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1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

I hope you have all enjoyed the week. I would like to thank all of the Board of Trustee volunteers who gathered yesterday evening, taking time out of busy schedules and also the Board of Directors who meet for an all-day retreat tomorrow to review the HIS School Development Plan. For information on the Boards and to find the School Development Plan which is in the HIS Annual Report 2016/2017, please follow this link to our HIS Governance page on the website.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. Crane Video

 3. Teacher Introductions

Here are three more teachers we are waiting to welcome onto the HIS staff in 2018/2019.
Matt Jungblut (Teaching Assistant Grades 4/5)


USA/Ireland. Previously taught in Japanese junior high and elementary schools, an elementary school in New York, and college in Hawaii.
I arrived in Hiroshima in 2014 and began my association with HIS as a parent when my daughter started attending EC in 2016. Since then I have also been active as a PTA member and on the HIS Board of Trustees. I hold a Masters degree in Elementary Education. I am passionate about teaching and look forward to returning to the classroom after taking several years off to raise my daughter. Most of my teaching career has been spent as a fifth-grade homeroom teacher and lead English Language Arts teacher, so I am particularly excited about working with our fourth and fifth graders and bringing them a love of reading.  My hobbies and interests are numerous, but I particularly enjoy barbecuing, travelling, baseball, kayaking, DJing, and having long chats and funny stories.
John Savage (MYP Coordinator/Secondary Vice-Principal)

Canadian. Previously worked in Canadian public schools, Fukuoka, Japan, and The Sultanate of Oman. Teaches Grade 6 Math and Individuals and Societies.

I first began my career in small, community-minded schools like HIS. In 2002 I launched my international journey in Fukuoka, Japan and then spent the last 10 years in Muscat, Oman at a three IB program school as the Middle School Principal. I began my career as a physical education teacher but have taught in the classroom from Grades 2 through 9. Throughout my career, I have enjoyed a variety of administrative and teaching assignments. Outside of school, I enjoy all forms of activity that provide a balance in my life.

Kathryne Imabayashi (PYP Coordinator/Primary Vice-Principal


Canadian.  Previously taught in Canada, Japan, Lebanon, Thailand, Georgia, Qatar.

Kathryne Imabayashi has been involved in early childhood and elementary education as a teacher, coordinator and administrator. She received her Master of Education degree from Framingham University, USA.  In the course of her career, Kathryne has taught children in Early Years, Elementary, Middle School and College level. She experienced creating her own school while living in Fukuoka,  as well as opening a preschool in Qatar. Kathryne is passionate about children experiencing the joy of learning and excited to join the HIS team

4. Secondary Action Week 2018

The week of June 18-22 will be Action Week in the Secondary Program. We are building on this idea which we began last school year. During Action Week, all secondary students will be off timetable. Regular classes will not be in session. Students will report to school daily to work in grade level teams to take a plan and implement action on a topic that has been assigned to or developed by the class. Students will create a plan for their action using the inquiry cycle. Teachers are assigned to each grade level and will be working closely with the students to facilitate the student-led action. Grade levels will also be engaging in fieldwork during Action Week to investigate topics and places relevant to their plan. Permission slips and details will follow as appropriate. At the end of the week, students will present their action at the Secondary Assembly.
Please see this brief presentation for more details about action week and the projects for each grade level. Please contact Ms. Pechhold if you have questions about Action Week.

5. HIS Yearbook

The yearbook team has completed its work and sent it for publishing. We have already ordered a limited number of yearbooks, and expect them to arrive a few days before the end of the school year. To avoid disappointment, please order early. Order forms have been sent home today.

 6. PTA News


1) PTA End of the Year Luncheon

Date and Time: Wednesday, June 13 – 12:15 PM

Location: Pizza Riva Yokogawa (see link for more details)

Price: A course: ¥1500 Salad, Personal Pizza (several choices), choice of non-alcoholic beverage

B course: ¥2000 Antipasto (several choices), Personal Pizza (several choices), choice of non-alcoholic beverage, wine and beer available at an additional charge

Description: We’d like to join for lunch after this last PTA meeting of the year, so many of you have made great contributions, and we genuinely appreciate your help. This year’s PTA truly felt revitalized and that was because of your involvement. Some members are moving on, and others are assuming new roles next year, so let’s enjoy each other’s company.

For those of you who do not know, Pizza Riva is a Michelin ranked DOC AVPN pizzeria (all of those fancy letters means that it is registered with the Italian government as a certified Neapolitan pizzeria, the quality is guaranteed) in Yokogawa, not far from the station. The head chef studied in Napoli, the ingredients are either locally sourced or from Italy, depending on the pie. Each (roughly) 30cm pizza is made to order and quickly baked in their wood-fired oven. This is NOT like delivery pizza and it is by far Hiroshima’s best. If you have not tried it yet, it’s well worth doing so. We have reserved 18 spots, please let us know in advance if you plan to attend, so that we can free up space if our numbers are low, or add additional seats if demand warrants. An email to the PTA by Monday, June 11 afternoon would be appreciated. The luncheon will take place immediately after the PTA meeting, so rides will be available. We hope that you will join us. Children are also welcome at Pizza Riva.

2) On the last school day (22 June) the PTA proposes to hold an Appreciation and Farewell Lunch for the teachers and staff as we did last year!

Would you like to help us by bringing food to the event? We attach sign-up sheet below. Please put your name, what you can bring and amount of the dish on the sheet. You don’t necessarily have to cook by yourself. (If you don’t have time to cook, a purchase is as good.) It can be from the amount of 5 people. Packed soft drinks are also OK.

The due date for sign-up: Friday 15 June

 Donation for Teachers Appreciation Lunch

If there are not many sign-ups by the due date, PTA will add by purchasing some goodies at COSTCO to fill the gap. However, it will be ideal if we have plenty of dishes offered by your kind gesture.

We would also appreciate it if you could help us by volunteering the following:

*preparation of the table setting/ bringing dishes to the table

*looking after EC, KG, G1 children and eating together with them ( you have to bring your own lunch)

*looking after children on the ground after lunch and until assembly which starts at 14:00

*help to clear the table after lunch and clean up

We appreciate your help!!

Please e-mail us if you have questions:

3)At the end of the school year, the PTA has planned for a gathering at a Beer Garden.  Children and family are all welcome and we are inviting the HIS staff as well.

Location: Eki-mae Fukuya rooftop Beer Garden – located directly across from Hiroshima Station (Not Fukuya in Hacchobori)

There is plenty of public transportation as well as nearby parking (for non-drinkers).  Fukuya was chosen because of location, price, and because it has a large tented area in case of rain.

Date and Time: It will be held the evening of the last day of school, Friday, June 22 from 5:00 PM until 10:00 PM (last orders at 9:30).

Reservation:  The reservation is under the name “HIS”. They also gave us a reservation number ” No.25 “.

When you arrive, please let the attendant know that you are part of the HIS group. They will guide you to our area.

The deadline is 15th June. Please mail to PTA 

 Although you can participate on the day, seats will be separated from our group.

The Scheme:  This is a tabehodai/nomihodai set up – meaning it’s all you can eat and all you can drink for the price below.  There is an assortment of food, from salads to yakitori to pasta to fried foods to sushi to desserts (the menu may vary from day to day, but there is a wide variety of Japanese and Western foods).  As for drinks, there is Asahi draft beer, various high-balls, sake, chu-hai, and of course non-alcoholic beverages. These are all generally self-serve, meaning that you’ll either go to a buffet area to chose or order at a counter for some items and bring to your table. There is no waiter service. All foods and beverage are included in the price. There is no set time limit, other than last order at 9:30, and we will attempt to have someone from the PTA there from 5:00 PM so you can find our group if you are early.

Children are more than welcome, but we ask that parents please mind their own children. The view of the city from the top of Eki-mae Fukuya is beautiful and this beer garden is generally more spacious and cleaner than many. If there is rain, thereof has tent coverage for about 500 people.

We welcome all HIS family and staff, as well as other members of your family even if they do not attend HIS. We also hope that by scheduling this in the evening, more people can join us.

Price: Men ¥3100 Women ¥2900 Junior High and High School Students ¥ 1500 Elementary Students ¥1000 Kindergarten and EC ¥500 (younger than three years old are free). Payment is made directly to the store on arrival, the PTA is not collecting any funds.

Please contact the PTA if you are planning to attend so that we can get an idea for our group size (include all who will attend from your family), but we will also welcome folks that decide on the day of the event.

4) Last PTA meeting

13 June 9-11 Conference room, HIS

Here is an agenda. Please see and come to the meeting.

 PTA Meeting June 13, 2018.pdf



日時 : 6月13日水曜日 12:15より

場所 : Pizza Riva (ピッツァリーバ)横川

値段 : Aコース1500円(サラダ、ピザ、ソフトドリンク)




食事場所はPizza Rivaです。お店を知らない方のために…..横川にあるPizza RivaはミシュランでDOC AVPNにランク付けされています。(これはナポリピザとしてイタリア政府に登録され、品質が保証されていることを意味します)料理長はナポリで修業をし、原料は地元産とイタリア産を種類によって変えているそうです。約30センチほどのピザはオーダーされると窯に入れられ薪で焼かれます。宅配ピザとは全く違う、広島でベストのピザです(by マット)。まだ食べたことの無い人はこの機会にぜひ!当日は18席分予約を入れています。出席されたい方は事前にご連絡ください。18席分集まらなければお店にお返ししますし、予定を超える場合もお店に追加を伝えますので!6月11日(月曜)の午後までにPTAにメールをください。ランチ会はPTAミーティングの直後に行いますので相乗りも可能ですね!みなさまのご参加をお待ちしてます。小さなお子様ももちろん入店可です。

2)6月22日(金曜日)の学校最終日 昼の部

先生とスタッフの方々へのAppreciation and Farewell lunch を去年と同様行います!


サインナップシートを添付していますので、名前、持参されるもの、何人分くらいかを記入してください。ハンドメイドの必要はありませんが、5人分以上からでお願いします。 飲みものでも大歓迎です。

サインナップの締め切りは 6月15日(金曜日)です。

Donation for Teachers Appreciation Lunch







などです。 みなさんのご協力をお待ちしております。


3)6月22日(金曜日)の学校最終日 夜の部

そして、学年最終日の夜、ご家族を連れてビアガーデンに行きませんか!? 先生、スタッフの皆様も招待します。

場所:広島駅前の福屋駅前屋上 --駐車場もあり(飲酒されない方)交通の便がよく、雨除けテント内の席を確保しています。


申し込み締め切りは15とさせていただきます。当日参加も可能ですが席が離れますのでご了承ください。ご参加の方は人数もお知らせください。  日本語でどうぞ




価格:男性¥3100,女性¥2900,中学生・高校生1500円,小学生1000円,幼稚園、EC 500円(3歳未満は無料)



6月13日水曜日9時から11時 カンファレンスルームにて。


 PTA Meeting June 13, 2018.pdf

7. Japanese Outline

The Crane, 8 June 2018