The Crane 12 March 2017

Dear HIS Families

festivalposterWe are coming into an exciting part of the year with the upcoming HIS Festival. These types of major school events are organized by our volunteer PTA, and often a small group of people perform a very large amount of work. This group currently needs some support from our wider HIS community.
Volunteers are needed for the HIS Festival. You can contact the PTA via the email provided in the PTA message below.


Damian Rentoule, Principal

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2017 HIS Festival  (日本語は以下に)

We need more volunteers!
– 10 or more volunteers for Game Corner( leader: Sumiyo Noji)
– 4 volunteers for 100 yen Shop ( leader: Yasuko Yamashiro)
Even a short period of time is fine.  If you have not signed up yet, please consider.
If you have lost the sign up sheet, please email us at
Parking permit will be given by a leader later.

HIS Festival posters are ready!  If you know a place where we could put up those posters such as shops, schools, kindergartens, please come to get them to either HIS office or Peace Cafe at Hacchobori (after 8 March).   We will provide each family 5 mini flyers.  If you need more of them, please go and get them to either HIS office or Peace Cafe.

100 Yen shop at Festival(Yasuko Yamashiro(Mum of KG Daiwa)

We ask for the items below which may be left unused in your households.  Every year, with your help the shop is able to make a substantial profit which in turn helps the school, so we ask for your cooperation again.

We put a large box at the school entrance. It’s easy if you ask your child to bring it to school.

Items for Collection:

  • Children clothes (Clean and unmarked good quality clothes)
  • Toys (Unbroken toys, Sets with no missing parts, Clean stuffed animals, etc.) (Free giveaway toys or similar toys will not acceptable)
  • Miscellaneous items of nominal value
  • Books
  • Unopened or unwanted gifts (within Date of Expiry if foodstuffs)
  • *Any large items to be donated, please contact us prior to discuss.

The sorting process always takes time so we ask for your cooperation to deliver the donations as early as possible.

Please mail to PTA if you have any questions.


***Extra meeting for Festival 11 Mar from10:00 Peace Cafe at Hacchoubori

***The date of Monthly Meeting will be change on 22 Mar  from 9:00 at HIS

                     agenda:      *report about progress on HIS Festival

                                          *PTA events on May and June


ゲーム担当(リーダー 野地純代)あと10名












毎年、みなさまから集まった物で、大きな収益をあげることができています。今年も、ぜひご協力をお願いします! まだまだ足りません!!


子供服   (汚れや書き込みのない良好な状態のもの。)


雑貨       (汚れ、破損のないものをお願いします。)






山城 康子 090-4809-2091


*** フェスティバルに関する特別ミーティング

3月11日(土曜) 10時より八丁堀のピースカフェにて

*** 定期ミーティング(日程が変更になりました)

3月22日(水曜) 9時より学校にて

議題 : フェスティバルの進捗状況報告