The Crane, 16 February 2018


  • HIS Partnerships – Letter from the Director General
  • MYP Assessment Coffee Mornings
  • Spring Holiday Care
  • PTA News

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS

A word of thanks to our volunteers in the HIS community. Volunteers, working silently in the background and generally without receiving much in the way of recognition are a cornerstone of any vibrant school community for it is through such work that the school comes alive. The ski day organized for next week, the valentines beautifully crafted chocolate flowers and the ongoing work surrounding the HIS playground are just a few examples.

This week, I also wanted to highlight our academic honesty policy. Do you know what sort of information would be contained within a policy like this? Now is your chance to find out. What skills do you need to acquire in order to demonstrate academic honesty? Here is a link to the Academic Honesty policy 2017 and next week, I will post a challenge question or two for you.

Enjoy your weekend.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. Crane Video

3. HIS Partnerships

Letter from the Director General of the Board of Directors

Dear HIS Community

As detailed in the HIS Annual Report (2016/2017) the HIS Board of Directors has been looking into potential partnerships with other institutions or foundations that could potentially benefit HIS. One of the major responsibilities of the Board of Directors is to ensure the long-term sustainability of HIS. One way in which a school with a relatively small population can ensure stability over time is to form partnerships with other institutions.

When we talk about partnerships with another institution, these could potentially be in many forms. For example, implementing a joint program, sharing of facilities, students accessing courses in another institution, expanded access to sports/club activities or mergers/affiliations could all be potential options. Even though we are exploring these possibilities, we would never compromise on our mission, and vision statements utilizing the IB program as the backbone of our educational standards.

Over the years, some of these options have been discussed within the HIS community and recently, the Board of Directors has formed a working group to more formally explore potential partnerships. Initially, a small group of volunteers from the Board of Directors will be examining possibilities and report their findings to the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees. We are in the early stages of the process and will keep you updated if we identify any potential partnerships that could be of benefit to our HIS school community.

Kind regards

Dr Susan Meiki

Director General, HIS Board of Directors

MYP Assessment Coffee Morning

Thank you to all parents who attended today’s coffee morning focusing on assessment in the MYP. If you were not able to join us, today’s presentation can be found here. Other presentations related to the MYP at HIS (general overview and inquiry) can be found on the Secondary page of the HIS website. If you have questions about the MYP at HIS, please feel free to contact Ms. Annie, MYP coordinator, or Ms. Pechhold, Secondary Vice Principal.

Spring Holiday Care

Due to low numbers of interested families, we will not be running the Spring Holiday Care during the upcoming holiday. We will still be running the summer program.

PTA News



Thank you for all that contributed and participated in both the Val-O-Gram and Valentine Bake Sale on Wednesday.  All of the children seemed to really enjoy the festivities and it was a very successful fundraiser that will benefit the playground and garden project.  There will be more discussion at the PTA Meeting on Wednesday, February 21st regarding the plans for the project.  Please join us to be a part of the discussion!

21 Feb HIS BOOK SWAP – All grades

Deadline Tuesday, February 20th.  Many students have already begun bringing in their books for the Book Swap and they are FANTASTIC!  Your student won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to get great free, new reading material.  For all of the details click on this link.   

 Book Swap.pdf

14 Apr Festival  

*We need more volunteers!

If you have lost the sign-up sheet, please email us at or you can copy from attached sheet.

Even if you are busy, volunteer work can be done in a short time (only one or two hours is all you need).Thank you very much for people who have already signed up.

 2018volunteer signup sheet .xlsx

*PTA bazaar

Many donation goods have started to come to school. Please don’t forget to send in anything you have at home which you don’t need anymore(in good condition).

And please bring unnecessary paper shopping bags and some buffer materials for wrapping.

*Please email us any businesses who are interested in food and product sales at the Festival by February 22.10%of their product sales and 15% of their food sales will be paid to PTA.

Thank you!

Read It, Review It, Recommend It

Emma Fuller, G2

“Little Legends: The Great Troll Rescue”

by Tom Percival


Little Legends is about a witch who steals all of these magical creatures.  The friends, who are characters are from Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, etc., live in a town they call Tale Town.  They go on an epic adventure to save all of the magical creatures and get the witch’s necklace that gives her magical powers! It’s an adventure book…

Read it & find out what happens!…

The series is on Amazon! All of the books are great.

It’s for G1-3.

 Little Legends .jpg

 Little Legends 2.jpg

Upcoming events and deadlines

*21  Feb Book swap – 20 Feb

*14  Apr  Festival   – Dead line for volunteers and advertisement for the flyer : 22 Feb

***Please feel free to ask any questions to PTA committee by email

Next PTA Meeting

21 Feb at conference room





HIS本の交換会 (2月21日)全ての学年




 Book Swap.pdf



もしサインナップシートを紛失されてる方、PTAにメールをくださいませ。 または添付書類を印刷してください。




 2018volunteer signup sheet .xlsx




また、不要な紙袋、緩衝材などご家庭にあれば (当日レジで使用するため)学校にお持ちくださいませ。








Emma Fuller, G2

“Little Legends: The Great Troll Rescue”

by Tom Percival



キャラクターとなる友達は赤ずきんや, ラプンツェルなどTale Town と呼ばれる街に住んでいます。



 Little Legends .jpg

 Little Legends 2.jpg


*21  Feb Book swap – 2月20日 詳細はPDFが添付されています。

*14  Apr  Festival   – ボランティアとチラシの広告受付締切 2月22日

***どんな小さな質問でも構いませんのでご不明な点等ございましたらどうぞお気軽にPTAへメールをください (日本語は渡辺か山城がお答えします)


2月21日水曜 9時から11時 カンファレンスルームにて

Japanese Outline