Nigel Barker


Teaches Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Science

IT Coordinator

Previously taught in UK, Tunisia, Colombia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Zambia

I joined HIS long ago, and really enjoy working here! My previous experience was mostly teaching Chemistry, and I continue to be a senior examiner for the IB. My interests include the outdoors, playing the guitar, and cycling.

Wayne Bartelink


Teaches Physical Education

Previously taught in Canada, Saudi Arabia

This is my second teaching stint at HIS! I really love the big family feel of the HIS community and am very happy to be back. I have a passion for sports and music, which I try my best to share with our students. My interests outside of the school are the same. I enjoy riding my motorcycle, playing soccer, ice hockey and creating and playing music.

Jessy Bosmans


Teaches Grade 5

Previously taught in Japan

This is my third year teaching at HIS, and I am very pleased to be a part of the HIS learning community! After finishing my teaching degree at the International Teacher Education for Primary Schools in the Netherlands, I started my career in Japan and developed a passion for teaching the PYP in an inquiry based classroom. As a lifelong learner, I believe in fun and engaging learning for all ages! In my spare time, I enjoy sewing and exploring the city.

Tresia Cercado


Teaches Grades 1 and 2

Previously taught in The Philippines

I am happy to start a new school year at HIS! Before coming to Japan, I worked as a PYP Teacher at an IB school in the Philippines for 5 years. Prior to that, I was also an early years teacher in an international progressive school for 2 years. I enjoy doing fun yet meaningful learning engagements that are student-centered and inclusive. In my free time, I do some film photography, go to cafés, listen to kpop, and watch Netflix.

Ron Crews


Teaches Grades 3 and 4

Previously taught in the USA and Japan

This is my fifth year at HIS and I like being part of the HIS family! I have a B.A. and M.A. in English literature and composition and hold an elementary teaching licence from the U.S. I spent 11 years as an EAL teacher to students ranging from EC to university level. It’s my mission to show the students how to think, not what to think. I love to bake, weight train, and play games on the PC. I also enjoy caring for and studying all living things.

Ryoko Jordan


Kindergarten and Grade 1 Teaching Assistant
Holiday Program and After-school Club Coordinator

I joined HIS in 2007. This is my 12th year working in the Kindergarten and Grade 1 class and my 4th year as Holiday Program and After-school Club Coordinator. I love working with children and it is my pleasure to be a part of their learning. I love hiking and spending time with my children in nature.

Marybeth Kamibeppu


Language Learning Coordinator

Teaches English Language Acquisition, College Counselling

Previously taught in Thailand, US, Japan

I started working at HIS in 2015. I enjoy teaching students of all ages and working collaboratively with my colleagues, so I love being at HIS. My professional interests include bilingualism, extended reading and volunteering to support teachers. When I get away from school, I can usually be found attending sports activities, trying to exercise or meeting friends for coffee.

Bas Klein


Teaches MYP Design
Early Childhood teaching assistant

I joined HIS last school year at the end of spring 2022. This school year I am taking on the role of Design teacher for the MYP grades 7 and 9. In addition, I am continuing my role as the school librarian, and as the teaching assistant for the Early Childhood and Kindergarten class. After acquiring my bachelor’s degree in Game Design and Development in the Netherlands I started teaching volunteer classes in game-making at a local primary school. Later, I moved to Japan, where I started working in various positions at international schools. I enjoy learning new things, making new things, and have a terrible sense of time.

Junko Koibuchi


Teaches Japanese Acquisition in Grades 6 – 12
CAS Coordinator

Previously taught in Japan, Thailand, and Sri Lanka

I began working at HIS in 2011. I have been teaching the Japanese language for many years in Japan and overseas. I have a degree in Japanese Literature and a teacher’s certificate for secondary school. I enjoy teaching and learning languages. I also enjoy exploring different cultures including our own culture especially Japanese tea ceremony. I love travelling, reading and pilates.

Ayako Kurokawa


DP Coordinator and College Counselor

Teaches Visual Arts in the secondary school

Previously taught in Japan

I joined Hiroshima International School in 2015. I am originally from Hiroshima and completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts at York University and Master of Fine Arts at Western University in Canada. After returning to Japan, I have taught both Japanese and DP curricula. I am a senior IBDP examiner for Visual Arts and I have also been an IB workshop leader (CAS and DP Visual Arts) since 2013. I am also an IBDP school visiting team leader and Programme Leader for the school evaluation, and a curriculum review team member for the next DP Visual Arts and CAS curricula. I love visiting galleries and museums, and I also love watching my daughter draw.

Yumi Kyogoku


Teaches PYP Japanese (from EC3 to G5)

Previously taught in the USA

I joined HIS in 2015. I have a Bachelor and a Master I joined HIS in 2015. I have a Bachelor and a Master degree in Education from the US. I worked at elementary schools in the US for many years. My goals as a teacher are to support students in a variety of ways, provide opportunities to successfully participate in a safe learning community, and help them to become lifelong learners. Outside of school, I love walking, swimming, snorkelling, and going to the beach.

Shefali Lakhina


Vice-principal and PYP Co-ordinator

Previously taught in USA, India and Japan

A true global citizen, I have lived in 12 cities, giving me a fine appreciation for inclusion, diversity and accepting people with their differences allowing me to be open minded and adaptive.

I have over two decades of global teaching & administrative experience, including over 15 years in IB. After a BS in Philosophy and a post graduation in Advertising and Public Relations from India, I completed my passion in Childhood Education (EY- G6) in the US from Southern Methodist University at Dallas, Texas. I am also a member of the selective IB Educational Network (IBEN) as a Workshop Leader, School Visiting Team Member for Authorisation and Evaluation process and a Program Leader.

Personally I enjoy watching movies, trying different cuisines and meeting new people. I am looking forward to having a wonderful stint here in HIS and Japan.

Sarah Niemann


Teaches Individuals and Societies, Global Politics, Theory of Knowledge

Previously taught in UK, China and Thailand

I joined the HIS community in August of 2020. I have a B.A. in Social Anthropology, and a M.Ed. in Educational Research from Cambridge University. For the past 10 years I have taught ‘social studies’ across different International curricula, including A-Level Religious Studies and Sociology, AP Psychology and IB Social Anthropology. I really love the philosophy of the IB, and how it facilitates students to be active participants in their learning journey.
When not asking deep questions about the world and challenging students’ certainty about everything we think we know, I study Japanese Budo, Kendo, Iaido and Jodo.

Karen Sallie


Teaches English Language & Literature throughout the secondary school
Extended Essay Coordinator

Previously taught in Canada, South Korea, Taiwan and various other countries

I began working at HIS in 2014. I taught grades 2/3 in the PYP for several years before joining the secondary department. Before teaching at HIS, I worked with Cirque du Soleil for ten years where I was on tour teaching artists and children of artists. I have also taught in Canada, South Korea, and Taiwan, specialising in teaching ESL and in teaching communication skills to students with hearing loss. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, reading, knitting and exploring new places.

Shinobu Sasahara


Teaching Assistant in Grades 1 and 2

Previously taught in Japan

I joined HIS in 2002 as a Teaching Assistant. I hold a B.A.of Arts in English Literature and a teaching license of high school English. I previously taught English to all ages from 3-year-olds to adults at various language schools and worked in all grades in PYP and EAL at HIS. It is a real pleasure to be part of the children’s learning and growth.
In my free time, I enjoy cooking, reading and drawing.

Patrick Sekyi


Teaches MYP Math, Science and Design

Previously taught in Ghana

When I started taking off my shoes in Ghana each time I got to work and leaving them in a cubby, little did I know I was preparing for one of the significant cultures in Japan. This is my first year at HIS, after twenty-two years of teaching the IB MYP/DP and IGCSE curricula at various international schools across Ghana. I have a background in Technology Education from the University of Education in Ghana and IB MYP/DP certifications.

I love my job as a teacher, especially when it makes my students look forward to attending school every day. And after over two decades of practicing, I have learned how to talk so students will listen and how to listen so they will talk.

Like most people, I love traveling and have been to countries like South Korea, Germany, Switzerland, the USA, and the UK. Also, Togo, Burkina Faso, and almost every region in Ghana. I also love skiing and snowboarding; otherwise, I am fidgeting with car engines.

I look forward to great learning experiences with the students and faculty of HIS. I also look forward to enjoying the unrivaled hospitality of the people of Japan, their culture, and nature.

Olivia Smith-Watson


Teaches Grades 3 and 4

I was born to a teacher and soldier in the beautiful island country of Jamaica. My mother’s passion for teaching inspired me to pursue a career in education. I have a diploma in Primary Education and B.Ed in Language Education: Literacy Studies.

I’m passionate about creating an environment and lessons that are both conducive to learning and understanding. I have teaching experience in both Jamaica and Japan. In Japan, I have taught EC to Adults for six years. At my previous job, I was a Head teacher involved in the initial training and ongoing training of ALTs across the Chugoku region.

I enjoy immersing myself in music, art, or literature in my free time. I also enjoy watching anime and playing video games.

It is my first year at HIS. I look forward to working with you and becoming part of the community. See you around.

Sweta Srivastava


Teaching Assistant Grade 5

This is my first year in HIS, and I am thrilled to be a part of the community. I have taught previously in India. I have a graduate degree in Home Sciences which leads us to study the science of everyday life, specifically in our households, including human development nutrients in a specific food, food nutrition, under the branch of science.

During these days, I had my home in three countries – Singapore, China, and Thailand. I am used to accommodating in a multicultural environment. I am looking forward to enhancing my learning experiences.

James Steward



Previously taught in Austria, Singapore, Kyrgyzstan, Macau, England, Japan, Canada

I grew up in the small town of North Bay in northern Ontario, Canada. It was an amazing place. Since then I have been fortunate to have seen the world through education and sport. While I enjoy just about any sport, ice hockey has been integral in my life. I also love to play the piano and guitar. 

Japan is a wonderful country and Hiroshima is a beautiful city. Prior to HIS, I served as the Head of Tohoku International School for 11 years. Our students, families and teachers are wonderful! I encourage you to visit our amazing school.

Nina Sylvestre


Teaches English language acquisition

Previously taught in the USA, Japan, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

Takako Tokunaga


Teaches Music throughout the school

I have been teaching at HIS since 1994. I am passionate about sharing the joy of making music and believe that learning the art of musicianship makes a difference in the quality of young people’s lives. I continue to serve in the IB Educator’s Network as workshop leader and as a DP Music examiner. I have been a member of the IB DP Music Curriculum Revision Committee. When not working, I enjoy gardening, exploring something new, and pondering about beauties in life.

Manish Verma


Teaches Mathematics in the secondary school

Previously taught in India, Singapore, China and Thailand

This is my first year of teaching in HIS and Japan, and I am excited to be a member of a vibrant team. I have been teaching MYP/DP Mathematics for over eleven years. I have worked in Singapore for five years, where I taught IBDP, IGCSE, and A-level mathematics. After Singapore, I joined the Canadian International School of Beijing and contributed until 2019 as a Math department head. After that, I worked at Concordian international school of Bangkok before I joined HIS. I like hiking, playing soccer and cooking. I am looking forward to furthering my skills and exploring a new horizon in international education.

Robert Washington


Teaches MYP Science and DP Biology
MYP Coordinator
Personal Project coordinator

Previously taught in the USA, Japan, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

I began working at HIS in the Fall 2018. I have been teaching MYP science and DP Biology for the last five years. I have recently accepted the role of the MYP coordinator. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and learning new ideas and concepts that I apply into my teaching profession. I look forward to continuing my goal of inspiring young minds to be social participators and not social spectators.

Yoko Yanagi


Teaches Japanese A Language and Literature in the secondary school
CAS Adviser

Previously taught in Japan

I have been teaching at HIS since 2008. I am a Specialist teacher of Japanese Classical Literature. I love Japanese culture and history and enjoy travelling to Nara and Kyoto to explore these interests. In my spare time I enjoy reading, experimenting with baking cakes and spending time with the family.

Masayo Yoshitake


Teaches Early Childhood

Previously taught in Japan and USA

I joined the HIS faculty in 1999. Before that, I taught at several pre-schools in California. I enjoy playing sports and I have been coaching the HIS Volleyball Team since 2006. My hobbies and interests are calligraphy, reading, and visiting hot springs.