The Crane, 16 October 2022

Welcome from James Steward

Dear HIS Community,

It is October Break! Congratulations to all of our students, families and teachers for working so hard to this point in the school year.

Thank you to our HIS Wolfpack (Our PTA’s new name!) for holding an excellent General Meeting on Thursday. If you were not aware, all HIS Teams use the name ‘Wolves’ as their symbol or mascot. The PTA is also adopting this name (Wolfpack) for the year as inspiration and in the name of teamwork!

It is no small feat to lead such a project. Eriko Hird and her Team are doing a superb job. As well, it was nice to see such a great turnout for the meeting. There are plenty of excellent plans in process on multiple fronts. Moving forward, considerable time has typically been placed into translating all PTA information into Japanese. With so many translation tools at our disposal these days, it is now relatively simple to translate most documents and text into Japanese, or most any language. Therefore, we will now only translate when deemed absolutely essential.

It was wonderful to see so many families attend our Parent Student Teacher Conferences. The feedback I received from families and teachers was excellent.

When we return to school on October 24, final preparations will be taking place for our Halloween Carnival on October 28. It is going to be a great time!

Enjoy your time over the break, and I hope you are able to enjoy some events with family.

Please read on for further information.

James Steward

HIS Principal

A Food Crisis Looms? Grade 9-10 Suggests we be Prepared

Junko Sensei has shared an excellent piece below from her Grade 9-10 Japanese students on the impending food crisis that could affect Japan. Please enjoy this student contribution.

食糧危機問題について/Food Crisis



Hello, we are Sanghyo (G10), Tsukihiko (G10) and Shosei (G9) from JLA class.

Have you ever thought about the impending food crisis? The major problem of food crisis is approaching rapidly, and is growing bigger. There are 3 major reasons as to why this food crisis is growing bigger. Shortage of groundwater used for farms, food loss caused by mass production and imports, and riots and starvation caused by food shortage. Around 70% of Groundwater is used for farms. However, these groundwaters are decreasing, we can help this by saving water like always stopping the water when not in use. Food loss is causing the problems and there is 6120000 tons of food lost in Japan per day. In Japan, food being imported from other countries is one of the problems. Japan is a developed country, However, the self- sufficiency is low, causing too many imports from other countries. This is a problem since if there are too many imports, Foods at a supermarket will not be sold out causing food loss because almost all of the supermarkets throw away the food if it’s not sold . Not only markets, It can happen at home too. The problems are throwing away expired best before date foods. Throwing away vegetables, food scraps, And the most common left over foods. To prevent these things from happening, We always have to think about food loss, Knowing the difference between best before date foods and expired foods. Best before date food means the food tastes good before the date shown. The dangerous ones are not the best before date foods, it is the expired foods. Expired foods are safe to eat until the date shown however, after that date, we need to be careful with it. Sometimes people throw away foods because they do not know the difference between these 2 foods  that can still be eaten. Not just benign careful of food loss in markets, Think about food loss in your houses, and thinking how we and yourself can prevent food loss, for example eating all the food we are given, being careful of buying too much foods, Is going to connect to resolution of food loss.This year at 10/16, it is the world food day. So, we should think about food loss and try to prevent it that day. 

The SRC for 2022-23

The Student Representative Council of 2022 – 2023 has been chosen. Our representatives include, Natsuki, Shurya, Ethan, Jundai, Taishi, Den, Hyunho, SangHyo, Moyuru, Nanaka, SuA, Itsuki, Sean, Sina and Iroha.

Some SRC goals include:

■ to create a positive school atmosphere

■ to support and include students

■ to help students develop important life skills through initiating projects and solving problems

Here is a picture of our reps!

HIS Faces in the News! (Picture Gallery)

Click here to see our weekly selection of photos from across HIS.

From the PTA (HIS Parents Wolfpack- HPW!)

 Main Points:

Japanese Translation, Halloween Sweet Packing Help, PTA General Meeting, Introduction of PTA Nickname, HIS Letterman Jackets Inquiry Form, Bonfire Night, Festive Eve Costume Support Team, Thank you for Helping with Decorating for Halloween, Halloween Carnival “Trunk or Treat” 2022.

◆ Japanese Translation 日本語翻訳について

For many years, we have attached Japanese translations to messages from the PTA but now there are many convenient translation tools available. (If you use the Google Chrome browser, you can read a website written in a foreign language entirely in your own language using Google Translate.) It has been pointed out for some time that it is awkward to read through the PTA message as the translation doubles the volume, and in consultation with the principal, we have decided to remove the Japanese translation from next week. The LINE Group also has a Japanese group and an English group, but we plan to merge them into one. (As the event continues, it will take some time.) We apologise for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding. In the future, we will add Japanese as necessary. Please also understand that we are not trying to prohibit or eliminate Japanese.

これまで長年PTAからのメッセージには日本語翻訳を付けてまいりましたが、便利な時代になり利用可能な翻訳ツールが豊富に存在しますし(Chrome というGoogleのウェブブラウザを使用すれば、Google翻訳というツールにより外国語で書かれたウェブサイトを丸々自分の言語に変えて読むことも可能です)、PTAからのメッセージ全体の量が2倍になり読み進めるのが苦痛だというかねてからの指摘もあり、校長先生との協議のもと、次回から日本語翻訳を廃止させていただくことになりました。LINE全体グループも日本語グループと英語グループが存在しますが、ひとつに統合させていただく予定です。(イベントが続いておりますので、しばらくお時間いただきます) ご不便をおかけするかもしれませんが、どうかご理解いただけますと幸いです。今後も必要に応じて日本語を付けていきます。日本語を禁止にしたり排除しようとするものではないことも合わせてご理解ください。

◆ PTA General Meeting PTA 全体ミーティングのご報告

We had a general PTA meeting on Thursday, October 13th. Mr Steward and Ms Shefali gave a report on the school situation, introduced the Letterman Jacket, introduced this year’s PTA committee, announced the PTA’s new name (nickname), reported financial statements, and this year’s PTA annual events. We discussed plans (budget, etc.) and the Halloween event (carnival). Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to participate.

先日10月13日(木)にPTA全体ミーティングを行いました。Steward校長先生・Shefali PYP副校長先生から学校の様子のご報告、Letterman Jacket の紹介、今年度のPTA役員の紹介、PTAの新名称(ニックネーム)の紹介、会計報告、今年度のPTAの年間行事計画 (予定・予算など)、Halloween イベント(カーニバル)について話し合いました。お忙しい中たくさんの皆さまにご参加いただきましてありがとうございました。

◆ Halloween Sweet Packing Help please! お菓子袋詰め作業のお手伝いのお願い

On Tuesday, October 25th, we will be preparing for the Halloween event and packaging the Halloween candy for the kids. We need your help to get this done. Please come along to the genkan at 9:00 am if you have time.
10月25日(火) 9:00 am より子供たちに渡すHalloweenのお菓子詰めの作業を行います。お忙しい中恐縮ですが、お手伝いいただけますと助かります。よろしくお願いいたします。

◆ Introduction of PTA nickname – HIS Parent Wolfpack (HPW)
PTAのニックネーム・HIS Parent Wolfpack (HPW) のご紹介

As we mentioned at the PTA general meeting, in order to get rid of the negative image associated with the PTA name, we will start working under the nickname “HIS Parent Wolfpack”. It’s not like we’ll never see the word PTA again, but we hope you will remember that HIS PTA equals HIS Parent Wolfpack. Wolfpack was chosen because the mascot of HIS’s secondary sports clubs (volleyball and basketball) is Wolf. We will also use the abbreviations The Wolfpack and the acronyms HPW. Please remember this new name!

PTA全体ミーティングでお話しましたように、PTAという名前につきまとうマイナスイメージから脱却すべく、私たちは『HIS Parent Wolfpack』というニックネームで活動し始めます。PTAという言葉を全く見なくなるわけではないですが、HIS PTA イコールHIS Parent Wolfpackとして覚えていただきますと幸いです。HISのセカンダリーのスポーツクラブ(バレー部、バスケ部)のマスコットがWolf という理由からWolfpackを選びました。The Wolfpack、そしてそれぞれの頭文字を取ったHPW という省略形も使ってまいります。皆さま、新しい名前共々よろしくお願いいたします!

◆ HIS Letterman Jackets Inquiry Form by Mr Washington Washington先生からの「HIS レターマンジャケットに関するお伺いフォーム」

The link below is about the Letterman Jacket purchased by the students of G10 and above last year. This is an “inquiry form” from Mr Washington.  If you are interested in purchasing, please indicate your intention from the form.

以下のリンクは昨年度、Washington先生の段取りでG10以上の生徒(希望者)が購入した Letterman Jacket について、今年度も注文の段取りを進めるかどうかを決めるために皆さまに購入したいかどうかを問う、Washington先生からの「お伺いフォーム」です。購入にご興味のある方はフォームよりその意志をお示しください。

 ➡︎ HIS Letterman Jackets Inquiry Form

◆ Bonfire Night: Friday 4th November from 17:15 ボンファイヤ・ナイト 11月4日(金) 17:15〜

The annual Bonfire Night will be held on the Friday following the Halloween event, starting at 17:15 on November 4th. We will notify you as soon as the application form is completed. Please make sure to clear your schedule so that you don’t miss your chance to attend.


This year’s Bonfire Night will return to the usual method of cooking and serving hot food. (We will complete the necessary notifications to the public health centre, and prepare and carry out while paying attention to hygiene.)

For that reason, the help of parents to cook together from the morning is essential. Why don’t you come and have fun cooking together? If it is difficult for you to help out with cooking due to work, you can also serve food and clean up later. This event, where we can deepen relationships and get to know each other through helping each other, is enjoyed by many parents.

今年のBonfire Nightは、温かいお料理を作って提供する例年の方式に戻って開催することになりました。(保健所に必要な届出を済ませ、衛生面に気を配って準備、実行します)

そのためには、朝から一緒にお料理のお手伝いくださる保護者の皆さまのお手伝いが不可欠です。一緒に賑やかに楽しくお料理をしませんか? お仕事などでお昼のお手伝いが難しい場合は、お料理の配膳や片付けの仕事もあります。保護者同士がお手伝いを通じて関わりを深め仲良くなれるこのイベントは、たくさんの保護者の方々にご支持いただいています。

Bonfire Night is an event where family and friends spend a leisurely meal around a campfire and fireworks, but it has a somewhat grisly historical background and has been an autumn tradition in the UK for over 400 years. The historical context of this event, which starts with burning a life-size model of a real person named Guy Fawkes, is described below, so please take a look.

 ➡︎Link: What Is Bonfire Night?

Bonfire Night は、キャンプファイヤーや花火を囲んで家族、友人同士で食事をしながらゆっくり過ごすイベントですが、イギリスでは歴史的背景を持つ、400年以上続く秋の風物詩です。ガイ・フォークスという実在した人物の等身大の模型に点火することから始まるこのイベント、その歴史的背景について上記のリンク内でご説明しましたので、どうぞご覧ください。

◆ Festive Eve Costume Support Team フェスティブ・イブ コスチューム サポートチーム

Every day, a lot of parents help us make costumes. Thanks for your cooperation. Nami, who is in charge of the costume team, has the following message (previously sent by e-mail).

“This year’s Festive Eve is on Saturday, December 10th.

The cast and the Festive Eve team have already started practising, and everyone has started heading towards the goal – the big performance. This year, as before, we will have a costume support team for Peter Pan. We will make costumes for the main cast as well as all EC-G5 members. If you are interested in how the children’s costumes are made, please come and see us. Any help would be greatly appreciated. For students, please contact me- Nami if you can help.

I’d like to let you know again, all the costumes are decided after discussing with the student costume coordinator.

*Please do not purchase at your own decision. We will let you know how you can help us.

Thank you very much.”


今年のフェスティブイブは、12月10日土曜日です。キャストや、フェスティブ・イブ チームはすでに練習をスタートを切っており、それぞれがゴールに向かい始めました。今年も保護者peterpanコスチュームのサポートチームをつくります。メインキャストはもちろん、EC-G5全員のコスチュームを制作します。我が子の衣装がどのように作られているのか、興味があればどうぞお越しください。ヘルプも大歓迎です。生徒のために、サポート頂ける方は大畠まで連絡ください。




◆ Thank you for helping with Decorating for the Halloween Halloweenの飾り付けのお礼 (再)

As many of you may have seen during the student-teacher-parent conferences, the school has taken on a spooky Halloween-themed atmosphere with the addition of the new ghosts that were kindly purchased for us. Thank you very much to all of you who donated and helped with the decorations despite your busy schedules! The rest of the donation will be used for decorations on the day of the event, and if there is any leftover, we will use it for Christmas decorations.

We are still accepting donations. 

三者懇談の際にご覧いただいた方も多いと思いますが、皆さまのご厚意により購入させていただいた新入りオバケたちも加わり、校内がハロウィン仕様の怪しい雰囲気に変わりました。ご寄付くださった皆さま、お忙しい中飾り付けにお力を貸してくださった皆さま、本当にありがとうございました!  ご寄付いただいただいたお金の残りは、イベント当日の飾り付け、そして残ればクリスマスの飾り付けのために使わせていただく予定です。


◆ Halloween Carnival “Trunk or Treat” 2022 ハロウィン カーニバル

Last weekend, we sent you the details of the Halloween event and the link to the application form in the “Email Crane” from Mr Steward but we will reproduce it again.

先週末、Steward校長先生からの「Email Crane」でハロウィン イベントの詳細、及び、申し込みフォームのリンクをお伝えしましたが、あらためてお知らせさせていただきます。

Date: Friday, October 28, 2022, 17:30-

Location: HIS gym and school grounds

Child care until start time: Available for a fee (donation from 500 yen)- Required for students of Grade 8 or below who wish to remain in school after class finishes

Participation fee: 1,000 yen per family (full or half exemption depending on car decoration and volunteers)

The participation fee will be waived if the participating children are only students of grade 9 or above but for safety reasons please still complete the application. Also, students – please help by volunteering! 😊

Students who will help us as childcare staff also need to complete the application process.

Ordering bento boxes (from an outside vendor): S size 500 yen each, M size 700 yen each

Application Deadline:  Friday 21st Oct 2022

Eligibility: HIS students and their siblings only

日時: 2022年10月28日 金曜日 17:30〜

場所: HIS ジム、及び、校庭

開始時間までのチャイルドケア: 有料(500円からの寄付)で提供可能 (G8以下の生徒で学校に残る場合は必須)

参加費: 一家族1000円 (車のデコレーション、ボランティアの有無により全額、または半額免除)



お弁当(外注)注文する場合: Sサイズ1個500円、Mサイズ1個700円

参加申込締め切り日: 2022年10月21日(金)

参加資格: HISの生徒及び、その兄弟姉妹のみ

➡︎ Link: Halloween Event 2022 Details 詳細

Please check the event schedule and other details from the link above, and complete the application for participation from the application form below. No application is required if you will not be attending.上のリンクよりイベントスケジュールなど詳細をご確認のうえ、下の申込フォームより参加の申込をお済ませてください。不参加の場合、記入の必要はありません。

​​​​​​​​​​➡︎ Link: Halloween 2022 Participation & Volunteer Entry Form 参加&ボランティア申込フォーム

As soon as you have completed the application, please send the participation fee, child care fee (donation from 500 yen per family), and the cost of the bento ordered. Please put the total amount in an envelope, fill in the name, grade of your child, details of the amount, and the total amount, and submit it to the office. 


Sorry for the long message. That’s all for this week’s announcement. Hope you will have an enjoyable break!


From HIS Parent Wolfpack!