The Crane, 1 April 2022

ITEMS: Charity concert to support Ukraine; PTA News.

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

I hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather and the beautiful cherry blossoms. Here are some of our Primary students enjoying the lovely colors of spring. April, apart from having some lovely weather and flowers, is a time of year when we welcome a number of new students and several will be joining us over the next week. HIS is a diverse and inclusive school community where we all look after each other so we look forward to meeting our newest students and their families.

I would like to congratulate the Secondary Music students, including our DP Music students, for the musical recital yesterday. Over the next few weeks, I will share some footage of our wonderful HIS musicians in action. Here is Alina (Gr10). Congratulations!

Continuing our HIS Alumni series, here is a short presentation from Sadao Enoki, Class of 2016, who shares some of his experiences in the Arts. This series has been focused on the Arts as the previous one had a Science focus. At HIS, we offer a range of different experiences both in and out of the classroom for two reasons. Firstly, you never know what you are really passionate about until you experience it, and secondly, all areas of learning are intertwined and all influence each other. Oftentimes, what we find we are truly passionate about is a mix of learning areas and we can be drawn to unique combinations. Thank you, Sadao, for sharing your journey with us.

On a final note, we said farewell this week to Yoko Hiraki who has been with HIS for about 20 years. It has been great to work with Yoko and she has made many great contributions to HIS over the years with her cheerful and positive presence. We wish Yoko all the best in her future adventures. The PTA also have a note and photo in the PTA news below. Enjoy the weekend.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule

Crane Video

Charity Concert to Support Ukraine

Jundai and Eishin have been busy with a series of charity concerts to support the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Below are details of two concerts happening in the near future, one tomorrow and another the following weekend. We will also be hosting a concert at HIS next week on Friday after the Theory of Knowledge Exhibition so more details of that will follow. Great work, Jundai and Eishin!

PTA Message

The Crane Message 01 Apr 2022

From the PTA

Thank you Yoko-san! 葉子さんお世話になりました

HIS Idol HISアイドル

Library volunteering completed 図書室ボランティア終了

Hoodies Order (Deadline: Friday 8th Apr) フーディー注文 (4月8日(金) 締切)

Scholastic/Baker Book Club Order -Deadline Mon 4/4 スコラスティック/ベイカー ブッククラブ オーダー締切間近 -Mon 4/4

Thank you Yoko-san! 葉子さんお世話になりました

Yesterday, March 31st, Yoko-san, who has been working at HIS for 20 years in the office staff, left us. We all want to say thank you very much for your kindness to the children over many years. To express our gratitude to Yoko-san, we prepared a gift from the PTA. We all wish her health and best wishes with her new life. Thank you very much, Yoko-san! We will miss your lovely smile!


HIS Idol HISアイドル

Everyone who signed up for HIS Idol submitted the recordings of their performances by yesterday, and we are currently editing so that the judges can see them all. The video will be available to everyone in HIS during Golden Week. We are sure you are looking forward to it !! 😊


Library volunteering completed 図書室ボランティア終了

We have finished the volunteer recruitment for the library for the moment. Thank you to everyone who helped. We will be in touch again for future volunteer drives.


Hoodies Order (Deadline: Friday 8th Apr) フーディー注文 (4月8日(金) 締切)

We are currently accepting orders for HIS Hoodies.

The deadline for this order is April 8th (Friday). We are planning to distribute the hoodies on the week of April 25th, before the Golden Week holidays.

Please specify the name, grade, amount and number of hoodies ordered on the envelope and hand it to the office. Please note that delivery will be after the payment is received.




* As stated in the Google Form, please be sure to proceed to click the final “SUBMIT” to complete your order.

注)Google Formの中にも記載していますが、ご注文の完了には必ず最後の『SUBMIT』まで進んでいただきますようお願いします。

   The Link /リンク ➡︎ Order Hoodies HERE! / ご注文はこちらから

Scholastic/Baker Book Club Order -Deadline Mon 4/4 スコラスティック/ベイカー ブッククラブ オーダー締切間近 -Mon 4/4

Don’t forget that our latest Scholastic/Baker Book Club is now online. There are hundreds of fantastic children’s books to choose from.

  The Link ➡︎

Every $1 you spend on Book Club will earn 20¢ for our school in Scholastic Rewards. This is an opportunity to contribute to the school as these will be used to add books to the library.

Please place your order online by April 4th, 9am. The deadline is approaching. Don’t miss it!

スコラスティック/ ベイカー ブッククラブ注文 締切間近 -4/4(月)

現在Scholastic/Baker Booksのご注文を受け付けています。以下から最新のラインナップをご覧ください。沢山の人気本の中からお選びいただくことができます。


Book Clubで本の購入をされますと、Book Club内で使えるポイントとしてご購入1ドルにつき20¢がHISに入ります。このポイントは図書室の本を充実させる為に活用されますので、皆さま、ぜひともこの機会にご購入ください。


That’s all for this week. Have a fantastic SAKURA (Cherry Blossom) weekend!