The Crane, 3 March 2024

Welcome from James Steward

While HIS powered ahead, I spent most of the week in Nagasaki on the Grade 678 Trip. One of the reasons we decided upon Nagasaki was to understand more about the history that it shares with Hiroshima. The similarities remain indelible and influential marks on Japanese history. Nagasaki is a beautiful region of Japan in its own right and we were greeted with exceptional warmth. Our Grade 678 students were absolutely exceptional, as were our dedicated teachers. Thank you for a wonderful experience. As well, thank you to Makkie san in our HIS Office for her excellent support in preparation for this complex endeavour. 

While we were off in Kyushu, HIS continued to flourish. The Let’s Bake Team continued to create tasty treats with our students. More STARS appeared at our Primary Talent Show. Finally, Mr Vermish hosted an excellent ‘Job Alike’ for Mathematics teachers from across Japan. Well done!

Please remember that we will hold our Parent Student Teacher Conferences later this week. If you require any further insights, please contact the HIS Office. 

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James Steward 

HIS Principal

Yuki is a Ski Mogul!

Congratulations to Yuki in G9 who continues to defy gravity as he tears through moguls on the ski slopes of Japan. He has again qualified for the Junior National Championships this year in Toyama. With global warming and a general lack of snow in Japan this year, Yuki travels across Japan to places like Nagano and Hyogo in search of the elusive white stuff to chase his dreams! We salute your perseverance and determination, Yuki!

HIS Photo Gallery 

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From the PTA Wolfpack

Thank you G10 for your help with baking this week. They were very enthusiastic!

Remember that if you ordered Hot Lunch do not pack your lunch on Tuesday!

International Festival Spotlight: HIS Bazaar

The HIS Bazaar is where we sell new and gently used items. We will start collecting items the week before the Bazaar. We are specifically looking for books, toys, clothes, and household items. This is a perfect time for you to do a spring clean and find items that you can donate to the Bazaar.

Reminder Contacts for International Festival:

  • Raffle: Naoko
  • Bake Sale: Nami
  • International Cafe: Lindsae
  • Games & Activities: Kaoru
  • Bazaar: Julie

Upcoming Events:

  • Mar. 5 Hot Lunch
  • Apr. 13 International Festival

The PTA Wolfpack