The Crane, 4 June 2023

Welcome from James Steward 

Dear HIS Community,

It will be a short introduction from me this week.

Congratulations to Takako sensei and her masterful leadership related to the Spring Concert on Friday. Thank you to all students for their superb contributions!

Graduation is in the air! Please be reminded that our Grade 12’s will graduate on June 10! When you see them, please offer them your best wishes.

Speaking of graduations, the PYP Graduation is also set to occur on June 16!

Enjoy the week ahead.

James Steward

HIS Principal



From Jackie Ikegami

WHAT: Heart Global Music Outreach (formerly Young Americans) Information Session

WHERE: HIS (Room to be confirmed) 

WHEN: Friday 9th June, 9:30am 

Thank you to everyone in the HIS community who has shown an interest in this year’s Heart Global Music Outreach workshop in Hiroshima after my last post in the Crane. Special thanks to those who have volunteered to help promote the event in their own communities by handing out flyers and telling their acquaintances. 


Kids from HIS have always made up one of the largest participating groups in this event, and we hope they will enjoy it again this year. Since a number of new families have joined HIS since the last Young Americans workshop was held here, Mr Steward has kindly agreed to let me hold an information session at HIS in case anyone is not sure what it is all about.


At this session I can share experience on:


  • the Heart Global organisation in general ハートグローバルについて
  • what happens during the workshop ワークショップの流れ
  • what your kids need to bring 持参するもの
  • how to apply 申し込む方法
  • what’s involved in becoming a host family ホストファミリーについて
  • What has changed since the change from Young Americans to Heart Global and what is the same ヤングアメリカンズとの違い
  • FAQ and how we support each other to ensure a great experience for all the kids


The session can be conducted in English and/or Japanese depending on the audience.

If anyone wishes to take part by zoom, here is the meeting ID:


Topic: HEART Global Information Session Zoom Meeting

Time: Jun 9, 2023 09:30 AM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 729 1139 1653

Passcode: nAw95w

In case anyone missed it the last time, here are the details of the main event:


EVENT NAME: HEART Global Japan Tour 2023 Summer, Music Outreach 3 day workshop

DATES: Friday June 23rd (5pm to 8pml)

              Saturday June 24th (1pm to 8pm)

              Sunday June 25th (9am to 8pm)

               3 day event

VENUE開場: Aster PLaza Dai (Large) Hall アステールプラザ大ホール

Eligible to participate対象年齢: Age 6 to Age 22 日本の小学校だったら今年1年生〜22歳

COST 参加費: ¥20,000 per participant for 3 days

*Advance registration required 事前予約必要

Apply here お申し込みはこちらから:

Hiroshima is the 8th venue on the list. 広島は8開場目になっています

Even if you have already decided to take part, please feel free to come along and share your experience with other families. 


You do not need to register in advance for this information session. Please just turn up if your circumstances allow. 説明会は事前登録不要

To get all the latest information, please join the Heart Global Hiroshima LINE or Facebook groups. 


Hope to see some of you there! 

Jackie Ikegami


HIS 60th anniversary Ball

 ➡︎ **Application Form is now HERE** 参加申込フォームはこちらから

Application Deadline:  23:59 Sunday 11th June 2023

申込締切: 2023611()  23:59

Former staff, alumni and former parents and anyone connected to HIS are all very welcome – please apply through the link before the deadline. We will contact alumni etc by e-mail on how to pay.


Date: Friday June 23, 2023 18:00 ~ 20:30

Venue: Hilton Hiroshima (11-12 Fujimicho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima) 2nd floor venue (Otagawa AB)

Participation fee (soft drinks included):

         Adults (including G7 and above) 6,500 yen

                  Add all-you-can-drink alcohol for 20 years old and over 2,300 yen

         G1 -G6 student 3,250 yen

         EC/KG Student Free

Dining: Buffet

Dress code: Formal (Lounge Suit or Black Tie)

There will be a children’s play area.  

[Second party] 

Time: Same day 20:30 ~ 22:00 (children may also attend, but note that G9 – G12 will have their Prom at the same time, so please consider which event your children will be at)

Place: Hilton Hiroshima 6F ZATTA Bar & Lounge

Participation fee: All-you-can-drink for 90 minutes: 4,000 yen (same applies to soft drinks only)

Participation fee for children from G1 to under the age of 20: 2,000 yen

EC/KG Student: Free

  • *The invitation for the Prom will be sent directly from the secondary students to the students in grades 9 to 12. It will be held at the same time as the second party at a different venue in the Hilton after the Ball Party.  It’s going to be a great evening for them at such a special place!
  • Students who participate in the first day workshop of “Heart Global” can also join from the second party. Alternatively, you can take a break from the workshop on the first day, participate in the Ball, and join the workshop from the second day.
  • The Hilton has kindly made a special offer for anyone wishing to stay in the hotel after the party, of 20,000 yen for two people including breakfast. The price includes tax and service fee. If you wish to book, please contact the hotel yourself, mentioning the school and event. 


日時: 2023年6月23日 18:00 ~ 20:30

場所: ヒルトン広島 (広島市中区富士見町11-12) 2F会場 (太田川AB)

参加費用 (ソフトドリンク付き): 

    大人・G7以上   6500円 アルコール飲み放題追加  2300円

     G1 〜 G6   3250円

     EC/ KG 以下  無料

食事スタイル: ビュッフェ形式

ドレスコード:フォーマル (男性はスーツ、もしくはタキシード)



時間: 同日 20:30 ~ 22:00 (お子様も参加可能ですが、G9からG12は、同時刻に同ホテル別会場にてプロムが計画されています。プロム参加予定のお子様は、二次会の申し込みはしないでください)

場所: ヒルトン広島 6F ZATTA バー&ラウンジ

参加費用: 大人90分飲み放題     一律 4000円 (ソフトドリンクのみの場合も同様)

      G1の年齢以上 20歳未満の子供 2000円

      EC/KG の年齢の子供      無料

  • プロム (食事会後に二次会と同時刻別会場にて開催) は、セカンダリーの生徒よりG9からG12の子供たちに直接案内が送られます。対象の学年の皆さまは奮ってご参加くださいね。
  • 『Heart Global』の初日ワークショップに参加の生徒も、二次会から参加できます。また、初日ワークショップをお休みして食事会に参加し、2日目からワークショップに参加するのにも対応していただけます。
  • ヒルトン広島ホテル様が、朝食付きの宿泊プランを2名様2万円(税・サービス料込み)でオファーしてくださいました。ご自身でホテルにご予約される際に学校名とイベント名をお伝えください。

Let’s Bake! – For EC / KG

As this year’s final ‘Lets Bake!’, on Wednesday June 21st the EC/KG classes will make jelly for sale on  Thursday recess time. EC/KG parents, please make sure your children bring aprons.

Wolfpack General Meeting

On 15th June at 9am we are planning to hold a general meeting to summarise the PTA’s activities over the school year, give an overview of the PTA Accounts, etc. Please try to attend.

Teachers and Staff Appreciation Lunch

As we mentioned, In the last week of school  we are returning to an old tradition, to prepare a lunch for HIS teachers and staff to show how much we appreciate all the efforts that they make for our children.  

We need your help to cook and put together a special meal on Tuesday 20th June from 11:00 -2:30 pm. More details are linked below.

  ➡︎Here is the Link  to the Detail for Teachers & Staff Appreciation Lunch

That’s all for us Enjoy your weekend with the great weather!

From the HIS Parent Wolfpack (PTA) Team