The Crane, 11 March 2022

ITEMS: Concert by HIS students; New staff joining the HIS Team; Visual Arts Exhibition; PTA Message.

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

Thank you to everyone involved in the Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences today. This is an important part of our reporting cycle reinforcing that very important relationship between child, school and family which is so important to support the learning process. We hope you all enjoyed the conversations.

I would like to say thank you to Yoko Hiraki who has been at HIS for about 20 years and will be moving on to new adventures at the end of this March. Yoko has been a very valuable member of our HIS community and we will miss your happy and consistently positive presence in the school. We wish you all the best! Yoko will be training Noriko Senno who will join us on the 17th March in order to take over from Yoko at the end of the month.

I would also like to congratulate the HIS 1000 Crane Club for all of their great work under the leadership of Airi (President), Erin and Yuta (Vice Presidents). Last Friday, the leadership was passed over to Yuta (President), Sean and Alina (Vice Presidents) who will use the rest of the year as a transition period getting ready to lead the 1000 Crane Club in 2022/2023. We are really proud of all the great work of our 1000 Crane Club which promotes peace in the local community and beyond. The really strong student leaders have been excellent role models and we are very proud of their achievements.

This is the third in our Alumni series talking about pathways to the Arts through HIS’s IB programs with Alex, a recent graduate, who we are all very proud of and who is doing amazing work with his music. Many thanks, Alex, for sharing your story with us all.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule

Crane Video

Concert by HIS students

I would like to let you know of an upcoming charity concert by two members of the HIS community, Eishin (former HIS student) and Jundai (current HIS student), in support of the people of Ukraine affected by the current conflict. It is a great example of taking action on our learning, a central part of our IB programs. Eishin on the violin and Jundai on the piano are quite an amazing combination and we are very excited about their collaboration for this event. The promotion of Peace is an integral part of our Mission at HIS and we all hope for a speedy return to a peaceful life for the people of Ukraine. This concert is a great example of students taking action on their learning in order to be of service to the broader community.

I would also like to share a link to some recent news coverage of one of our HIS families involved in the organization of the concert. Living in Hiroshima in the shadow of the A-Bomb, we are constantly reminded of the effects of war and conflict on the lives of ordinary people and this current conflict is a further reminder of the need to promote peace. The concert is an excellent example of student-led action for this purpose. There is some background to the concert and as there has been a great response to the event only a few tickets are remaining. If you miss out, there may be the possibility of a follow-up event so I will keep you posted. Great work, Eishin and Jundai.

New staff members joining us in August 2022

We have finalized all of our recruiting for 2022/2023. We will be introducing everyone in upcoming Cranes so please keep an eye out for that. We are really excited to welcome you all into the HIS community!

  • James Steward (Principal), joining us from Canada.
  • Tresia Cercado (PYP Teacher), joining us from the Phillipines.
  • Manish Verma (MYP/DP Math) joining us from Thailand.
  • Shefali Lakhina (PYP Coordinator/Primary Vice-Principal) joining us from India.
  • Noriko Senno (Office) Joining us this month from here in Japan.

Diploma Program Visual Arts Exhibition

HIS Visual Arts Exhibition 2022We would like to welcome HIS community for our annual Visual Arts Exhibition. This year’s exhibition features works by Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 Visual Arts students and you will not want to miss it! 
● Who: G9-12 Visual Arts students- Erin Hirakawa and Kiko Shaw (G12)- SuA Bae / Yuta Fukushima / Fidel Hironaka / Noah Wheeler / Lei Alan Uenishi Feetenby (G11) – Juliette Decamp / Koichi Hiraishi / Ryoma Kando / Ahane Shaw (G10)- Hinato Aoyama / Hyunjun Choi / Oliwier Kitamura / Sky Takenaga (G9)

● When: March 10 -13 / 10am to 4pm● Where: Gallery Black (4-5 Teppocho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima)Free admission
HIS セカンダリー美術作品展 2022今年もセカンダリー美術選択生による作品展が始まりました。9年生・10年生・11年生・12年生の生徒達の力作揃いです。どうぞお越しください!
● 生徒:
9年生から12年生の美術選択生- Erin Hirakawa and Kiko Shaw (G12)- SuA Bae / Yuta Fukushima / Fidel Hironaka / Noah Wheeler / Lei Alan Uenishi Feetenby (G11) – Juliette Decamp / Koichi Hiraishi / Ryoma Kando / Ahane Shaw (G10)- Hinato Aoyama / Hyunjun Choi / Oliwier Kitamura / Sky Takenaga (G9)

● 日時:3月10日(木)〜3月13日(日) 午前10時から午後4時 

● 場所: ギャラリーブラック(広島市中区鉄砲町4-5)入場無料 

PTA Message


The arrangements for this year’s HIS IDOL were announced by Mr B. on March 4th at Family Seesaw for EC to G2 / 3 and through the student’s personal email for G4 and above. The deadline for sign-up forms is Friday, March 18th. If you are in doubt, we ask that you sign up for the time being. You can cancel later, but please note that you cannot apply after the deadline.

HIS IDOL 2022が開催されます。

先週3月4日(金)に、EC 〜 G2/3 までは Family Seesaw にてG4以上は生徒の個人メールを通してMr Bから発表がありました。サインアップ・フォームの締め切りは3月18日金曜日です。迷っていらっしゃる方は、とりあえずサインアップしておかれることをオススメします。キャンセルは可能ですが、締め切り後のエントリーはできませんのでお気をつけください。

Have a great spring break!