The Crane, 12 March 2021

ITEMS: Momiji Fundraising Project; Secondary Art Exhibition; Bento Order; Sakura Book Trailer Contest; HIS Idol News; MYP Design Videos.

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

We have some great news. The new building will be handed over on Monday 19th April so we are very excited about that. We will have an opening ceremony at school from 2 pm-3 pm and I will send more details home regarding that event. I am currently at the 24 Hour Race. The students did a fantastic job organizing everything. All is going well. You will be able to see some images in next week’s Crane. Please enjoy Spring Break.

Kind Regards

Damian Rentoule

Crane Video

Momiji Fundraising Project

Thanks, Matt, for the introduction.
These are the global landmarks, ready to go. How many can you name?

Bento Order

Bento Order Part 3 will commence from April 1. (April 1 ~ June 24)  Please submit this bento form by March 22.



As we go into the spring holidays, it’s also time to tune in and show your support for the students who have entered this year’s HIS Idol talent show competition. We will be posting 5 pr 6 of the contestants’ videos every day from Monday 15th March. 

  • You can watch on the HIS IDOL YouTube channel.

First, let’s meet your host. If you open this video in YouTube, you can hit the subscribe button to make sure you get all the videos as they are published.

  • We will post the videos on the school’s official Facebook Page. If you haven’t “liked” it yet, you can do so here to get the videos in your newsfeed.

  • We will share the links in the school LINE groups. If you haven’t yet joined the line groups, please contact one of the parents you know who is in the group, and have them invite you, or if you don’t know anyone who can invite you, please contact us at and we will hook you up.
  • We will post the videos on the school instagram account. Follow hiroshima_is to get updates.
  • You can find us on Twitter by following @HiroIntSchool 

We hope you enjoy this online version of HIS IDOL on your favourite media platform.  You will also be able to vote in the People’s Choice award from all of these platforms.

Here’s a brief explanation of the competition by our host.

NEW THIS YEAR: People’s Choice Award

This year, just for a bit of silly fun, we have decided to create a new award, which will be decided by the school community and its family and friends. 
Since there is no way to do this fairly, we are not even going to try! So this award will be determined by how much energy the supporters of each act are willing to put into voting.
– You can vote as many times as you like or can find to vote for your favourite act, so you can vote from each of the above platforms that you have an account for.
– You can enlist the help of grandma and grandpa and family and friends, by sharing the video with them and asking them to share with their friends etc and get everyone you know to vote for your favourite act.
– You can vote for yourself if you really want to win.
– You can vote for several or all the other acts if you want to.
– If you are not on social media, you can vote by an online voting form which will be sent out after all the videos are public (again, as many times as you like!)
– If you are not online at all, you can vote in person in the school genkan after Spring Break. (details next week!)
– The deadline for voting is March 25th at midnight.
– The total of all the likes and votes across every platform at the deadline will determine the winner of the people’s choice award. Screenshots of the total “likes” will be taken at the point that voting closes. HIS IDOL’S screenshot decisions are final!
– You can vote for individuals or class acts in this category. All videos are eligible to win the prize.
All awards will be presented at a ceremony at school after the results have been announced online.

Good luck to all!

Sakura Book Trailer Contest

A book trailer is similar to a movie trailer, except it is created to promote a good book. Many HIS secondary students created book trailers during this school year. Outstanding works were selected and submitted to the Book Trailer Contest. Please watch the book trailer videos from the following site and give “Like” to your favorite one and write a comment. The “People’s Choice Award” will be awarded to the work that receives the most “Likes”. 

Book Trailer Contest 2.0

Book Trailer Discussion Events

Nine students from HIS participated in the on-line Book Trailer Discussion events on the 28th of February. They contributed their important perspective to the children of the orphanage and teachers and students of Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE), Tokyo Gakugei University International Secondary school, and other International schools in Japan and the US. 


以下のサイトからブックトレーラーコンテスト各部門応募作品を見ることができます。「いいね」をたくさん得た作品には「People’s Choice Award」が授与されます。気に入った作品に「いいね」をしたり、コメントを書いてあげたりしてください。




HIS Secondary Visual Arts Exhibition

Please join us!

  • Who: G9-12 Visual Arts students- Amy (G12) – Erin (G11)- SuA Bae / Yuta / Himawari / Fidel / Itsuki / Noah (G10)- Juliette / Koichi (G9)
  • When: March 12-15 / 10am to 5pm
  • Where: Gallery Black (4-5 Teppocho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima)Free admission

Some of the work going up on Thursday. Looking great. Best of luck.

MYP Design Videos

The Grade 6 Design class has completed a unit on Sustainability. Each student planned, researched and carried out an Action Project based on a UN Sustainability Goal and a perceived need in the HIS community. Each Crane newsletter, I would like to highlight one student’s action project and share with you the work that they have completed and ideas that they have to continue their action. This week, Koto (Gr6) would like to share her action project about Endangered Animals and adopting an endangered orangutan specifically. (Doug Teter)

This is the link for the video: