The Crane, 1 October 2023

Welcome from James Steward

It is easy to see that the school year is now in full swing. Field trips have begun. Volleyball teams are travelling. Assemblies are happening weekly. The Let’s Bake Team has begun baking with students, and cupcakes are bringing great smiles of joy to our community!

This is a reminder that we will hold our Annual Photo Day on Tuesday, Oct 3 at HIS. This day will include individual, class, and whole school photos. Please ensure that students dress smartly and look their best on the day!

Our school clubs are starting this week too. Stay tuned for all HIS updates!

Please read further for more information.

James Steward

HIS Principal

Field Trip to the Past

On Friday, September 29, Grade 5 went on their first field trip as part of their Where We Are in Place and Time unit, which has a focus on Ancient Civilisations. Thank you to Mr. and Ms. Kawashima, who guided us through the archaeological exhibit at Hiroshima University, and through a few actual locations where ancient artefacts were found. We then saw the Mitsujo Tumulus, which included many well-preserved tombs from the past.

From Ms Tremblay in Grade 5

Hello HIS community. Grade 5 will start its next unit (How We Organise Ourselves) after the October break – it is all about Government.

Central Idea: Government systems may contribute in shaping communities.

We are looking for a guest speaker that could come in and share information with us about Japanese government systems or how it is run. If you know of anyone who would be willing to come in, please send Ms Alison Tremblay (G5 Teacher) an email, and let her know! Thanks!

Photo Gallery

Click here to see this week’s selection of photos from around HIS.

Wifi and Furniture Upgrades at HIS

We have been working with key personnel to improve and support our overall facilities and program delivery at HIS. With the support of Mika Solvie and Mr Barker, we believe that the Wifi is now much stronger than it was before. This was no small task, as finding the right technological solutions was complex, and therefore, took significant time to sort. Systems appear to be working well with the changes that took place last weekend.

We have also been upgrading and modernizing furniture in various parts of the school. The new Grade 1-2 class has been enjoying wonderful new furniture, while the Library has recently been granted new rolling, foldable tables that will allow more flexibility in that zone.

The goal is to revitalize as many parts of HIS as possible.

English is the language of Inclusion!

We have many languages spoken at HIS. They are all beautiful, as are their associated cultures!

We remind everyone that the language of inclusion at HIS is English. This is a very important premise to reiterate, as every student (and parent) deserves to feel like they ‘belong’ to our amazing community.

Thank you to the entire community for supporting this concept. Recognizing who is around you and how to appropriately respond, is an important skill.

HIS teachers will be working on reinforcing such skills as the year progresses.

After School Study and Play

HIS has grown significantly over the past year. We are now close to 190 students!

Having stated this, many students want to, or need to, remain at HIS after normal school hours.

For students in Primary that remain, they must be accompanied by their parent in order to play on the climbing apparatus by the EC-KG room. 

No ‘ball playing’ is allowed in the field area. There are too many cars in the area now and it is not safe.

For any students waiting for pick-up, they must remain in the genkan area.

For Secondary students that have permission to study, they can only do so in the Meeting Room, or the genkan.

HIS is a lively place and we love this! However, all students must make responsible choices while following the simple guidelines stated above.

Thank you for your help in this matter. We appreciate it!

Bento Update

Two weeks ago, Mr Steward ordered the ‘school bento’ each day for 5 days straight. He actually enjoyed it!

However, he is aware that it could still be improved. The challenge is that it is difficult to find a bento provider for such a small number of orders. Therefore, we are fortunate to have the existing option.

Nevertheless, Mr Steward will continue to work with the existing provider to consider possible changes, while also looking for other companies that may have an interest in supporting HIS.

Of course, if the PTA Wolfpack wants to help by preparing their famous Hot Lunch daily, that might solve all of our problems! It was delicious last time!

PTA Wolfpack Update

Thank you to everyone who attended the General Meeting on Tuesday. Sorry for the confusion with the Zoom link, we will make sure to send it out on the Parents Line AND email next time. 

The bulk of our meeting was discussing the upcoming Halloween event. We will be decorating the school on Oct. 2 to get everyone in the Halloween spirit. On Oct. 25 we will be packing snack bags to give out at the Halloween Parade that will be on Oct. 27. Our big Halloween Party will be on Oct. 27 after school.

The Halloween party should be fantastic this year. We are planning on doing a Trunk or Treat. Trunk or Treat is where people decorate their cars for kids to go from car to car to get candy. We will have games for kids to play to win prizes as well as a Haunted House and dance party! The cost of the event will be 1000¥ per family.  To sign up for the Halloween Party please click here Please complete the form by Oct. 20th

We need help to make these events great for the kids. Here are ways that we need your help:

-Donate snacks or treats, please drop them off in the box in the Genken by October 24. Please no snacks or treats with nuts due to allergies of students. 

-Sign up to help stuff snack bags

-Sign up to help with games

-Sign up to decorate your car for the Trunk or Treat

     To sign up to volunteer please click below. Please note there are two tabs:

A BIG thank you to G8 for their baking and decorating of the Brownies that we sold at the Bake Sale on Friday. Great job!!

On October 10th and 11th we will have a Wolfpack Snack Shop. We will be selling healthy and yummy snacks for students during the morning snack time. More information to come next week!

Upcoming Events:

  • October 2nd Halloween Decorating @ 9:00 am
  • October 10/11th Wolfpack Snack Shop
  • October 20th Deadline to sign up for Halloween Party
  • October 24th Last day for donating snacks!
  • October 25th Wolfpack making Snack Bags
  • October 27th Halloween Party

The PTA Wolfpack