The Crane, 25 June 2022

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

It has been a very busy last week of school with the Peace Ride Team riding through Tottori and Shimane Prefectures, meeting up with students from Gr4-12 at Sanbe Mountain for a 3-day camp. While this was happening our EC-Gr3 students were enjoying lots of fun activities and enjoying all of that extra space at HIS. It has been a wonderful year and I would like to thank the teachers and staff for all of the work that goes on in the background creating all of the great learning experiences that happen one after the other, all year long. I would also like to thank the PTA for your constant efforts throughout the year which have always brought the school community together.

I would like to thank everyone for the very warm send-off during our final assembly on Friday. There are a number of staff and students moving on to different places, as well as many new people joining HIS in August so at this time of transition we can celebrate the friends we have made as well as those we are still to make. HIS is an incredibly caring and inclusive school community and I would like to wish you all the best for next year. Enjoy your summer!

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule

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A few images from the last couple of weeks


  1. Teacher’s (Staff) Appreciation Lunch 教職員の皆さまへの感謝ランチ実施
  2. Thank you and Goodbye to Mr Rentoule, Ms V, Ms Sasha, Mr Doug and Ms Abigael
  3. End of Year Picnic ラストデー 持ち寄りバーベキュー
  4. Vote Result 投票結果
  5. Feedback Questionnaire フィードバック・アンケートフォーム
  6. THANK YOU! ありがとうございました!

1. Teacher’s (Staff) Appreciation Lunch 教職員の皆さまへの感謝ランチ実施

Thank you to everyone who generously donated to help us provide our traditional Teacher’s (staff) Appreciation lunch on Friday the 24th June. Thanks to your generosity, the teachers and staff of HIS enjoyed a special lunch box ordered from Le Poet-Laval French restaurant and Kissa Saeki for vegetarian meals on Friday and small gifts were handed to the bus monitors, bus drivers and Duskin cleaning ladies.

We are happy to report that your donations were enough to cover the costs of the lunch, so the excess will be added to the PTA funds and used to support the school and your children in the near future.

6月24日金曜日に教職員の皆さまへの感謝ランチには、たくさんの皆さまにご寄付いただきまして本当にありがとうございました。皆さまのおかげで教職員の皆さまに、中心部にあるフランス料理のレストラン・Le Poet-Laval / ル・ポエト・ラヴァル さん、ベジタリアン食は喫茶さえきさんにご用意いただいた スペシャルランチ・ボックスをお楽しみいただくことができました。また、バスの運転手さんやバスモニターさん、ダスキンの清掃の方々には、心ばかりの小さなプレゼントをご用意させていただきました。


2. THANK YOU and Goodbye to Mr Rentoule, Ms V, Ms Sasha, Mr Doug and Ms Abigael

Five teachers will be leaving HIS this school year.- Mr.Rentoule, Ms V, Ms Sasha, Ms Abigael and Mr Doug.  As the principal of the school, Mr Rentoule has strived in everything related to HIS, from managing the school to teaching the children. Ms V was a PYP teacher for 4 years and PYP vice-principal most recently, Ms Sasha spent 5 years as a secondary upper grade maths teacher, Ms Abigael 2 years as KG / 1 teacher, and Mr Doug a design teacher for 2 years, all enthusiastically instructing our children at HIS. Thank you very much for guiding our children and giving them a passion for education. We wish for your health and success in new frontiers.

In addition, we would like to mention that the PTA gave gifts to them at the final assembly as a sign of our gratitude.

We also gave Mr Rentoule an album full of photos of his memories of HIS. It also includes photos of the message cards written by the students.

今年度いっぱいで5人の先生方 – Rentoule 校長先生 、Ms V、Ms Sasha、Ms Abigael、Mr Doug がHISを去られます。Rentoule先生は校長として6年間HISの経営から子供たちのご指導までHISに関わる全てにおいて全力を尽くしてくださいました。そしてMs Vは4年間PYPの担任や後半はPYPの副校長として、Ms Sashaはセカンダリー高学年の数学の先生として5年間、Ms AbigaelはKG/1の担任の先生として2年間、Mr Doug はデザインの先生として2年間、HISで子供たちに熱意を持ってご指導いただきました。子供たちが大変お世話になりましてありがとうございました。今後のご健康と新境地でのご活躍をお祈りしております。



3. End of Year Picnic ラストデー 持ち寄りバーベキュー

On June 24th (Friday), after the last day of this year, we held an End of Year Picnic at Seseragi Park. Children enjoyed paddling in the stream, and adults enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere around the barbecue. Unfortunately, it rained heavily in the evening from around 7 pm, but the children hid under the tents and slides and sang songs from the musicals that have been performed at Festive Eves in the past. As parents, we are always proud to see HIS children play happily together across the grades. We sincerely hope that the COVID19 situation will continue to improve in the new school year and that we will have more opportunities to gather.

6月24日(金)、今年度最終日終了後、せせらぎ公園でEnd of Year Picnicを行いました。子供たちは膝下の深さの小川に入って遊んだり、大人はバーベキューを囲んでリラックスした雰囲気で楽しい時間になりましたね。あいにく午後7時頃から夕立ちに降られてしまいましたが、子供たちはテントや滑り台の下に入り過去のFestive Eveで上演したミュージカルの楽曲を大声で歌いながら楽しく雨宿りしていました。学年を超えてみんな一緒に楽しむことができるHISの子供たちを見ていて、親としても誇りに思います。新年度はよりコロナの状況が落ち着き、集まりの機会を多く持てるよう、心から願っています。

4. Vote Result 投票結果

We would like to let you know the result of the vote that was held over the last week.

The new PTA Committee for the 2022-23 school year have been duly elected. With 61 people taking part in the vote, 56 voted in favour of the proposal, 4 opposed and we had 1 abstention.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to take part. With the PTA team in place at the beginning of the school year at the same time as our new principal starting, we should be able to get things off to a good start!




5. Feedback Questionnaire フィードバック・アンケートフォーム

If you have time, please share your thoughts and feedback about various PTA issues using this form below if anything positive or constructive occurs to you. The new PTA will continue to consider all feedback we receive in the planning of activities next year.


 ➡︎ Link for Feedback Questionnaire フィードバック・アンケートフォームへのリンク

6. THANK YOU! ありがとうございました!

In conclusion, as this will be our last PTA News of the year, we the PTA Committee for 2021-2022 would like to thank everyone for all their generosity and cooperation this year. We feel that it has been a successful year considering that we still had to pay close attention to the Covid-19 situation – we hope you agree. 

To those who will not return in the new school year, good luck on your new adventures, and remember you will always be part of the HIS family wherever you are.

We  hope to see everyone else recharged and ready for another great school year in August .




Have a fabulous summer everyone, and stay safe!

どうぞよい夏休みをお過ごしください。そして、ご自愛くださいね。Stay safe!

From  Eriko, Kumi, Nami, Rie, Sayaka, Yasuko and Yukina