Community Event – Hiroshima Shogyo Kouto High School – Commerce Fair 10/11 December, 2016

Hiroshima Shogyo Kouto High School – Commerce Fair 10/11 December, 2016

Hiroshima Shogyo Kouto High School has invited HIS to their Commerce Fair. They are looking for non-Japanese speakers to provide some ‘authentic’ experiences selling goods in a more international setting. I met with the Principal last week and we talked about some ongoing connections between the schools that we would like to foster. They have a very strong club program and there may be a possibility that our HIS students could access some competitive training and games in our local community through this connection. We will invite their students to our HIS Festival and hope to build a strong relationship over the next few years.

  • Sunday 11 December at 10:00am (Meet at Genkan)
  • Hiroshima Shogyo Kouto High School, 6-7-11 Funairiminami, Naka-ku, Hiroshima


We are hoping to gather as many HIS students and families as possible to join them for a few hours on the Sunday morning (11th) day. We will gather at 10:00am and families can stay for as long as they want. It is a big event, covered by the media, and it sounds like a fun day. It doesn’t matter if you speak Japanese – on this day, we will pretend that we cannot and interact with the students in a any language that is not Japanese. This will be a valuable experience for these students learning about commerce.