The Crane, 16 June 2024

Welcome from James Steward

After a remarkable series of major events spanning the entire school year at HIS, yesterday’s was arguably the biggest of all! Yes, it was the Grade 12 Graduation Ceremony held at The Hilton Hiroshima. 

Everyone arrived early in anticipation of the celebration and they were not disappointed. After one final rehearsal, the formalities began. Pomp and Circumstance graced the venue while our graduates soaked in the atmosphere. Speeches and stories were shared. Songs were sung. Videos helped us remember. Tears were shed. Diplomas and awards were granted. Bellies were filled with food and drink. Laughter, rightfully, got the last laugh!

Such events are not possible without a total commitment from our wonderful support systems. These include Director General, Peter Skaer, HIS Board Members, HIS Staff and Teachers, HIS Parents, Grade 12 Graduates, and The Hilton Team. Special gratitude goes to Makkie, Mika and Sayaka from our HIS Office who supported the logistics for the event. 

Congratulations to Koichi, Taishi, Alina, Ryoma, Mei, Jundai and Kento!

Please read on for further information and don’t forget to check the HIS Photo Gallery. 

James Steward

HIS Principal

HIS IDOL Success

Congratulations to all who participated in HIS IDOL 2024. The talent on display was exceptional. Aria C and a Grade 9 Ensemble claimed the top awards.

Thank you to Nami san for spearheading this wonderful show and process. Mr B was always in the background supporting logistics along with a cast of superb judges.

At the end of the evening, Sadao kun’s (former HIS student) piano talents were on display with a supporting cast of surprise guest singers crooning to ‘Just the Two of Us’. It was a performance that would make Bill Withers proud. 

Next Year School Update

As often occurs in international education, sadly each year, teachers move schools to explore new challenges. This is the reality all schools face. This year some teachers will be moving to new destinations. Having stated this, we will, of course, be welcoming new teachers to HIS. Please see the updated staffing roster below:

Leaving HIS with main roles noted:

  • Marybeth Kamibeppu (Secondary EAL, College Counselling and Language Learning Coordinator)
  • Yumi Kyogoku (Primary Japanese)
  • Patrick Sekyi (Secondary Design and MYP Mathematics)
  • Manish Verma (Secondary Mathematics)
  • Sweta Srivastava (Primary Teaching Assistant) 

Coming to HIS:

  • Kelly Rose (Secondary Individuals & Societies and Language Learning Coordinator)
  • Kaya Mizuguchi (Primary Japanese)
  • Gwyn Ochs (Secondary Design)
  • Juan Garcia (Secondary Mathematics)
  • Teaching Assistant = To be announced

We sincerely appreciate everything that our leaving teachers have done for HIS and our entire community. They will be genuinely missed!

We also welcome our new teachers that will join the HIS Team.

Noting the above, we will host a Last Day Assembly this coming Friday at 11:50am. If you would like to attend, please join us.

Action Week Update

Every year at HIS, Secondary students participate in Action Week where groups of students take on unique projects and challenges. Having stated this, please note that all students will be participating in practical activities that may involve getting a little dirty. Therefore, please wear clothing that is suitable for such endeavours. Your children will be able to explain more to you about their respective groups.

Yearbook Order Form

The yearbook is a hard-cover book with 78 colour pages of photographs from throughout the school year. The price is ¥5 000. A limited number of copies have been ordered to arrive by the end of the school year, so please order early to avoid disappointment!

HIS Photo Gallery

Please follow the link to view this week’s photos from around HIS:

From the PTA Wolfpack

Thank you to everyone who came or called in to the Wolfpack General Meeting this week. 

Every year the Wolfpack donates the profits from the International Festival to  the school. This year we requested a wish list from Mr. Steward and the staff of what items would support the students. At the meeting we worked as a group to determine in what order we would purchase the items. We will go down the list purchasing items until we use all the money.  The order we will be purchasing items is as follows: Presentation Boards for Science Room, Toilet Paper Holders for Student Bathrooms, G6-9 2024 Student Action Project: Fish Pond, 2 Soccer Goals for Playground, Pull up Bar (Tetsubou) for Playground, and Unicycles for Playground. Be on the lookout next year to see the items everyone has worked hard to provide.

We also introduced the Wolfpack Executive Board for the 2024-2025 School year.  Beatrice Mothot (G7 Elisa , G4 Raphael), Rika Ishibashi  (EC Seinosuke), Jessica Condi (G7 Aria, G3 Skye), Kazuko Numata (G1 Kento), Anna Kallman (G7 Bjorn ,G4 Nooa), and Sakiko Fuchigami (G1 Fukuno). A big thank you to them for leading the group this upcoming year. 

Remember: June 18th we will have the Teacher and Staff Appreciation Lunch.

☆We are asking the parents in each grade group to contribute the following items please:

  • G8, G10, EC, KG:  Appetiser or Salad or Vegetarian Main (Any salad, Egg roll, Vegetarian curry, etc.)
  • G6, G9: Main Dish (Fish, Beef, Pork or Chicken, Sandwiches, etc.)
  • G3/4, G5: Sides (Vegetables,  Noodles, Fried Rice, Pasta, Onigiri , Kimpa, etc.)
  • G1/2, G7: Dessert (Cookies, Chocolate, Cake, etc.)
  • G11: Drinks and Fruit (Juice, Coffee, Tea, Green Tea, assorted Fruits, etc.)

Please sign up what you will be bringing here:

RSVP for our End of Year BBQ on June 21st! It will be at Kawauchi Daiichi Park at 15:00. The Wolfpack will be grilling hotdogs for students. We will have a grill that families can share to make their own meals. Please RSVP so that we can prepare enough hotdogs for the students.  If heavy rain is forecasted for the day the event may be cancelled. Parents will be notified via email and HIS Parents LINE group.

Please RSVP here:

Upcoming Events:

  • June 18 Teacher & Staff Appreciation Lunch
  • June 21 End of Year BBQ @ Kawauchi Daiichi Park at 15:00

The PTA Wolfpack