The Crane, 30 September 2022

Weekly Welcome from Mr Steward

It has been another enjoyable week at HIS!

Our After School Clubs and Activities have started with great enthusiasm! A great number of students are enjoying these offerings. Thank you to Ryoko sensei for overseeing these for our students.

Thank you also to the Let’s Bake Team. This week banana muffins were on the menu and they turned out to be delicious. Congratulations Grade 5 for revealing your talents in the kitchen!

The PTA Choir began this week with beautiful sounds emanating through the school!

Thank you very much to Kaoru Ueno for delivering hundreds of tennis balls to HIS this week. She is Shiori’s mother in Grade 2!

This week we are including reports from Student CRANE Reporters! Alina, Sean, Hinano and Mei have contributed some great work to this week’s edition and hopefully will do so again in the future. If you have ideas about what our Student CRANE Reporters should report on, please let us know!

James Steward

HIS Principal

HIS Faces in the News! (Picture Gallery)

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Videos of the Week

After School Entertainment

Fun During Soccer Club!

Let’s Bake!


Student CRANE Reporters (Alina, Sean, Hinano and Mei)

Festive Eve (Promo)

We are excited to announce that Festive Eve 2022 will be featuring Peter Pan the musical! To all of those who are new to the community, Festive Eve is an annual tradition that involves teachers and parents supporting the students as they take on responsibilities to put on a musical production. It brings the whole community together, and we look forward to seeing many of you in the audience in a few months. Get ready to fly to Neverland with happy thoughts (and a sprinkle of pixie dust)!

Club Reminder

This is also a reminder to participating students and their parents that Festive Eve Club has started. We look forward to seeing you every week for practice!

Volleyball Tournament Interviews


How did you do in the tournament?

“The boys varsity team ended up in fifth place out of eight schools. We won two games against Marist Brothers junior varsity and Kyoto International School.”

What was most challenging in the tournament?

“The most challenging thing that happened during the tournament was to reset our mindset after Koichi (Hiraishi) got injured against Kyoto International School. Especially losing our ace player was very hard for us to reset in the next games.”

How do you feel you grew as a team?

“I feel like the bond between each of the members grew after doing activities at the beach nearby and going to restaurants together–the overall teamwork and trust.”


What was most challenging as the coach?

“Since many students have never been to a tournament, it was the first time for them. Even though we practiced at school, they couldn’t imagine what kind of tournaments and games were coming up. So when they got there, there were so many schools wearing different uniforms looking tough. That made our students a little bit worried about their skills. That was the challenging part: how we can play as we usually do.”

What is the most important thing for a team to be successful?

“I think there are two things:

  1. Team effort. That’s the most important thing. Volleyball is a team sport so they don’t play alone. They need to trust their own skills but also others’ skills as well. I think working as a team is the most important.
  2. Don’t give up. Other schools have good players and the students hesitate. But I think we need to keep challenging ourselves and take little steps.”

Mrs. K

Do you think that this tournament was good for the growth of the students?

“Yes, I think that for the older kids, it was a good test of their leadership. Grade 11 and 12s were strong and kind leaders, but they were very clear. Mr. B and I were joking in the beginning that we didn’t have much to do because the older kids were very clear with the instructions to the younger kids who were quite respectful. Volleyball-wise, for most of them it was their first experience at an away-tournament and we don’t have any local schools that we play against, so we could see some gaps. We could make clear goals of what to work on when we got back.”

How did you help the team deal with feelings of disappointment?

“For the older boys, they used to be the younger boys who showed all of their disappointment on the court. I think one area of growth was that the older boys had their moments of disappointment but they moved on from them and showed a lot of resilience, which was really good role-modelling for the younger kids. As the second chaperone: supporting with encouragement, listening to their frustration before and after games, and trying to determine where their areas of strengths and weaknesses might be.”

Volleyball Video Report

From the PTA

◆ Parents Choir Group – Practice Day Changed ペアレンツ・クワイア・グループの練習日変更

This week, we had our first rehearsal for the Parents Choir Group. We had a lively and fun time. It feels good to sing out loud.
From next week (10/4), we will change the practice day/time to every Tuesday at 2:00 pm. The place in the school may change depending on the day, so we will inform you in the choir LINE group before the start of practice every week. If you would like to observe the practice before joining the LINE group, you are always welcome. Please contact one of the PTA committees or visit the school on practice day and ask the office about the room.


◆ Halloween Volunteer request 飾り付けのボランティアのお願い 2022年10月5日(水) 9:00am〜

We will decorate the school for Halloween (near the entrance, hallway, etc.) from 9:00 am on Wednesday, October 5, 2022. If you have time, please lend a hand.

2022年10月5日(水)午前9時より、Halloween のための飾り付け(玄関付近、廊下など)をおこないます。もしお時間がございましたら是非お手伝いをお願いいたします。

◆ All PTA Meeting; PTA 全体ミーティング 2022年10月13日(木) 9:00am〜

  ➡︎Link to Information about the PTA meeting

In addition to the contents described in the Crane link above, we will also provide information about the PTA plan for this school year and create a new name (as a nickname) for the PTA, so please be sure to join us!


◆ Halloween “Trunk or Treat” 10/28 from 18:00
ハロウィン イベント『トランク・オア・トリート』 10月28日(金) 18:00〜

“Trunk or Treat” will be held as a Halloween event from 18:00 on Friday, October 28, 2022. We need to know the number of participants’ cars and the number of volunteers, so please let us know your plans to participate. Please note that this event is only open to HIS students and their siblings. Also, PYP students must be accompanied by their parents. We will make a detailed plan according to the number of volunteers, so please let us know by next Wednesday evening (October 5) before the end of the day. Thank you!

2022年10月28日(金)18時よりHalloween イベントとしてTrunk or Treatを行います。 参加の車台数や、その他お手伝いボランティア数の把握する必要があるので、とりあえず皆さまの参加予定をお知らせください。なお、このイベントへはHISの生徒とその兄弟姉妹のみ参加できます。また、PYPの生徒は必ず保護者も一緒にご参加ください。お手伝いボランティアの人数に応じて詳しい計画を立てますので、来週水曜日(10/5) の夜、日付けが変わるまでにお知らせください。よろしくお願いいたします。
 ➡︎ Link for Halloween 2022 “Trunk or Treat” Event Participation Inquiry form 参加お伺いアンケート

◆ Bonfire Night Friday 11/4 from 18:00 ボンファイヤ・ナイト 11月4日(金) 18:00〜(予定)

The week after the Halloween event, the annual Bonfire Night will be held, on Friday, November 4th at 18:00. Details will be announced as soon as they are decided, but please make sure to clear your schedule so that you don’t miss out on this event which is extremely popular with the students.


◆ Request for donation of sweets for Halloween – collection start.
 ハロウィーン用 (残ればクリスマス用にも使用) お菓子のドネーション 受付開始

We will start accepting donations of sweets from next Monday (October 3rd). Please reach out to Sayaka in the office. ​​​​​​We would appreciate it if you could donate at least one large bag per child. Larger donations are of course welcome! Some students are allergic to nuts, so please avoid them. We plan to use the leftover treats to distribute for Santa’s Visit at Christmas, so they don’t have to be Halloween-themed treats. The deadline for acceptance is Friday, October 28th. Thank you very much.

先だってよりお願いしておりますお菓子のドネーションを来週月曜日(10/3)より受け付け開始します。オフィスのさやかさんまでお願いします。​​​​​​お子さま1人につき大袋1つ以上ご寄付いただけると助かります。多めの寄付はもちろんウェルカムです。ナッツアレルギーの生徒がおりますので、ナッツ入りは避けてください。残ったお菓子がはクリスマスのSanta Visit でのお菓子配布にも使用する予定ですので、Halloween テーマのお菓子でなくても大丈夫です。受け付け締め切りは、10月28日(金)です。どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

◆ Request for a donation toward Halloween/Christmas Large decorations
 Halloween/Christmas 大型デコレーション の購入の為の寄付のお願い(再)

Thank you to everyone who has already donated. We haven’t yet reached the needed amount so please, give generously!
   ➡︎Link to Information about Request for Donation

◆ 『Let’s bake!』のご報告

We had a wonderful time with the G5 kids baking banana cupcakes on Thursday. We baked more than 200 cupcakes and sold 162 cakes. Here is the accounting report of let’s bake.

16200(income)-19622(cost)= -3422yen

We bought equipment for baking such as baking puns, whisks, spatula, and many other things so there is no profit this time. We will continue to make a little bit of a profit for the donation to the PTA fund.
We are holding this activity complying with the rules of Japan health authorities.
Thank you for your understanding to let the kids bring some coins.

木曜日に記念すべき第1回 Lets bake をG5の子供たちと行いました。200個以上のマフィンを焼き、162個売り上げました。以下会計報告です。

16200(売上)−19622(コスト)=-3422 円


That’s all for this week’s news. Have a great weekend.

From the PTA