The Crane, 24 September 2022

Dear HIS Community,

It’s a short Crane today due to the reduced school week connected to Japanese national holidays.

Please remember that After School Clubs and Activities begin this week! Please contact the HIS Office if you have any questions regarding extra bussing.

This is a reminder that we need used tennis balls! If you are part of a local tennis club, or have a connection to one, you may know that they often they get rid of their old balls every three months or so. I would love to get as many tennis balls as possible for a project I am working on. Therefore, please let me know if you are able help me with this.

Below, please find a picture of our Girls Volleyball Team in Fukuoka who happened to meet up with Mr John Savage (formerly of HIS) while there.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you on Monday!

James Steward

HIS Principal

Video of the Week

Alien Visitor on Campus!

PTA News

PTA General Meeting -Thursday, October 13th PTA全体ミーティング 10月13日(木)

​   PTA General Meeting on Crane 16th Sep

Request for a donation toward Halloween/Christmas Large decorations Halloween/Christmas 大型デコレーション の購入の為の寄付のお願い

Thank you to everyone who has already donated. We are still accepting new donations.😘
   Request for Donation on Crane 16th Sep

Request for donation of sweets for Halloween (will also be used for Christmas) – advanced notice. ハロウィーン用 (残ればクリスマスにも使用) お菓子のドネーションのお願い(予告)

We will let you know when we start accepting the sweets soon. Extra donations are welcome!😁
お菓子の寄付は多めももちろんウェルカムです😁 受付開始日はまたお知らせします。
   Request for sweet donation on Crane 16th Sep

Polo shirt design ポロシャツデザイン

We have closed the competition for the design of the new HIS polo shirt. Thank you to all the secondary students who submitted their wonderful designs. From now, we will start the selection process by the principal, teachers, and other people. Watch this space!


Let’s Bake! Thursday, September 29, on sale Friday 9月29日(木)に実行、金曜日販売

Next Thursday, September 29th (Thursday), “Let’s Bake!” Will start. This month, G5 will be in charge of making banana muffins. They will be sold at the bake sale on Friday, so please give your child some money. We will sell them for 100 yen each. You can buy up to 10 per person. Please remember to bring your apron for all G5 students who plan to participate in baking on 9/29 (Thursday).
Before the start, we have given the kitchen utensils and oven a good clean.

来週木曜日9月29日(木)に『Let’s Bake!』を始動します。今月の担当はG5で、バナナマフィンを作ります。金曜日のベイクセールで販売しますので、お子様に小銭を持たせてあげてくださいね。ひとつ100円で販売します。1人10個まで買えます。9/29(木)にベイキングに参加予定のG5の生徒の皆さんは、忘れずにエプロンをご持参くださいね。

For those who have spare oven mitts and aprons at home, please donate them for the students. Size doesn’t matter. We will use them carefully for this activity. Thank you. “Let’s bake!”

『Let’s bake!』 始動にあたり、オーブンミトン(ミトン)と、エプロンがお家に余っている方は、

Halloween Event ハロウィン イベント

This year’s Halloween event will be on October 28th (Friday), and in addition to the usual activities, we are planning a “Trunk or Treat” at night time.

今年度のハロウィン・イベントは10月28日(金)、例年のアクティビティに加え、夜の時間に『Trunk or Treat (トランク・オア・トリート)』を計画しております。

What is “Trunk or Treat”?

By trunk, we mean, of course, the trunk in the back of the car (or more correctly, the boot!🤣), as you know.
The whole car or the trunk is decorated for Halloween, and sweets and toys are given to children who come to trick or treat. The cars will be parked on the school grounds with the trunks open.
Children enjoy seeing the decorations in the trunk, maybe get a little scared (which is part of the fun), then go to the next trunk and trick-or-treat. It’s an event where we can safely scare on the premises (without scaring the neighbours).

『Trunk or Treat』とは?

Details of the event are being planned and information on how to participate will be announced here as soon as it is decided, so don’t forget to check the Crane every week!

Parents Choir Group ペアレンツ・クワイア・グループ

The other day, we sent out the QR code and the link for participating in the LINE group of the parent’s choir group within the overall LINE group. If you want to know the participation link or if you do not use LINE and would like to participate, please contact one of the PTA committee members. Everyone is welcome! 😊 No experience is required as long as you love singing.❣️Let’s enjoy singing together!
We will start next Monday, September 26th at 14:00. The place is school, but there is a possibility that the practice room will be different each time, so we will let you know by the LINE group.
Let’s enjoy singing together 😘

先日、LINEの全体グループ内でペアレンツ・クワイア・グループのLINEグループ参加のためのQRコード、及び参加リンクをお知らせしました。参加リンクを知りたい方、LINEをお使いでない方で参加ご希望の方、PTAまでご連絡ください。どなたでもウェルカムです😊 経験は問いません。歌が好きなら大歓迎❣️一緒に歌を楽しみましょう!

From the Festive Eve costume team フェスティブ・イブ コスチュームチームより

On Thursday, the cast of this year’s Festive Eve “Peter Pan” was announced. We would like to let the parents of the cast know about a few things about the costumes as there are a lot of new students.
They don’t have to prepare their own costumes. We will work with the student costume team to decide on the style. If there is anything we need, we will contact you. Until then, please don’t buy anything without our direction.
The preparation for the Festive Eve is starting next week. ♪ Let’s look forward to Peter Pan ♪ (^^)


We would like to invite parents to support making costumes for Peter Pan. It doesn’t matter what your level of sewing is. We need lots of help with sewing, ironing, cutting fabric, measuring students, etc.
The power of costumes can bring the cast of children to life and enchant the audience!
PYP children will also perform in the musical, and will also need costumes. (There are scenes where EC3 to PYP classes perform on a class-by-class basis.)


We are looking forward to working with you – please give us your support!

That’s all for this week. It’s been a long time since the weather and temperature were good for going out and having fun. Have a great weekend in the nice weather!!

From the PTA