The Crane, 11 June 2022

ITEMS: ISA Results; Docuentary; PTA News.

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

Earlier this week you will have received your child’s International Schools’ Assessment (ISA) results. ISA is a standardized assessment that we use each year for two reasons. We normally send this out with reports at the end of the year but received them a bit earlier this year. We use these as feedback on our overall academic program by identifying any areas across grade levels where there may be weaker areas and then adjust both the program and our teaching accordingly. We also use this external assessment as one more data point to understand the academic development of our students to guide differentiated instruction. We only have a couple of weeks left so it is a busy time with lots happening including our Grade 5 PYP Graduation next week. Congratulations to you all as you move from Primary to Secondary. Enjoy your weekend.

Kind regards

Damian Renotule

Crane Video

ISA Results


Here is a short documentary of the impact of conflict on a family you may recognize and their response. Great viewing and well done!

A Family’s Story of Activities for Peace in Ukraine: Two Months of Concerts in Hiroshima

PTA News

End of Year Picnic

We are having a “Last day of School”  Picnic with Potluck BBQ! 

  • When: Friday 24th of June  From “after school” until whenever we feel like. 
  • Where: At Kawauchi Daiichi Koen in Seseragi Park (Yagi area)

  • What to bring: Food to share and drinks for yourselves

        Change of Clothes and towels in case the kids get wet in the stream

『Last day School BBQ』持ち寄りバーベキューを開催します。

  • 日時: 今年度最終日 6月24日(金) 放課後 夕方〜気分次第まで
  • 場所: せせらぎ公園(川内第一公園内)

  • 持ち物: シェアできるようなBBQの食材や一品料理、ご自身の飲み物


Let’s have fun together! 一緒に楽しみましょう!!


Thank you so much to those who handed in the donation towards the Teacher’s Appreciation Lunch on Friday, June 24th, the last day of this school year. We will continue to accept donations for this lunch of 500 yen or upwards (more is welcome 😊). Please write your name and “PTA LUNCH” on the envelope and submit it to the office (if you wish, you can submit anonymously). As we mentioned, please note that donations will be limited to money, the same as last year. Thank you for your cooperation.

Teacher’s Appreciation Lunch (今年度最終日6月24日金曜日) へは、たくさんの皆さまにご寄付いただきましてありがとうございました!  寄付は1口500円 (多いのも大歓迎😊) から引き続き受け付けております。封筒に『PTA LUNCH』とお名前を書いてオフィスまでご提出ください (ご希望の方は匿名でも構いません)。今年も皆さまからのご寄付はお金に限定させていただきますので、どうぞご了承ください。皆さま、どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

Treasurer’s Report 会計報告

As we reported in the PTA meeting last friday (June 3rd), you can view this school year’s treasurer’s report at this point from the link below. 


➡︎ Link for HIS PTA Treasurer’s report for 2021-2022

That’s all from us. Have a lovely weekend!!