The Crane, 7 October 2018


  • Middle Years Program (MYP) coffee morning
  • BrainPop
  • Peace Ride Fundraisers
  • Baseball Glove donations

1. Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

We have just arrived at the October Break and it has been an amazing start to the year. We have had a host of activities, including overnight trips with students on camp and volleyball tournaments and as I mention in the Crane video, this is a heavy responsibility for the teachers who accompany students. The teachers are on duty for 24-hours a day while away and are looking after the safety and welfare of students in unfamiliar surroundings. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers for taking on this role so that the students can have these really valuable experiences. Enjoy the break.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

2. Crane Video

3. Middle Years Program (MYP) coffee morning

Dear Parents

I would like to invite you to a Middle Years Program (MYP) coffee morning on Wednesday 17 October between 9:00 and 10:30 am in the Pink Room. (Students in grades 6-10 at HIS follow the MYP curriculum). The session will focus on the program’s structure and philosophy and will also be an opportunity for parents to ask questions about teaching and learning in the MYP. Updates about the school’s MYP authorization process will also be shared during the session.

All parents are welcome. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to propose an additional topic for the coffee morning‘s agenda. Additionally, parents’ recommendations for future coffee mornings/evenings would be most welcome. I am interested in hearing what types of sessions would be useful to our secondary parents’ community. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
Kind regards
Annie Levasseur

4. BrainPop – a learning resource

Dear Parents,
Over the past month, HIS has used a learning resource, BrainPop, a trusted learning resource supporting our core and supplemental subjects. BrainPop provides animated movies that engage students via narrative and humor. The videos encourage self-directed learning and further exploration of the world around them. There are three components to BrianPop that includes an English Language Learning (ELL) database to support our large English language learner population.

The PTA have been asked to support BrainPop by purchasing the subscription for this year. If you have not tried the program out please log into .

The login details are:
Username: hiroshimais
Password: brainpop1

5. Peace Ride Fundraisers

Peace Ride T-Shirts

The Peace Ride cycling club is a group of high school students who train every week throughout the school year. This is the fourth year of the club, and we once again have more members than ever. In June we will cycle approximately 450 km, representing the distance between the Peace Parks of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We are currently planning the ride, which may be through Shimane and Yamaguchi prefectures this time.

To help us fund-raise for the trip, we are happy to be able to once again offer “pedal to peace” T-shirts. The shirts are made of dry-fit polyester and available in HIS colours. Students can wear these shirts for PE lessons and Sports Day. The price is ¥1500, which includes a donation for fundraising. Please use the order form if you would like a shirt. We are taking orders until the end of October, and expect delivery before the winter break.

Thank you for supporting the Peace Ride!

Peace Ride T-shirt order form:

Bake Sale

On Friday 26 October (school Halloween day), the Peace Ride club will have a fundraising bake sale during lunchtime. We will be selling home-made cookies for Y100. Thank you, Sakurako, Peace Ride Club.

5. Baseball Gloves

Mika Sensei is looking for some baseball gloves for a Physical & Health Education unit and we would like to ask families if you have any old gloves at home that you would like to donate to our collection.