The Crane, 21 April 2024

Welcome from James Steward

Dear HIS Community,

It is the last week of school before Golden Week, however, this cannot deter us from keeping up an amazing pace!

Takako sensei spent the weekend hosting our Music Camp preparing our wonderful musicians for the coming Spring Concert which will occur in May. They sound excellent. 

The PYP Exhibition will take centre stage this week, as our Grade 5’s, led by Ms Tremblay, aim to share their learning with a multitude of special guests. This is the culminating activity for the PYP! Good luck, Team!

The Peace Riders continue to train hard for our coming journey which will take us through the mountains of Yamaguchi this year from May 20-24. Mr Barker has set the bar very high on this front, as he leads our students through the challenging mountain ascents. 

The IB DP Exams begin this week, as well, and will continue through Golden Week and into May. Good luck to our exceptional students. 

Gratitude is also to be shared to Mr Chris for his Grade 3-4 Body Systems assembly this past week. Finally, Mr Smith allowed younger students to observe the fine work being undertaken by our DP Extended Essay students in Grade 11 at the EE Café!

As we move into Golden Week, let’s make this week a great one.


James Steward

HIS Principal 

HIS Photo Gallery 

Follow the link to see this week’s selection of photos from around HIS:

PTA Wolfpack Update

We are in the final stages of wrapping up the International Festival. Thank you to everyone who helped on Monday and Friday to clean up the school, organize and to return tables and chairs. We greatly appreciate your help.

If you haven’t walked down to Yumi-sensei’s room recently,please do. The students made a bulletin board thanking everyone for volunteering for the Festival. It is beautiful!

There are a few more items that need to be picked up in the genkan area. Please check to make sure that you have picked up the items that you let us borrow.

We are still calculating the expenses of the Festival, but we can report we brought in 2,200,000¥ in ticket sales. Once we get all of the receipts and invoices we will report our profit. We use part of the profit to support the school by purchasing items it needs for the students. Mr. Steward will give us a wish list of items the school wants. We will send out a survey to all parents to see which items to support. We will let you know more soon!

The PTA Wolfpack