The Crane, 6 October 2017


  • Exhibition;
  • PE Shirts;
  • Guardians Elections to BOT;
  • MYP & Japanese Workshops;
  • The Netherlands Student Exchange Meeting;
  • Bento Orders;

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Families

Thank you to all of the parents who came in this morning to help with feedback for the PYP self-study. We also had a quick look at the set of Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills that we can target to support learning at home. For example, if the all-important reading is not happening at home it could be a case that the development of organizational skills (time-management/goal setting) may be needing some support. Many of the definitions are not perfect translations, such as a term like ‘critical thinking/批判的思考’ with slightly different connotations in English and Japanese, however below are the official translations which are a good start. These are the skills that we build across all units and subjects throughout our three programs and you can help us support some of these at home, especially with ones like self-management (自己管理).

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

Approaches to learning (ATL) 「学習の方法」

ATL skills framework ATLスキルの枠組み

  • affective 情動
  • collaboration 協働
  • communication コミュニケーション
  • creative thinking 創造的思考
  • critical thinking 批判的思考
  • information literacy 情報リテラシー
  • media literacy メディアリテラシー
  • organization 組織、構成、整理
  • reflection 振り返り
  • research リサーチ、研究
  • self-management 自己管理
  • skill category スキルのカテゴリー
  • skill cluster スキルクラスター
  • social 社会的
  • thinking 思考
  • transfer 転移

2. Crane Video

3. PTA News (日本語は以下に)

1)Halloween Party:

The Halloween party happening during school hours October 27th is quickly approaching.  We encourage you to begin discussing with your student their costumes for this year!  It is recommended that costumes are worn to school and ask that they either be easy to remove (big cardboard boxes, etc.) or outfits that do not disrupt learning time for the morning.  Get creative!  Homemade costumes are fantastic and can really show the personality of your child.
Also, please continue to send in your empty toilet paper rolls for use in a craft that will be made during the party.  There is a box located by the office where students can put them.  We need one for every student, so please keep them and send them into school the next couple of weeks.  We need many more!
2)Sumo event information from Monica Suehiro:

Hello, I am a recent graduate of HIS, working with Yumiko san to promote the sumo event in Hiroshima. Here are so promotional information and details on the payment process.

Thank you so much!
All the best,
Monica Suehiro
3) Next annual PTA meeting
18 Oct Wednesday at HIS
=Family Interview=
**This is a Bae and Lee’s family photo**
We’ve reposted it because the photo was not properly entered in last week’s Crane.
Welcome to HIS!
1) Maeda Family
Yujin Maeda : KG
Mom: Eri Maeda
Dad:  Akinori Maeda
Brother : Joji Maeda  1 year old
Pet: Mucc (Toy poodle)
Nationality : Japanese
Where to live at : Nishi-ku 
Laguages : Japanese
Akinori is from Hiroshima but lived in Sydney from 2000 to 2003. Other members of our family have been living in Hiroshima. We enjoy going to the park with grandparents on holidays and often go to the mountains to collect insects during the summer. Yujin loves creatures such as animals,  fish and insects, so we often visit zoos or go fishing. We became a member of HIS from this year. Thank you. This is a picture when we went fishing on Etajima. Yujin caught the fish which is on the plate.
2) Clark Family
Molly: G8
Tess: G5
Phoebe: G3
Dad: Chris
Mom: Marina
We come from a small village called Greenhithe in Kent, England.  Chris works for Mazda Corporation and is on an international assignment for 3 years. Chris is from Kent but Marina is from Northern Ireland. We never lived in Japan before so this is a wonderful opportunity for us to learn about Japanese culture and of course learn the language. All the girls love horse-riding and although but it’s not something they’ll be able to do much of while in Hiroshima, they will be getting involved in after-school activities and this will be fun. 
<Thank you for filling out the family interview>
If you have filled out the sheet and submitted it, please send a family photo to PTA by e-mail as well. Thank you.
Happy autumn holidays!!


10月18日水曜日 学校にて。
先週のCraneで写真がきれいに入っていなかったので再度投稿します。Bae & Lee family です。


前田悠仁(Yujin Maeda) KG

父 前田光徳(Akinori Maeda)

母 前田英里(Eri Maeda)

弟 前田穣仁(Joji Maeda) 1歳

ペット ムック(Mucc)7歳 トイプードル


父 : 広島市出身 2000年~2003年までオーストラリアのシドニーに滞在。それ以外は広島で生活。

母、悠仁、穣仁 : 広島市出身




Molly : G8
Tess: G5
Phoebe: G3
父: Chris
母: Marina
シートに記入して提出された方、同時に家族写真(どんなものでもOK)はPTAまでメールを送ってくださいませ。 どなたがわかるように名前だけ添えてください。

4. Exhibition during the October break

From Sunday, 1 October to  Saturday, 14 October at the former Hiroshima branch of the Bank of Japan an exhibition related to Japanese American culture in Hawaii. Please find some information here: Exhibition. It looks like an interesting exhibition and intersects with our curriculum in many places.

5. PE Shirts

Just a reminder that students need to bring PE shirts on the days they have PE. HIS, like many schools,  has standard PE attire because not all clothes are suitable for physical activity and perceptions of what is suitable tend to vary widely. Students need their appropriate attire to participate in PE. We have a small number of PE shirts in the office that, if available, students are able to borrow if they forget their own. These need to be washed and returned as soon as possible. Please help us out by problem-solving with your child if remembering the PE shirt is an ongoing problem. Thanks.

6. Guardian Elections to the Board of Trustees

There are 6-7 places for Guardians on the Board of Trustees. We hold an election when a position opens due to a member’s 2-year term expiring, or if they leave the school. If a member’s term expires, the member continues in that role until the election is finalized. Currently, we are looking for nominations for 2 Guardian positions on the Board of Trustees.

It is a voluntary position and we are very grateful to all of our Board of Trustee members for their generous support of the school.

If you are interested in nominating yourself for this 2-year voluntary position, please enter your name in the BOT Guardian nomination form. We will contact you to request a short written introduction.

The process is as follows:

Step 1: Principal announces the availability of positions in Crane and calls for nominations.

Step 2: A two week period is provided for collecting nominations.

If the number of nominated candidates is equal to or less than the available positions, no election will be held. The Principal will inform the Chair of the Board of Trustees once the two week nomination period is complete. If more nominations than available positions are received, the election will proceed.

Step 3: A paper ballot is posted to each HIS family, containing:

  • The number of open positions.
  • The list of nominated candidates.
  • A checkbox for support of each candidate.
  • Instructions to mark the checkbox of the candidates you support, up to the number of open positions. (e.g. If three positions are open, you can check up to 3 candidates.)

Step 4: A two week period is provided for the collection of ballots in the school office.

Step 5: Checks on ballots are counted. Candidates are ranked in order of total checks received. The highest ranked candidates fill the nominated positions.

Step 6: The Principal supervises the process and informs the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the outcome. The Chair informs the successful candidates.

Guardian Elections to the Board of Trustees (評議員-保護者枠の選任について)

ステップ 2:候補者の募集期間は、2週間です。
候補者の人数が、募集人数以下の場合は、選挙は行われません。校長は、2週間の募集期間が終了し次第、評議会議長にその旨を報告します。もし立候補者が募集人数を超えた場合は、選挙 が行われます。
・投票欄 (支持する方にチェックをする欄)
・投票方法 - 空席数の人数まで投票が可能


7. Coffee Morning – MYP & Japanese Workshops, 27 October

Our coffee morning for October will be held at HIS to accommodate two different workshops. Beginning at 9:00 am, Ms Annie Levasseur, MYP coordinator, and Ms Pechhold, Secondary Vice Principal, will present an update on MYP implementation at HIS and a workshop focused on learning through inquiry in the MYP.
After a brief coffee break,  the Japanese Language Department will host a follow-up workshop to September’s meeting about changes to Kanji teaching at HIS. The workshop will be focused on Kanji teaching in the secondary program and will share the strategies HIS is implementing to prepare students for the Diploma Programme.
We hope you will join us for this coffee morning. All parents are invited to attend. Further information will be sent out ahead of the workshops.

8. Netherlands Student Exchange Meeting

On Tuesday 24 October from 12:30-1:30, we will have a meeting for parents and students interested in participating in our partnership with Comenius College near Rotterdam, Netherlands.
At the meeting, we will share the experiences from the trip in September and gauge interest in a trip next year for students who will be in grades 9-12 for the 2018-19 school year.

We will also provide information for families who may be interested in hosting a student this year. Comenius College is planning on visiting Hiroshima with 6 students at the beginning of April. Please consider hosting a student so this partnership can continue!

7. Bento Orders

Last day for orders today. You can order for the second semester in February.

 8. Japanese Outline