The Crane, 26 February 2021

ITEMS: HIS Graduates & Seniors Panel Discussion; HIS Momiji Fundraising Project; Diploma Program Exams Update; and PTA News.

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

I would like to thank our Graduates, Leela, Lisa and Nanako, as well as our Seniors, Mairi, Leah, and Joe who came in to talk about their experiences learning at HIS with our parents who have children in the Primary Years Program. The students talked about their development as independent learners who followed their interests in their studies and were able to develop as critical thinkers, among other interesting ideas. We really appreciated the opportunity to hear from the students’ perspective. I will share a video with some highlights next week. Thank you very much to Nanako, Leela, Lisa, Mairi, Leah, and Joe for sharing your ideas and your experiences with us.

HIS Graduates, Nanako, Leela, and Lisa
HIS Seniors, Mairi, Jeah, & Joe

Here is a 20-minute video just near the closing part of the discussion. My apologies for the sudden cut-off at the end. My phone ran out of storage. Too many great thoughts to fit in my phone. I will add some more clips in future Cranes. It is well-worth watching the whole presentation and it is in English and Japanese.

This video is about 20minutes of the discussion near the end, in Japanese & English. It was a wonderful perspective on our HIS education by our Graduates and Seniors.

Also, thank you very much to the members of the PTA who have been running the new shop at school which has proven very popular as you can imagine. We really appreciate the parent support of HIS. Enjoy the weekend.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule

Crane Video

The HIS Momiji Fundraising  Project

As you may know, HIS has started an ongoing fundraising project which will enable HIS community members to show their support for international education in Hiroshima as HIS continues to grow and flourish. The project is designed both to support HIS financially and to recognize the generosity of our community members by creating a lasting memento on the walls of HIS as part of an evolving art installation. All donors will receive a named artefact to place on the installation and we will all watch this grow and develop over time. The items and levels of donation are as follows:


  • Sakura Level at  ¥10,000 – a pink cherry blossom 桜 
  • Momiji Level at ¥50,000 – a bright red maple leaf 紅葉/もみじ
  • Ichou Level at ¥100,000 – a shiny golden gingko leaf 銀杏
  • Tsuru Level at ¥500,000 – a soaring crane available a choice of colors 鶴
  • Global Landmark Level at ¥1,000,000 – a choice from prominent landmarks from around the globe. 世界中の著名なランドマーク

We are looking forward to seeing the artwork in the near future and watching our Momiji tree grow as our community supports us over the years to come. 



How to contribute?

Update on the IB DP Exams

Update from the Diploma Programme Coordinator

  1. There is a new section on the Curriculum- Diploma Programme that is called “Class of  2023” which include the Course Selection Handbook for 2021-2023, presentation for the students, and subjects’ handbooks. 
  2. The IBO have announced the two paths for the May 2021 cohort. Our school is taking the examination route. Please find the summary of the two paths in the pamphlet below. 

Please contact me at if you have any questions/comments concerning the Diploma Programme and/or general queries about the high-school programme offered at our school. 

24-Hour Race Reminder



Thank you for your support with the PTA Shop experiment over the past two weeks, and to those who have signed up to volunteer in the shop next month.

We are pleased to announce that we plan to open the school shop every day from March 1st.

If there are any sudden changes to the schedule we will announce in the school LINE and FB groups, so please check in there to make sure we are open.




The shop seems to be quite popular with the students. We are trying to vary the items on sale throughout the week, and maintain a balance of healthy options as much as we can. 



We are enjoying watching the children use the math skills they have learned in class to work out what they buy, and try to make good choices. This should be a great opportunity for families to discuss at home how to use money wisely and make good choices with regards to what we eat.



We can’t run this shop without the help of generous parents. Please sign up here and let us know your availability for April.