The Crane, 26 February 2023

Welcome from James Steward 

Dear HIS Community,

As we move toward the March Break, an eventful week has passed with plenty of events on the horizon.

I wish to congratulate the entire MYP Personal Project Team for their superb efforts on Thursday. The projects were fantastic and the students’ ability to articulate and explain themselves was sensational! Thank you to all project mentors and the organizer of the event, Mr. Washington.

Congratulations also to our Futsal Team for their fine efforts in Osaka. The team played very well, supported by Mr. Bartelink and Mr. Barker. The two Mr. B’s wanted to play, but the organizers would not allow them to!

On Friday, we also hosted ten aspiring student teachers from Hiroshima University. They came to HIS to observe our teaching methodology in an international setting. Thank you to all presenters including Ms. Kurokawa, Ms. Kamibeppu, Ms. Shefali, and Mr. Washington. Thank you, as well, to Tinka Kawashima (HIS parent) who organized the visit. It was an excellent event.

Good luck to Ms. Kurokawa and the DP Visual Arts Exhibition Team. Their artwork will be showcased downtown this week. Please contact Ms. Kurokawa for more information.

Our EC/KG class will be the feature event on Monday as Hiroshima Home TV will be filming their version of the Poru Poru Dance! Thank you to Sayaka-san for organizing this behind the scenes. Good luck, little dancers!

Please note that our Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences will occur on March 9-10. Makkie-san has sent information to all families this past week.

Many new families attended our Open Campus on Thursday. Interest in HIS continues to be very high. Space is limited in some classes, therefore, please remind interested parties to apply early.

Finally, the Let’s Bake Team continues to cook up a storm; this week with Grade 1-2. Please see the video link below for the latest product!

HIS Faces in the News! (Picture Gallery)

Click here to see our weekly selection of photos from across HIS.

From the Parent Wolfpack (PTA) Team

◆ International Festival Meeting – Thank you

We held an International Festival Meeting on  Monday 20th Feb, thank you to all those who attended. We had 13 participants at the school and 10 people on Zoom (the link was only sent out to the LINE group at the last minute. Apologies to anyone else that wished to join.)

◆ Let’s Bake! 

A Group of Grade 1/ 2 students had fun baking lots of cookies on Thursday and we sold 220 items to happy customers on Friday! Thank you for your cooperation, and to the parents who helped with the baking and sales.

◆ Bazaar Item Collection starts.

Boxes will be placed in the genkan area for donations to the Bazaar from Monday. As we mentioned last week we would like to collect 

・Toys – Unbroken toys, Sets with no missing parts, CLEAN Stuffed animals, etc.

(Free giveaway toys or similar toys will not be acceptable.)

・Books (Both English and Japanese. Recipe books are also okay.)

・Unopened or unwanted gifts (Within the Date of Expiry if foodstuffs)

・Handmade items.

Items left unsold will be assessed by a recycling shop so that they will not be wasted.

◆ Bake Sale Ingredients Donation for International Festival

We would like to collect ingredients for the bake sale for International Festival and would welcome donations of confectionery ingredients such as flour, raisins, and nuts that are still within their expiration date. If you have any spare in your store cupboard, please let us know. 

◆ Poster Distribution

We are looking for volunteers to hand out physical posters and flyers and also post to Facebook and Instagram. If you can help, contact one of the Wolfpack team.

We need tents/marquees!

If you have tents (the type used for sports days etc, we would be very grateful if we can borrow them for the event.

HIS International Festivalで『絶賛!やるやる気写真展 in HIS』を行うことになりました。









HIS International Festival で写真展を行います。

”Determined Toddlers Photo Exhibition”

At the International Festival, we will hold a ”Determined Toddlers Photo Exhibition”

The purpose of the exhibition is to show how much toddlers are motivated to take on new challenges even if their determination can give you a difficult time.

We all have days that we are so exhausted by our children throwing tantrums and making demands. Please send photos of your children from the age of between 18 months and 3 years old with a short description. 

We also need photos of HIS staff and guardians when they were little(!).

応募締切:3月31日(金)Deadline: Friday, March 31


To: Ryoko Jordan (

写真例 Photo examples

“I really want to rinse rice by myself”
“I thought I could eat rice balls without help.”

That’s all for now, have a great weekend!

From the Wolfpack Team