The Crane, 14 December 2018


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Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

Congratulations to everyone who was involved in the wonderful Festive Eve performances last weekend. It really was a wonderful way to end 2018. I actually saw an amazing, spontaneous performance of Grease Lightning by our EC3/4 students, so it obviously made a big impact.


I would also like to thank everyone involved in the reading carousel this week and it was wonderful to see our parents in sharing picture books with our primary students. It is a good reminder to make sure we are all reading over the winter break. We would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday and look forward to seeing you all back here in January.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule (Principal)

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Message from the Director General

DG Report, December 2018
On December 8th, the Board of Directors met in the morning at the school for our monthly meeting. We
have finalized the downsizing the membership numbers of both the Board of Directors (from 10 to 8)
and the Board of Trustees (from a minimum of 21 to 17). The smaller numbers are more consistent
with regards to the size of the school and it was suggested by the prefectural authorities. Current topics
of discussion included the sharing of information and experiences related to visits by various
international accrediting organizations, including CIS, NEASC, and MYP, which were all positive and
fruitful. We have also been looking into the possibility of improving the outside grounds as well as
considering options with regard to our annex buildings—whether to continue our lease or perhaps to
replace them with a new building. The grounds and annex discussions are very preliminary, and of
course, ultimately will require a very serious assessment of our current needs as well as our existing
resources. As always, we welcome any and all input on these and any other concerns that you may
After our meeting, we were able to attend the “Festive Eve” performance, and I would like to tell
everyone how much I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Clearly, a huge amount of work went into preparing
for such a wonderful afternoon, and it was truly amazing in all aspects—congratulations to all who
played a role in the event–quite a remarkable achievement! On behalf of the rest of the Board of
Directors, I would like to extend best wishes to you and yours for the upcoming winter holidays, and we
look forward to seeing you all again in the new year. Happy Holidays!!
Peter Skaer
HIS Director General

Scholastic Book Club

The photo shows books that are being added to the library, many of them picked by students, through the Scholastic Book Club Rewards program. Thank you for your support and we will continue the program throughout 2019.