The Crane, 29 January 2023

Welcome from James Steward

Just when we thought life might slow down at HIS, it was another exciting week. While it continues to be bitterly cold outside, the feeling inside has been very warm! With reference to the cold weather, please continue to dress your children warmly, as recess and outdoor play time continue despite the cold.

I would like to thank the Let’s Bake Team for working with our Grade 3-4 class this past week. Together they made their world-famous brownies, which sold out in less than 10 minutes I am informed. I managed to get the last one, and it was delicious. Below is a video summary of the event.

Thank you, also, to our Korean community, and our Parent Wolfpack for supporting the Korean Festival on Friday afternoon. It was extremely well organized, and our children had an incredible time. We even managed to fit in some games from Hong Kong as well.

After School Clubs begin again this week! Thank you, Ryoko Sensei, for organizing these. Please contact her if you have any questions.

At a recent assembly, the Grade 11 class did a fine job reminding everyone to change their shoes upon entry to HIS. This includes parents and guests. Please remember to adhere to this simple expectation.

Thank you to Ayako Sensei and her DP Team for completing the DP Mock Exams over the past two weeks. This was no small feat, and takes complete dedication from students, parents, and teachers.

Semester 2 begins this week. Let’s ensure that it goes as well as the first. Good luck to our fine students.

The Parent Wolfpack is holding a meeting on Monday, January 30 at 9:00am to discuss the coming International Festival on April 15. Please show your support for this excellent initiative. If you can’t make the meeting, but have great ideas, please contact the Wolfpack, and they will support your requests.

Finally, we wish Olivia Smith-Watson well this week as she takes on the role of teaching our new Grade 3-4 class. She will be working very closely with Mr. Ron, Ryoko Sensei, and Ms. Shefali. More information will be shared early this week with families, as we move forward.

As usual, there are plenty of great photos and short videos in the HIS Gallery. Please be sure to check them out.

Please read further for more information.

James Steward

HIS Principal

New Applications

We continue to accept many new student applications. HIS is doing very well with enrollment up significantly this year. If you are aware of families considering HIS, please encourage them to get their applications in early as space is becoming limited in some grades.

HIS Faces in the News! (Picture Gallery)

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From the HIS Parent Wolfpack (PTA)

Meeting for International Festival

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

The International festival 2023 is on! Saturday 15th April is the big day!

This festival is organized by all HIS parents so we need YOU to make it happen successfully!!! 

We haven’t done this for 4 years because of the COVID situation so we are so lucky to be back to have this fun event!

Please participate in the first meeting on Monday 30th at 9:00 at school to decide what role you want to sign up for. 

We are thinking of having… 

  • International food team
  • Game team
  • Stage team
  • Vendor team

And more …!

Many of you haven’t experienced this festival before so we need your fun new ideas and cooperation. 

See you on Monday at 9:00!

Val-O-Grams Reminder

We gave out the application forms for Val-O-Grams to your children on Monday (23rd), so please check if you haven’t seen them yet. If they have been lost to the school bag black hole, you can print a copy to submit from the link below. The deadline is Monday February 6th but please submit as early as possible so we can process the orders more easily.

 ➡︎ Val-O-Grams Order Form

If your children are in Grade 3/4 and you aren’t sure yet what to do regarding the new teacher and classmates, please don’t worry – it is better not to submit until you are sure. As the form doesn’t reflect the new class structure, please just write additional names on a blank part of the form or the “Application form for specific recipients” section. 

Ski Day

Friday 10th February will be this year’s Ski Day at Megahira ski resort. (this is the teacher working / student off day). This year we are not going to organise a bus / ski-wear or lessons. If you need some advice or language support please ask one of the Wolfpack onsite.. 

We will meet at Megahira Ski Site at 9am.  

 ➡︎ Google Map: Megahira Ski Site

 ➡︎ Megahira Ski Site Official Website

If you would like a ski lift coupon (500 yen discount) then please be sure to arrive promptly in the morning.. 

Let’s Bake!

The cooking team baked brownies with members of Grade 3 /4 and sold them on Friday at recess. They were very popular, and sold out. It’s always nice to see the joyful looks on the children’s faces, both from baking and eating! Thank you to the parents that helped.

It was great to see people helping out at the Asian Day event on Friday.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

From the Wolfpack Team