The Crane, 4 April 2021

ITEMS: Global Heart Dance Performance Project; Update on Fundraising Art Installation; DP Exams.

Principal’s Message

Dear HIS Community

I hope you have all had some time to enjoy those beautiful sakura blossoms. As we move through the year the Covid situation has been constantly changing although changing in a predictable way it seems and there has been much talk of the fourth wave where we are expecting an increase in the number of cases around Japan. Hopefully, everyone across Japan will be very careful At HIS we are still operating with our regular health guidelines that have been used throughout this pandemic. Of course, as time goes by we tend to return to more familiar ways so I would just like to remind everyone that we still need to be very cautious to protect members of our community. How students have been very good with their health observation forms every day and parents have been taking the temperature in the green card when they enter the school so we are very happy about that. At this stage, we just need to be as careful as we always have been during this period of COVID and maintain a high state of awareness in order to help keep us all as safe as possible. Thank you for your ongoing corporation.

Language learning is central to all learning at HIS. In an IB context, we look at language learning in three domains. The first is learning a language that is just as it sounds – getting to know the vocabulary and the grammar etc while we develop our communicative language skills and then start to develop our academic language skills. This is the start. The second domain is learning through language where we shift our focus from learning the language to using those language skills to develop an understanding of the other content areas. For example, we learn about Science by using our English language skills. The third domain is learning about language and this is the most complex. We look at the nature of language itself. For example, how language use is socially constructed and fluid. This week’s TED Talk is an example of the way we look at the fluid nature of language and the impact that this has on us as individuals. I hope you enjoy it as a window into what learning about language may involve. Have a great weekend.

Kind regards

Damian Rentoule

Crane Video

Global Heart Dance Performance Project

We are in the middle of a dance performance project called, Heart Global, organised by some


  • Thursday (1 April) P8 – We had an introduction to the video and the dance for PYP & MYP students in the Gym led by Shiori, a former cast member from Young Americans who many of our students met last year. Hayeon (Gr8), Kaina (Gr8) & Yuina (Gr12) did a wonderful job supporting the students and will lead the choreography next week. The video by Shiori is available below for all who want to practice.
  • Friday (2nd) – Thursday (8th) Lunchtime practices for those who are interested on the rooftop of the Main Building. It is a lovely spot!
  • Friday (9th) P8 – Recording on the roof for those involved.

Update on Fundraising Art Installation Project

Below, you can see an image of the global landmarks for the art installation. These will be named for donors in the Global Landmark category. We already have the Great Wall of China committed and two more will be chosen by families soon. Just 27 left! We can’t wait to see it.

The global landmark images for the installation. How many can you name?

DP Exams Fast Approaching

DP Exams start during Golden Week so we wish our Gr12 class all the best as they continue their preparations.

Some of our DP students (Gr11-12) enjoying lunch in the sunshine. Gr12s commence their final DP exams during Golden Week.