The Crane 20 January 2017

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

I hope you enjoyed the week, even after a snowy start. It sounds just right for the PTAs Ski Trip on February 18, which will be lots of fun. Please see the information in the PTA section below. In this week’s Crane video, there are some comments from our students about the HIS community. I would like to thank the students involved for helping out and we are planning to make a series of these related to life at HIS. This was a great start and over time we should get better at making them. See you next week.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule

2. The Crane Video

In this week’s Crane Video, some thoughts from our students on the HIS community and some messages for teachers. Thank you students!

3. MYP Parent Information Session

Thank you to all the parents who came along to the parent information session. Here are some slides if you were not able to make it.  MYP Parent Information Session Slides.

4. PTA News

News from the PTA (20 January 2017 ) (日本語は以下にあります)

< News Topic>

① Cooking Club / Need volunteers  

 The Cooking Club is back!  It will run from Monday, February 6 for ten weeks.  We are seeking Parent/Guardian Volunteers for each week.

  • You can sign up for 1 lesson or more! (as many as you want)

  • You can make anything you choose, as long as it can be prepared after school between 3:30 – 5:00 (1 hour and 30 minutes)

  • Class size is 8 students, aged G3 and up

  • Volunteers buy the ingredients and bring to school.  The Club will then reimburse your receipts.

  • If you have a child G3 and up, they can attend your session without signing up for the Club.

It’s OK if the cooking will be very simple. Please sign up for volunteering. Any questions, please mail to PTA             2nd Semester cooking club
② Information about Ski Trip on 18 Feb.
 Ski Trip Letter English.pdf It has  been also sent by e-mail.
③ We asked to answer  for  a questionnaire last week ,but only 14 people answered so far.  If you have not yet , please answer to make it a useful survey.  Survey on PTA Meetings
< Schedule from January to April >
a. Jan 22rh Sun Snowball Fight at Geihoku
b. Jan 25th Wed. PTA meeting ( from 9am at HIS)
    Discuss: i. PTA meeting time based on results of questionnaire

                  ii. Each event and Festival coming up to April.

If you cannot come, please send e-mail to PTA for any ideas or suggestions.
c. Jan 27th Fri. Derivery Bento tasitng day
d. Jan 27th Fri. Ice-skating night at Big wave
                                   Click here for more information.  News from the PTA (13 January 2017)
e. Feb 11th Sat. Workshop for Guardians
f.   Feb. 18th  Sat.   Ski trip 
g.  Mar. 24   Firi.        HIS Idol  finals  
h.  Apr. 15   Sat         Festival
Mail to PTA :

News from the PTA (20 January 2017)


① クッキングクラブ / ボランティア募集!

クッキングクラブからのお願いです! 2月6日(月)から4月24日まで毎週月曜日(計10回) 行ないます。 そこで保護者のボランティアを探しています。

  • 一回でも何回でもオッケー!。

  • 作る物はボランティアが自由に決めます。(しかし3:30-5:00 の間に料理作り、食べる、片付けをする)

  • 生徒の定員数は8人です(G3 以上)

  • ボランティアが材料を購入して、クラブからお金をお返しします

  • G3以上のお子さんがいる場合、クラブにサインアップしなくてもお子さんは参加できます。

② スキーツアーの案内 ・ 2月18日(日曜日)
③  PTAミーティングのアンケートについて
   PTAミーティングのアンケートを先週お願いしていましたが今のところ 14名しか回答されていません。
  a.  1月22日(日曜日) 雪合戦 芸北
  b.  1月25日(水曜日) PTAミーティング(9時より学校にて)
                              ・ フェスティバルを含む4月までの各イベントについて
         参加できない方は意見、アイデアなど、 メールにて受け付けますので
       c.   1月27日(金曜日) お弁当試食日(希望者のみ)
    d.   1月27日(金曜日) アイススケートナイト(ビッグウェーブ )
       e.   2月11日(土曜日・祝日) 保護者懇談会
     f.    2月18日(土曜日) スキーツアー
       g.   3月24日(金曜日) HISアイドル ファイナルステージ
  h.   4月15日(土曜日) HIS フェスティバル


5. Yarn Art Festa

FullSizeRender (1)  FullSizeRender (2)

Don’t miss out on the Yarn Art Festa at Kenmin Bunka Centre. We will have some great pieces on display from our Knitting Club.

6. Japanese Outline

Reminders from last week:

Spring Holiday Child Care

During the spring holiday we will be offering a child care program for our PYP students (EC1-Grade 5).

  • Dates: Monday February 27 to Friday March 3
  • Time: Regular HIS hours 9:00am – 3:20pm
  • Cost: ¥20,000 for the week
  • Transport: A bus will be provided. Cost to be determined. 
  • Program: Creativity & Movement: The program for the week will focus on creativity and movement with a variety of activities each day keeping students physically active and engaged in the creative arts while maintaining an English language environment.
  • Application: Please email Ms Hirata at

Strategic Planning Meeting for HIS Community

Over the next six months, we are going to continue to review our priorities for where we, as a school, want to be in the future, 10-15 years from now. Strategic planning is about the big ideas. All of the major stakeholders have a role in this process, including teachers & staff, parents, guardians, Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, students and alumni. The ultimate purpose of the process is to revise our priorities and make a plan that meets our current needs and provides a clear direction for us all as a school community.

On Saturday, February 11 (1:00pm – 3:00pm) we will hold a Strategic Planning Workshop where you will have an opportunity to help in this process. We will brainstorm ideas and work in groups to discuss potential future directions for HIS. Hope to see you there.