The Crane, 6 December 2019


  • Festive Eve
  • Translating the HIS Vision & Mission Statements;
  • Parent/Teacher/Student Volleyball;
  • Koto Workshop for Parents;

Principal’s Report

Dear HIS Community

We are involved in a year-long self-study at the moment in preparation for a re-accreditation visit by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and also the International Baccalaureate (IB) in Autumn of 2020. We were very happy that over 80% of our school community responded that they understood the HIS vision and mission, however, we were hoping to get that to 100% and as language can be a barrier, one project we wanted to look at was the translation of our Mission and Vision into all the languages spoken in our school community.

Nobel Peace laureate Jody Williams gave this talk just weeks after visiting Hiroshima in 2010, exploring a definition of peace. One of the sentences that stood out to me was, ‘I don’t believe in hope without endeavour’, placing action firmly in the centre of a vision for peace.

See you tomorrow at Festive Eve.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule

Crane Video

Festive Eve

Festive Eve Program – 2019 Festive Eve Program

Other information – Festive Eve Information for Parents 2019

Wicked summary in Japanese, English and Korean – Wicked summary FINAL

Two reminders:

  • Primary parents, please do not bring children before 1:00 pm. As you can imagine, there is a lot of preparations needed and primary students running around the building will not help. When you arrive at 1:00 pm, primary children go straight to classrooms. Thanks
  • As the heating system is a bit noisy, we warm the gym up beforehand but turn the system off during the performance and heat it up a bit at intermission. It can get a bit cold so bring something warm.
  • UNICEF will be here and accepting donations (including foreign notes & coins) and selling those great UNICEF cards.

Translating the HIS Vision & Mission Statements

The HIS Vision and Mission statements guide all decision making at HIS. A vision statement states where we want to be and a mission statement outlines how we will get there.  That is, in order to get there (vision), we need to do this (mission). We would like to translate these into all of our community languages so if you can help out, please let me know. It looks like Korean, Spanish and French are on the way.

Our Mission

HIS will provide an international education that promotes integrity, excellence, cultural sensitivity and a lifelong commitment to peace and a sustainable planet.


Наше видение: Международная Школа Хиросимы обеспечит международное образование, которое будет способствовать целостности, совершенству, развитию культурной личности,  приверженной к миру во всем мире и устойчивой планете.

Our Vision

HIS will cultivate young people who are prepared for lifelong learning, meeting challenges and outstanding citizenship anywhere in the world.


Наша миссия: Международная Школа Хиросимы будет заниматься воспитанием молодежи, готовых к  непрерывному образованию, решению стоящих перед ними задач и способными быть Гражданами мира.

Messages repeated from last week:

Teacher/Parent/Student Volleyball

The HIS Girls’ and Boys’ Volleyball Teams would like to invite parents who are interested in playing a few recreational volleyball games on Friday, December 13. The fun begins at 1:20 in the gym. We hope that you can come and join us. This was great fun last year. All parents are invited. Volleyball skills are optional.

Koto Workshop

Just a reminder about the KotoWorkshop that will be held for our parents in January (20th & 23rd). This is a great opportunity. You don’t often get a chance to try these traditional Japanese musical instruments. Click the link above for details. Thank you to Yumi sensei for organizing this.