Erika Kodama

2017: Grade 12

SL:Biology, Mathematics, Art HL: History, English A, Japanese B

What have you been doing since leaving HIS?

Undergraduate student at Sophia University.

What are your fondest memories of your time at HIS?

History class with Mr. Florian Ciprian Baciu (story about his farm life as a child) and my classmate (Linda Oda) cooking chicken in coca cola, during cooking club.

What impact has your time at HIS had on your life?

I was blessed to bond and create best friendships at HIS. HIS was and is like a second family to me.

Any other comments that you would like to share?

Do your homework!

As an IB student, how did you shape your Diploma Programme studies to your interests?

In all honesty IB taught me what not to do. In that aspect, the Diploma Programme taught me to shape my academic endeavors in uni to my interests now. PS, taking classes outside of IB, to expand your interests, is also beneficial in the long run.

What courses were most valuable?

History. In short, it helped with my History related courses in university and taught me on the persistent sexist prejudices within the Japanese society (its subtle but it is there, and it is essential to be aware of such injustices within your own society).

Did the extended essay, TOK, and CAS prepare you for university?

YES YES YES. Both TOK and CAS is tedious, but you will also encounter reflective and philosophical work in higher education. In regards to CAS, the documentative and reflective work you do for the program makes you slightly more self-aware and prepares you for any meticulous challenges ahead.