The Crane, 24 March 2024

Welcome from James Steward

This week’s CRANE is devoted to success in ‘The Arts’ at HIS.

On Friday, we were able to celebrate the hard work and diligence of our ‘2024 Graduates’ and also Secondary students from G9-11 aspiring toward artistic and musical greatness!

In the morning, we assembled at the Gojinsha Hitomachi Plaza Art Gallery to review the various works of Secondary students. The stars of the day were Koichi and Ryoma. Both artists offered amazing introspect into their respective life perspectives. Each artist spoke at length about their amazing art pieces. 

Koichi clearly looks at life from a depth that resonates with all ages. His youthful wisdom bodes well for his future. He will positively influence the world as he moves toward university from the DP Programme. 

Ryoma’s unique life perspective shone through, as he rationalized many of his personal values through his vibrant pieces. He has given us a new perspective on his perception of ‘motherhood’ and thanks his mother for her guidance!

If you have never seen Koichi and Ryoma’s art, I encourage you to do so. You will be thoroughly impressed. 

After a downtown lunch, it was off to the Nishikumin Bunka Center for the HIS Music Recitals for G9-12. Concertos, solos, and beautiful music led us to the finale in the DP Programme. 

Nanaka (G 11) performed gracefully on the clarinet and further played an excellent rendition of ‘Go Down, Moses’ on the piano. She was stellar. 

Jundai then took the stage leading us through beautiful pieces from Chopin and Schumann. His finale was a superb rendition of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s ‘Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence’. It was truly exceptional and will not be forgotten.

Congratulations to all of our young and aspiring STARS! 

Finally, thank you to Mr. Tim and Takako sensei for their unwavering commitment to ‘The Arts’ at HIS and the world beyond!

Please read further for further information. 

James Steward

HIS Principal

HIS Photo Gallery 

Please follow the link to view this week’s photos from across HIS:

Students: You will need to sign out of your school account to view the photos.

From the PTA Wolfpack

We hope everyone had a fun and relaxing spring break. G6 will be baking chocolate chip cookies next Thursday, Mar. 28. If you would like to help please contact Lindsae. Friday, Mar. 29th will be the Bake Sale so remember to send your kids with small change if you would like them to buy a cookie or two!

The Wolfpack continues with planning and putting together the upcoming International Festival on Saturday,  April 13. In case you didn’t see the email Mr. Steward sent out here are some ways we could use our help right now with a few updates!

1. Sign up to Volunteer: 

Click the link and sign up for a volunteer shift at the festival. We have many different kinds of volunteer experiences, we are sure you can find something you will like. There are two different slots available. Everything wraps up at 1:30 so we can be there for the raffle drawing.

2. Donate to the Raffle:

There are 3 different ways you can help with the Raffle.  1- If you have any contacts that can help us get vouchers for restaurants, hotels, experiences we would love to hear from you. 2- If you would like to help and don’t know where to start you can also donate money to purchase items for the raffle. 3- You can email with ideas of prizes for the Raffle.

3. Find items for the Bazaar:

Spring is a great time to do some spring cleaning. We will be accepting gently used books and children’s toys as well as new items for the Bazaar starting MONDAY! 

4. Pre Order your Raffle & Food/Activity Tickets:

Use the link to buy your Raffle tickets and Food/Activity tickets in advance.  Tickets are sold in groups of 5, 10, 20 and 50. Tickets are 100¥  each, no single tickets can be purchased. With your purchase of 5 tickets you receive a file folder; 10 tickets a pen; 20 tickets a key chain; and 50 tickets a tote bag & a pen. The tote back is a limited sale to 100 sets. Food/Activity tickets are 1000¥ 10 tickets, when you buy them in advance you can get 11 for 1000¥!

International Festival Spotlight:  Game & Activity Area

We wanted to provide a quick description of each game and activity so you know what you will be volunteering for. All games and activities will have the supplies provided for you.  If you have any questions please reach out to Kaoru

  • Cotton Candy – Make cotton candy cones to sell to guests.
  • Shaved Ice – Make flavoured shaved ice (Kakigori) sell to guests
  • Popcorn – Pop and sell popcorn.
  • Activity: Friendship Bracelets – Assist children in making friendship bracelets.
  • Activity: Sand Art – Assist children in pouring colored sand into bottles to make art.
  • Activity: Face Painting – Paint guests faces
  • Activity: Tattoo- help children apply temporary tattoos.
  • Game: Duck Pond – Children pick ducks out of a little pond to win a prize.
  • Game: Shooting Gallery – Children use chopstick guns to shoot targets to win a prize.
  • Game: Sport Cup Stacking – Children race each other or a timer to stack cups and win a prize.
  • Game: Traditional Costumes Booth – Assist guests in dressing in traditional costumes provided by HIS families
  • Game: Catch the Tongue- Children try to catch the cloth tongue before you pull it away.
  • Activity: Make a Crane – Help guests to make an origami crane to hang in the genkan area.

Reminder Contacts for International Festival:

  • Raffle: Naoko
  • Bake Sale: Nami
  • International Cafe: Lindsae
  • Games & Activities: Kaoru
  • Bazaar: Julie

Upcoming Events:

  • Mar. 25 Bazaar Drop off starts in Genken
  • Mar. 28  Let’s Bake with G6
  • Mar. 29  Bake Sale
  • Apr. 13 International Festival

The PTA Wolfpack