The Crane, 21 May 2023

Welcome from James Steward 

I wish to thank all families and HIS Staff for their exceptional work during this challenging week due to the G7 Summit. Having to go ‘online’ is never an easy endeavour, but it appears that we have survived the latest remote learning storm!

Related to the Summit, congratulations to all HIS students and staff that supported the Ai Project that aired today on YouTube at 13:00. You did a fantastic job!

Congratulations to our G12 Class of 2023! They have just successfully finished their final exams. Graduation Day is June 10. Thank you to Ayako sensei and her team’s exceptional efforts in support of our wonderful students.

Please be reminded that May 22 will be a school holiday. If able to, please enjoy some extra family time.

The Peace Ride will depart from HIS early in the morning on May 22. Please wish the Peace Ride Team good luck as they ride across the region to Shimane. They will return to HIS later on Thursday afternoon.

On May 27, the PYP Student Led Conferences and the PYP Exhibition will occur at HIS.

On June 2 at 16:00 we will host our annual Spring Concert.

The buzz of HIS IDOL continues to resonate within the HIS corridors. The big event will be on June 18.

The HIS 60th Anniversary Ball will occur on the evening of June 23 at the Hilton in Hiroshima. More information is coming from the PTA Wolfpack very soon, but please save the date. It will be a very enjoyable way to end the school year!                                                     

I look forward to seeing you soon at our many coming events!

James Steward

HIS Principal

Health Forms

Now that the IB Exams have finished, HIS has decided that daily COVID Health Forms are no longer necessary. This will hopefully reduce some morning stress as children head to school.

No Bus Service on June 2 After School 

Due to the Spring Concert on June 2 at 16:00, there will be no school bus service as all students will be staying at school for the performance.

Concert Invitation

As we have such a fine music tradition at HIS, I thought it nice to share information below about a coming concert that may be of interest to our students and families. It is an American premier college concert band coming to Hiroshima on June 3 and recommended through the Watanabe family (Sean G12) at HIS.

Saint Olaf’s Band

For all of the latest HIS happenings, please check this week’s HIS Photo Gallery here:

From the HIS Parent Wolfpack (PTA) Team

◆ Polo Shirts 

The order of shirts arrived last Wednesday and has been distributed – please check your children’s bags if you haven’t seen them yet.  

◆ Teachers and Staff Appreciation Lunch

This year we are returning to an old tradition from before COVID, to prepare a lunch for HIS teachers and staff to show how much we appreciate all the efforts that they make for our children.  

We need your help to cook and put together a special meal on Tuesday 20th June from 11:00 -2:30pm. More details linked below.

  ➡︎Here is the Link  to the Detail for Teachers & Staff Appreciation Lunch

60th Anniversary Ball 60周年記念祝賀パーティー  (2023年6月23日(金))

As announced before, the date of the 60th Anniversary Ball will be Friday, June 23, 2023 at the Hilton Hotel. Participants need to pay your own costs (参加は実費) Clear your schedule! More details will be provided shortly. 

That’s all for us, have a good long weekend!

From the HIS Parent Wolfpack (PTA) Team