The Crane, 17 June 2022

ITEMS: HIS 60th Anniversary; New Fence & Gate; PTA Committee Nominations; PTA News.

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

Congratulations to our Grade 5 students who graduated from their Primary Years Program on Wednesday. They had a great year and we are looking forward to seeing them continue to be imaginative inquirers as they move into the Middle Years Program.

The members of the Peace Ride team left on their adventure this morning so by the time you read this they will have cycled from Niimi in Okayama Prefecture through to Mt Daisen in Tottori Prefecture. The students have been training during the year for this 5-day ride and they will cycle approximately 400 kilometers, depending on how lost we get along the way.

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule

Crane Video (Please click the link to view.)

HIS 60th Aniversary

HIS opened its doors as an international school in 1962 which means that 2022/2023 is our 60th anniversary. We will celebrate this milestone in various ways during the year however to start us off, the PTA is going to organize a very special 60th anniversary HIS polo shirt at the start of next year. In preparation, we are going to run a competition for the design to go on the back of the polo shirt. Details will be provided to students by Ms Kurokawa and we would like to ask any interested designers to harness their creative energies over the summer and have a go! The winning design will be selected by the school community early next year and the class of the designer will receive an okonomiyaki lunch in appreciation of your efforts.

New fence and gate

We have installed a new fence and gate to make the playground more secure. Previously, we had been using the mobile green netting that you can see in the background. This will still remain but the fence adds an extra degree of security. When the concrete dries which takes a couple of days, we will add a combination lock.

PTA Committee 2022-23 Nominations

As the school year comes to a close I would like to thank the PTA for their hard work this year. Yasuko Yamashiro san (Daiwa’s mum) will be stepping down and Naoko Kurata san (Miu and Riho’s mum) will be joining us. The good news is that the remaining members of the committee have agreed to continue next year, so thank you to all of them.

Below is the list of members who are willing to do the job next school year and have been nominated for the PTA Committe:

  • Eriko Hird / ハード 恵里子 (Alina G10, Marika G7)
  • Kumi Kim / 金 玖美 (Yuu G6, Rin G4, Hana G2)
  • Nami Ohata / 大畠 南波 (Soma G1)
  • Naoko Kurata / 蔵田 奈緒子 (Miu G2, Riho KG)
  • Rie Oride / 折出 りえ (Mahiro G7, Tatsuki KG)
  • Sayaka Hirata / 平田 清香 (Treasurer/会計) (Shiori G9, Shun G7)
  • Yukina Fukushima / 福島 ゆきな (Yuta G11, Nanaka G9)

The next step in the process will be to ask all the parents to formally confirm this nomination and elect this team as your representatives. An online voting form will be sent out for this purpose. Thank you to all our volunteers who play such an important role in our school community.

Damian Rentoule

PTA News

  1. Reflecting on the year 今年度の振り返り
  2. TEACHER’S APPRECIATION LUNCH  教職員の皆さまへの感謝ランチ (再)
  3. HIS創立60周年記念ポロシャツデザイン募集
  4. 来年度 2022年〜2023年度のPTA役員選出投票
  5. End of Year Picnic ラストデー 持ち寄りバーベキュー 小雨決行

1. Reflecting on the year 今年度の振り返り

This year we have gradually shifted to the situation of “living with COVID19” while continuing to take infection control precautions. The PTA has held various events through the year by a careful process of risk assessment. 

I would like to mention here the names of the main organisers of the events (honorific title omitted) who planned the events.


Scholastic & Baker Books Book Order (3 times) ブックオーダー (三回) – Rie Oride

Hoodie sale (2 times) フーディー 販売 (二回) – Norihiko & Chako Kajihara, Yukina Fukushima

Library support 図書室サポート – Rie 

Halloween ハロウィン – Rie

Bonfire Night ボンファイヤ・ナイト- Nigel & Yumiko Barker, Eriko Hird

Festive Eve Costume Preparation フェスティブ・イブ衣装準備 – Nami Ohata

Santa Visit サンタ訪問 – Mr B (As a parent then!)

Halloween / Christmas decorations ハロウィン・クリスマスの飾り付け- Kumi Kim 

Val-O-Gram – Kumi

HIS Idol HISアイドル – Nami, Jackie Ikegami

Sports Day Drink Sale スポーツデー ドリンク販売- Yukina, Eriko

Teacher’s Appreciation Lunch 教職員の皆さまへの感謝ランチ – Kumi, Rie, Nami, Yukina, Eriko

Preparing gifts for departing teachers 辞められる先生方へのお礼準備- Nami, Yukina, Eriko

Accounting 会計収支管理 – Sayaka Hirata

Public relations, including Crane article creation  Crane作成などの広報- Eriko

PTA Meeting (2 times) PTAミーティング (二回)

There are many other items that we have left out, but we enjoyed working closely with Mr Rentoule  and Ms.V throughout the year. We hope that we gave the children a fun time. In addition, many people kindly cooperated in various events such as creating decorations, bagging up sweets, and preparing Festive Eve costumes. We are very grateful. We would also like to thank everyone who supported PTA activities through purchases.

他、書ききれない細かいことも多いですが、常に校長先生や副校長先生との連携を密にしながら活動してまいりました。子供たちにとって、少しでも楽しい時間がご提供できていれば幸いです。またいろいろな行事の際、飾り付け、お菓子の袋詰め、Festive Eve 衣装準備などに多くの皆さまが快くご協力してくださいました。深く感謝申し上げます。そして購入を通じてPTA活動を支援してくださった皆さまにも御礼申し上げます。

Last but not least, I would like to express our gratitude to the Kajihara family (Norihiko san and Chako san) for their cooperation in the sale of hoodies without making a profit as a company. Thank you so much for your great support.

最後になりましたが、フーディの販売に関しまして、梶原ファミリー (Norihikoさん&Chakoさん) には会社として利益を得ることなくボランティアとしてご協力くださいましたこと、深く感謝申し上げます。多大なるご支援をいただきましてありがとうございました。

2. TEACHER’S APPRECIATION LUNCH  教職員の皆さまへの感謝ランチ (再)

Thank you so much to those who handed in the donation towards the Teacher’s Appreciation Lunch on Friday, June 24th, the last day of this school year. We will continue to accept donations for this lunch of 500 yen or upwards (more is welcome 😊). Please write your name and “PTA LUNCH” on the envelope and submit it to the office (if you wish, you can submit anonymously). As we mentioned, please note that donations will be limited to money, the same as last year. Thank you for your cooperation.

Teacher’s Appreciation Lunch (今年度最終日6月24日金曜日) へは、たくさんの皆さまにご寄付いただきましてありがとうございました!  寄付は1口500円 (多いのも大歓迎😊) から引き続き受け付けております。封筒に『PTA LUNCH』とお名前を書いてオフィスまでご提出ください (ご希望の方は匿名でも構いません)。今年も皆さまからのご寄付はお金に限定させていただきますので、どうぞご了承ください。皆さま、どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

3. HIS 60th Anniversary Polo Shirt HIS創立60周年記念ポロシャツ

As announced by Mr Rentoule, Hiroshima International School will celebrate its 60th anniversary next school year. The PTA will support events held throughout the year in various ways.

We are planning to make a special polo shirt ahead of the 60th anniversary, so please look forward to that!



4. Voting for PTA committee member elections from 2022 to 2023 next year

来年度 2022年〜2023年度のPTA役員選出投票

(The link to the voting form will be sent by email from Mr Rentoule.)

As announced by Mr Rentoule above, the following 7 people have run for PTA committee member next year. (In alphabetical order)

In the near future, Mr Rentoule will send you an email with a voting form requesting approval of the new PTA team.

In accordance with the PTA constitution, we would like to ask you to vote on the confirmation of these people as a group, not as individuals. Please use the form linked in the email to indicate your feedback.

Voting Deadline: Thursday, June 23, 2022, 9:00 am

If a majority of those who vote choose to confirm this team, they will be considered duly elected as next year’s PTA Executive Planning Committee at that time. If there is a change of members part way through the year, we will vote again.

Our thanks to outgoing committee member Yasuko Yamashiro, for your efforts this year. Thank you very much!

4. 来年度 2022年〜2023年度のPTA役員選出投票



Eriko Hird / ハード 恵里子 (Alina G10, Marika G7)

Kumi Kim / 金 玖美 (Yuu G6, Rin G4, Hana G2)

Nami Ohata / 大畠 南波 (Soma G1)

Naoko Kurata / 蔵田 奈緒子 (Miu G2, Riho KG)

Rie Oride / 折出 りえ (Mahiro G7, Tatsuki KG)

Sayaka Hirata / 平田 清香 (Treasurer/会計) (Shiori G9, Shun G7)

Yukina Fukushima / 福島 ゆきな (Yuta G11, Nanaka G9)



投票締め切り: 2022年6月23日 木曜日の午前9時


今年度末をもって役員を退任される役員 山城 康子さん、大変お疲れさまでした。ありがとうございました。

5. End of Year Picnic ラストデー 持ち寄りバーベキュー 小雨決行

We are having a “Last day of School”  Picnic with Potluck BBQ! 

  • When: Friday 24th of June  From “after school” until whenever we feel like. 
  • Where: At Kawauchi Daiichi Koen in Seseragi Park (Yagi area)

Please don’t park on the street except when loading and unloading luggage, as it may cause inconvenience to the neighbours (and the police will get you!)

  • What to bring: Food to share and drinks for yourselves

        Change of Clothes and towels in case the kids get wet in the stream

  • Will go ahead in case of light rain. If the event is cancelled, you will be notified via the LINE group and email.

Parents must accompany PYP children. Secondary students and above are free to participate, but please be sure to bring your own food and drinks that you can share.

For those who cannot travel there by car or secondary students, there are only two buses that pass nearby as below

Take the Hiroshima Kotsu bus bound for “Bishamondai” from the Bousai Centre bus stop. Get off at the Shichikenjaya bus stop. (Adult fee 220 yen) 8 minutes walk from Shichikenjaya bus stop (600m)

① Depart from Bousai Centre 15:48 → Arrive at Shichikenjaya 16:09

② Depart from Bousai Centre 17:48 → Arrive at Shichikenjaya 18:09

『Last day School BBQ』持ち寄りバーベキューを開催します。

  • 日時: 今年度最終日 6月24日(金) 放課後 夕方〜気分次第まで
  • 場所: せせらぎ公園(川内第一公園内)


  • 持ち物: シェアできるようなBBQの食材や一品料理、ご自身の飲み物


  • 小雨決行 中止の際はLINEグループやメールでお知らせいたします。



防災センター バス停より広島交通「びしゃもん台」行きに乗車。七軒茶屋 (しちけんぢゃや) バス停で下車。(大人料金220円) 七軒茶屋 バス停から徒歩8分 (600m)

① 防災センター 15:48 発 →  七軒茶屋 16:09 着 

② 防災センター 17:48 発 →  七軒茶屋 18:09 着

Let’s have fun together! 一緒に楽しみましょう!!

That’s all for this week’s announcements. There is only one week left until the summer holidays. Let’s do our best to get through the hot and humid days after the rainy season 😊 Have a good weekend!

今週のお知らせは以上です。夏休みまで残り1週間ですね。梅雨入り後の蒸し暑い日々、頑張って乗り越えましょう😊 良い週末をお過ごしくださいね。