The Crane, 2 June 2024

Welcome from James Steward

Dear HIS Community,

Each week adds new flavour and excitement to a packed slate of monumental HIS events!

Coming off the success of our recent Peace Ride, this week we focused on three major events:

Spirit Week, Sports Day and HIS IDOL

Mr Washington’s Student Council Team led the Spirit Week initiative. Matching twins, triplets, PJs, and tacky tourists filled the corridors.

HIS IDOL ‘heats’ were organized and run during lunch times. This coming week we will find out who the finalists are. The ‘Big Show’ will occur this Sunday, June 9 in the afternoon at the International House. 

Despite the rain and overcast skies, HIS students performed remarkably at Balcom Stadium. Congratulations to all of the participants. Thank you also to the PTA for supporting all athletes with snacks and drinks. Finally, thank you to Mr B for organizing the event, and thank you to Makkie-san for her tireless efforts behind the scenes!

The Grade 12 Graduation is coming June 15. Rehearsals will begin this week. We will celebrate this Friday night with a Sushi Dinner for our wonderful students. 

Please read further for more information.


James Steward

HIS Principal 

Grade 7 Entrepreneurs

In MYP I&S class, Grade 7 has embraced the entrepreneurial spirit and will run some simple experimental ‘businesses’ this coming week. Any proceeds will be used to support school initiatives. Please see below for further information.

Ice Cream Video

Scoliosis Awareness Month from Hinano

Hi, my name is Hinano from the ninth grade. Last year, I struggled with a spinal disease called scoliosis, and I’d like to spread awareness on what it is and share my experience with you all, especially because June is scoliosis awareness month.

Please watch my video to learn about what scoliosis is and how to check if you have it. 

The Japanese translation for what I’ve said in the video:








私の場合、見つけたときに曲がりはすでに60~70度くらいの重度でしたので、初めの診察から1年以内に手術を受けました。 私の知る側弯症患者の多くは、苦しいコルセット生活を経験していますが、その多くがコルセットでは悪化を防ぐことができずに、その後手術を経験しています。

この病気と手術を経験した私が言えることは、この病気と向き合うのは大変なことだということです。 身体の色々な部分に痛みを感じることもありましたし、呼吸にも影響します。 肩や腰のゆがみが他人にも見えるのでは、と自分の容姿のことも気になり始めます。 私はコルセットでの治療はしませんでしたが、コルセット生活を送ることでいじめなどのつらい目に合うということもよく聞きます。 

しかし、側弯症と闘うことは、世界の終わりのような悪い事ではないのです。 私は手術したお陰で今では元気にハッピーに過ごすことができています。 側弯症は乗り越えることのできる病気です。 ですから、この病気のことを知ることがとても大切なのです。

もしもあなたが、(親御さんならあなたのお子様が)側弯症であるか心配なら、この病気にならないための方法を探すことよりも、この病気を持っているかどうかということを知ることの方が大事です。 側弯症であるかチェックする方法を図で示したものを作りましたので、参考にしてみてください。 多くの学校では側弯症のチェックが行われているようですが、残念ながらHISでは検診が行われていないので、家庭でチェックしてみることが大切です。 もしも、図に示したような症状がある場合は、病院で精密な検査を受けることをお勧めします。

HIS Photo Gallery

Follow the link to view this week’s photos from around HIS:

From the PTA Wolfpack

Great job to everyone who participated in Sports Day!

Thank you to G12 for baking brownies last week. They were a great treat at Sports Day. The funds from the bake sale will go to the memorial bench for Yusuke Hiraga (class of 2020).

The Volleyball Team has been great this year supporting PTA events by providing childcare to students before events start. Last week we gave the team the money they earned so they can use it to support their team.

June 18th we will have the Teacher and Staff Appreciation Lunch. We will  provide lunch for the teachers and staff of HIS, as a way of showing our appreciation for their efforts for our kids throughout the school year. 

We need your help to put together a special meal for all the HIS teachers & support staff to enjoy on Tuesday, June 18th,  from 11:00 -14:30.

☆We are asking the parents in each grade group to contribute the following items please:

  • G8, G10, EC, KG:  Appetiser or Salad or Vegetarian Main (Any salad, Egg roll, Vegetarian curry, etc.)
  • G6, G9: Main Dish (Fish, Beef, Pork or Chicken, Sandwiches, etc.)
  • G3/4, G5: Sides (Vegetables,  Noodles, Fried Rice, Pasta, Onigiri , Kimbap, etc.)
  • G1/2, G7: Dessert (Cookies, Chocolate, Cake, etc.)
  • G11: Drinks and Fruit (Juice, Coffee, Tea, Green Tea, assorted Fruits, etc.)

☆ Special Information:

  • 3-5 serving per dish
  • You can cook a dish or purchase food
  • Please drop off your dishes at the Genkan area by 10:30. 
  • Please make sure you label your containers clearly with your child’s name and class if you want your container to be returned to you; or you can use a disposable container.
  • If you cannot prepare a dish, we will accept cash donations as well, please put your donation in a sealed envelope and drop it by the office by June 14th.

Please sign up what you will be bringing here:

Mark your calendars, June 21st we will have an End of Year BBQ. We will send out more information soon!

Upcoming Events:

  • June 18 Teacher & Staff Appreciation Lunch
  • June 21 End of Year BBQ

The PTA Wolfpack