.

Festive Eve Information

FestiveEve 2021  – Live streaming next Friday, Dec. 10th 

Part I  14:45-15:20 (There is no live audience so parents, please view the live stream)

  • G2-5 Choir Dance Performance “It’s A Hard Knock Life Workout”
  • G6 Ensemble “Hooverville”
  • G7-10 Orchestra “Tomorrow”

Dismissal 15:30

Part II   17:30-19:30 (A limited live audience of cast/crew families)

“Annie” the musical

Costumes & Concert Attire: 


  • Final Dress Rehearsals will be on Thursday, Dec. 10th please ensure all needed items are in school. 

G2-5 Primary Students: 

  • HIS colour T-shirt and Denim (or denim coloured)  bottom

G6-10 Orchestra Concert Attire

  • White shirt with collar and dark pants,
  • Dark Dress, White blouse and Dark Pants/Skirt (calf length or longer is more appropriate for this occasion)

Appropriate Viewing for Children

We would like to remind parents to please be careful about the appropriateness of the content children are accessing online. In particular, recently we have experienced our younger students playing games from the movie Squid Games which is quite popular at the moment. The children’s games look fun but do not end well if you are familiar with this movie. Obviously, pretending to shoot someone if they lose a game is not what we like to see in our student’s play and it is one example of how exposure to inappropriate content such as excessive violence outside of school can impact our school environment. Please help us out by supervising children’s viewing and checking movie ratings (or regional equivalents), even if your child tells you it is alright. Children will nearly always be drawn to more ‘grown up’ content. It is a good idea to stick to the rating guidelines. Thank you.

PTA News

We decorated the entrance area and corridors for Christmas on Wednesday, creating a special festive atmosphere. The two Christmas trees were decorated by G10 students. Thank you to everyone who helped us, it’s great to see the school looking so cheerful. 


Main Points 今週の要点

  • Christmas sweets bagging work (Tue, Dec 14) クリスマスお菓子袋詰め作業 (12/14 火)
  • Request for additional sweet donations for Santa Visit お菓子の追加寄付のお願い

◆ Christmas sweets bagging work (Tue, Dec 14) クリスマスお菓子袋詰め作業 (12/14 火)

In the week before winter vacation it’s time for “Santa’s Visit” where Santa Claus distributes sweets to the children. The candy bagging work will be done from 9 am on Tuesday, December 14th. We would be grateful if you could help us. Thank you.

冬休み前の週にSanta Visitとしてサンタクロースが子供たちにお菓子を配ります。そのお菓子の袋詰め作業を12月14日(火) 午前9時から行います。お手伝いいだけますと助かります。よろしくお願いいたします。

◆ Request for additional sweet donations お菓子(クリスマス用) の追加寄付のお願い

We still don’t have enough sweets for the Santa Visit. If you missed the opportunity to donate during Halloween, or if you have a generous heart and would like to give some more, we are looking forward to your donation. For allergic reasons, please prepare nut-free products. For your reference, sweets are distributed to all students and teachers from EC to 12th grade on both Halloween and Christmas (to avoid any sad faces). Please bring your sweets to the office by Friday, December 10th. Thank you!

Santa Visit 用のお菓子がまだ不足しています。ハロウィンの時に寄付の機会を逃してしまったという方、また、もっと寄付してもいいよ、と思ってくださる寛大なお心をお持ちの皆さま、ぜひ、ご寄付をお待ちいたしております。アレルギー上の理由からナッツを含まないものをご用意いただきますよう、お願い申し上げます。ご参考までに、お菓子はハロウィンもクリスマスも、ECさんから12年生までの全校生徒の皆さんと先生方にお配りしております。お菓子は12月10日 (金)までにオフィスまでお持ちください。どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

That’s all from us this week. Have a great weekend! 今週のお知らせは以上です。よい週末を!