The Crane, 31 March 2024

Welcome from James Steward

After the prior week devoted to ‘The Arts’ in the DP, this week was filled with more exciting events and happenings culminating with the Karaoke Challenge Final between SangHyo and Lan. 

During this assembly, some guest singers also graced the stage including Mr Chris and Mr Washington. 

In the end, it was Lan who outdueled SangHyo! Lan’s melodic voice was too much for SangHyo’s captivatingly crowd-pleasing style. Fans were left mesmerized by both singers’ exceptional talents. 

Thank you to Mr Washington and the Student Council for organizing this excellent event. 

Please read further for more information. 

James Steward

HIS Principal

Event: Japanese Language Continuum Coffee Morning at HIS

Cross-Programme Coffee Morning: Journey on the Japanese Language Continuum at HIS

April, 4th 9:00 AM to 10:00 C-day

Place: PYP Japanese class

Japanese Language Continuum 

Please join the HIS Japanese language teachers and the Language Learning Coordinator for a workshop on the Japanese Language Continuum at HIS.

We will share texts and writing samples for Japanese from the PYP- MYP- DP Continuum including language pathways for Japanese A Language & Literature and Japanese B Japanese Language Acquisition. 

We will demonstrate and discuss how and why to backward plan so that you, your family, and your child will study and graduate with the language profile that best fits them. 

The workshop will be predominantly in Japanese with English support with slides and some recaps in English as needed. The target audience is families in the PYP and MYP, but everyone is welcome. Please join us. 

Marybeth Kamibeppu, Language Learning Coordinator

Event: Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing

HIS Japanese department will hold “Kanken”, the Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing, at school on Friday, June 14th during the period 3 and 4 as an optional activity. 

Please read The “Kanken” brochure that was handed out to your child this week. Please let your child’s Japanese teacher know by email if you would like your child to participate in the testing by Friday, April 12th. 

If your child participates in “Kanken”, fill in the application form both A, B and receipt at the back of the “Kanken” brochure and bring it with the examination fee in a named envelope to the office between April 15th and 19th. 

If you have any questions, please send an email to your child’s Japanese teacher.

*For your information, our PYP/MYP/DP curriculum won’t change because of the test. Please understand that you are responsible for the examination fee and textbooks as needed.

HIS Japanese Department







• PYP Japanese 担当:京極 悠美 

• MYP JLA /DP Japanese B担当: 鯉渕 純子 

• MYP-Japanese LALクラス/DP-Japanese Aクラス担当:柳 洋子 


広島インターナショナルスクール 日本語科一同

Yumi, Yoko and Junko

University Visit from APU

The College and University Information Meeting Series continues with the third college presentation of the school year on Friday, April 5th from 3:30 pm in the school library. We will welcome representatives from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. All parents and guardians are invited to attend at 3:30.  Families find these presentations useful to learn about how an IB background can enhance college applications.  Language support will be available in both English and Japanese; however,  the presentation at 3:30 will probably be in Japanese depending on the parents’ preferences. College applications may seem far away, but PYP and MYP parents are encouraged to start the research early.  

During the MYP Collaborative Learning Time (R-day, Block 4), most Grade 9-11 students will attend a similar presentation from 2:00 pm. Students younger than Grade 9, who would like to participate during the MYP Collaborative Learning Time, are welcome to contact Mrs. Kamibeppu to arrange permission. Here is some information about Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the presentation. Thank you for your continued support of the college counseling events and process.

Marybeth Kamibeppu

HIS College Counselor


Friday marked the last official Thousand Crane Club day for the G12s. They will retire from being the club’s “senpais”, handing the role to the G11s and continuing to participate as more relaxed members. The club’s leadership has been passed on from Alina (President), Taishi and Shiori (Vice Presidents) to Shiori (President), Hinato and Koto (Vice Presidents). Congratulations to both the outgoing and incoming leadership teams! 

Mr B in ECKG

Mr B made added to his resume this week by posing for an ECKG inspired activity related to gem stickers. Pictured below, is Mr. B, made “cute” through ECKG students’ gem stickers and posing advice.

Moyuru Performs Astronomically Well in the Japan Astronomy Olympiad!

If you have ever met Moyuru, you will know that he possesses many fine talents and abilities. 

This week we learned that he received the Bronze Award from the Japan Astronomy Olympiad. This is an exam that requires specialized knowledge in astronomy. 

Moyuru passed successfully through the preliminary round beating tough competition. He then excelled in the main competition. The challenges include a theory, a practical, and an observation exam.

Here are some further details if you are interested:

  • Website:
  • Contest on astronomy, including stars, galaxies, and calculations on trajectory.
  • Acts as a selection round for the IOAA International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics)

Congratulations to Moyuru!

HIS Photo Gallery

Follow the link to see this week’s selection of photos from across HIS:

Students: sign out of your HIS account to view the photos.

PTA Wolfpack Update

Thank you to all the G6 students who helped with baking chocolate chip cookies this week. A special thanks to the parents who helped, it was greatly appreciated!

The Bake Sale was the last event until our International Festival on April 13th. In the next two weeks we will be working to finalize raffle prizes, fill up the volunteer sign up, collect and sort bazaar items,  and pre-sale raffle and food/activity tickets. 

Sign up to Volunteer: Volunteers are needed to help with games, please click here to sign up.

Find items for the Bazaar:  Please put your Bazaar items in the genkan for our volunteers to sort through. 

Pre Order your Raffle & Food/Activity Tickets: Deadline is Friday, April 5th  Please click here to buy your tickets.

International Festival Spotlight: Child Care 

Free child care is available for HIS parents of KG or younger children while they are volunteering. Please fill out the link below to sign up for child care by April 8th. We cannot accept children the day of the event who are not registered so please sign up as soon as possible!

Upcoming Events:

  • Apr. 1 Collecting Bazaar Items in Genkan
  • Apr. 5 Deadline for Ticket Presales
  • Apr. 8 Deadline for child care application 
  • Apr. 13 International Festival

The PTA Wolfpack