The Crane, 5 November 2022

Welcome from James Steward

Dear HIS Community,

Last week it was the Halloween Carnival. This week it was Bonfire Night. While the preparation had been taking place for some time, the HIS Kitchen became a-buzz the entire week, as the HIS Parent Wolfpack cooked up a storm that included a menu of ‘Fish Cakes, Chili, Candy Apples, and Apple Crumble’ only to be topped off later in the evening with a good old ‘Marshmallow Roast’.

Mr. Barker and his wife, Yumiko, dedicated themselves to ensuring that the evening would be an amazing success; they did not disappoint!

Energized by a hungry audience and robust Parent Wolfpack, spirits were high in anticipation.

When the big event finally arrived, students and parents began to gather in the playground just before 18:00. As night fell, Mr. Barker lit the bonfire sending Guy Fawkes tumbling. The roar and crackle of flames combined with the heat of the blaze captivated the mesmerized onlookers.

As the fire settled to a hearty rhythm, the entire crowd began to converge on the dining area where scrumptious cuisine was served.

Entertainment of all varieties ensued. Students, teachers and Wolfpack members performed! The audience requested more! Dancing Queens began to appear, as fireworks graced the nearby skies, set off by none other than Mr. Barker and Board Chair, Peter Skaer.

The night ended with a collective clean-up and one final marshmallow roast for the stragglers.

Thank you to everyone who made this exceptional night possible!

Please read on for further information.

James Steward

HIS Principal

Message from G5 students

November 20 is World Children’s Day.

World Children’s Day is when we celebrate children’s rights. We would like to decorate the “Genkan” area in order to celebrate “World Children’s Day” at HIS. If you like the idea, please bring blue items to the G5 classroom to decorate “genkan” for the next two weeks. Please do not forget to write your name on the items. Thank you.



Festive Eve is Coming!

Saturday, Dec. 10th, 14:00-17:30 (counted as a normal school day)

Each year, HIS students participate in an all-school musical production for Festive Eve. This year, we will be presenting Peter Pan, based on a classic play (1903)  by J.M. Barry.  The choir (all G3-5 students) will be singing selected pieces during the musical, all primary classes will be presenting class dance acts. G6-10 orchestra will be performing an overture. The cast are supported by the backstage crew who are taking all areas of responsibilities behind the scenes as stage directors, music directors, stage managers, choreographers, musicians, lighting, set design, prop design, costume/hair make-up, and audio technicians. We are aiming to present to a live audience this year, and students are working hard each day. Please mark your calendar and we look forward to seeing many of you there.


Takako Tokunaga

Festive Eve Coordinator

HIS Faces in the News! (Picture Gallery)

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Videos of the Week

From the HIS Parent Wolfpack (PTA) 

◆ Clean up for the Halloween Decorations and Bonfire Night (9:00 am- Mon. 7th Nov)

  Halloweenの飾り付けの片付けとBonfire の片付け (11月7日 月曜日午前9時より) 

On November 7th (Monday), we would like to finish cleaning up the Halloween decorations and the rest of the cleaning up for Bonfire Night. We would appreciate it if you could come help if you have the time. Thank you.

◆ Scholastic/Bakerbox Book Order (Notice)

  スコラスティック/ベイカーブックス ブックオーダー(予告)

In the near future, we will be announcing orders (online) for Scholastic / Baker Books books. We’ll let you know on the Crane, so please make sure to check the Crane every week.

◆ Bonfire Night

We were able to hold our first standard Bonfire Night with hot meals and tables for the first time in three years with so many people joinjng in. Thank you very much to G9 Ren’s parents, Mr. Barker (Secondary Science teacher) and his wife, Yumiko, for planning, managing, executing, and acting as the head chef of the event!!

The principal Mr Steward, faculty and staff, as well as the secondary students (mainly the Crane club members this time) cooperated in child care, setting up the venue, guiding the parking lot, reception, and cleaning up. All the guardians who participated helped in various forms such as cooking, food and drink preparation, shopping, setting up the venue, guiding the parking lot, child care, reception preparation, tidying up, washing dishes, cleaning, lending cooking equipment and donations. Thank you very much.

We have started offering a new form of child care from this year, in which the grades being taken care of have been raised to grades 8 and below, and only those who wish to use it can be looked after with a required donation. We may have caused you some confusion due to a lack of communication regarding the pick-up of your children from the gymnasium, but thank you for your cooperation in arriving on time.The donations we received from you for childcare (for both Halloween and Bonfire Night) will be given to the teachers in charge of the clubs that helped to buy equipment or materials.

We also issued a parking permit and asked for detailed guidance to help judge the space with the next car and the direction of the car in order to allow more people to park, and we are grateful to have received your cooperation. 

We hope that both children and adults had a relaxing time around the fire. A stage was set up as we do every year, and the students had a blast singing wonderful songs together! In addition, the HIS Parents Choir group, which started this school year, performed “Oh Happy Day” from the movie “Sisters Act 2” on stage for the first time with several teachers joining!  Thank you for cheering us along! We are always looking for new members. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the organizers, Mr & Mrs Barker, for making it possible for us to revive an HIS traditional event in the ultimate form as we move on from the coronavirus pandemic.We would also like to thank all the teachers, students, and parents who cooperated in many ways. It wouldn’t have been possible without all of you!!

That’s all for this week. Have a great rest of the weekend!

From the Wolfpack Team (PTA)